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    A club dedicated to clicking pets who need it

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    love cats then join
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    If you love mice, share your love for these tiny, unappreciated creatures here! :)
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    This is an anything club where anything happens. Keep swearing to a minimum since there are some younger users!

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    This is a club where anything can happen. Let's get to know each other, chat about anything PA related or anything else.

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    Where Pokemon trainers hangout

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    We care about animals and we are against animal abuse!
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    Hey everyone! =) This is a group for those of us that want to get a better hold on things like the bazaar prices, often they really aren't fair. As such a lot of newbies have fallen into thinking they have to go broke to get the pets they want. A couple examples being: {1. You make a CYO Custom and said it wasn't for sale by anyone but you, and someone is selling it without your consent or permission. (whether at the price they got it, or for higher it doesn't matter in this instance.) Or another example: 2. A Doberman Pinscher Dog being sold for 3000zc, when it was sold in the Pet Shop for only 25zc.} This is what our goal should be: Help each other better manage the prices of pets. (As that's not really something the system itself can manage. At least not right now.) I would like to try and get some help with flagging pets as one person can only really flag a pet one time. (SO LONG AS THERE IS A GOOD AND LEGITIMATE REASON TO FLAG A PET.) According to the main site, it takes 10 Flags (from 10 different people) to get a pet taken down from the bazaar. So the more that help the better this will go. Rules: 1. Do not target pets of people you don't like. 2. You must have a good reason for wanting a pet to be taken out of the Bazaar. (Good reasons will be listed below and updated as needed) 3. You must be on at least once every 48 hours, as things can happen at anytime, and you might be needed to flag something, before it gets bought. 4. Treat others with the respect and courtesy everyone is due as their right as a person. 5. Remember, we are NOT police, we are a group that simply wishes to take action to help others. NOT AN AUTHORITY OR FORCE SUCH AS POLICE. (should admins want a police force for this I'm sure they'll take steps to make one. but that is not us) 6. Decisions for what pets to flag are final when decided by myself (the owner) or the Moderators I will appoint. 7. Please notify myself if you have a problem with another member, and I will see what steps need to be taken. 8. ADMINS HAVE ULTIMATE SAY ON WHAT HAPPENS. Please keep in mind that part of the "Fair" part is that some people will not like that we are trying to do this. They are trying to make money, not really caring for how they get it. While others see somethings as more valuable then others do. This is why we must keep "fair" in mind, so we are not cutting people out of money that they have a right to have. (some price problems will be easy to solve others may take some debating back and forth. Everything is SITUATIONAL. (Meaning: the rules change for each different issue that arises.) Good Reason List. (if it doesn't fit any of these don't bother bringing it up. Exception: If you really believe or have evidence/fact that a pet should be flagged, contact me or one of the mods) - You have made a Cyo/custom and stated that it cannot be sold by anyone other than you, and you find out it is being sold. (unfortunately all we can do is flag the Bazaar. There is not much we can do about individual sales or the auction house. Unless someone in the club is willing to buy it back for you, in which case it would be polite of you to reimburse them.) - You notice someone else's Cyo/custom that you know they don't allow to be sold by any but themselves being sold by another player. (if you aren't sure feel free to ask) - If you notice a pet that is obviously way over priced. While there isn't any sort of rule book for pricing, when something is sold in the Pet Shop officially by the Admins, that generally means that is that pet's price. (give or take depending on if it's breedable or not) - This over priced-ness also applies to pets that are easily obtained, such as all the current Egg Drop pets. Or common pets in the AR (like Leopard Geckos). Pets that can be obtained for free should not have a very high price. As that is unfair, and many newbies may inadvertently fall prey to such prices. Everyone who wishes may join, but if you do it is expected that you will join in flagging things when needed.

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    Hello there! Welcome to PA Helpers! This is a group for people who like to help others on site. Newbies,even older users who need a refresh! Let us know if you have pets people aren't wanting to adopt. We can help find someone to gift it to! Rules: No inappropriate language and being rude to other members and ones who ask for help.

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    The people that play and love, pet adoptable,1. Also as known may you can see That there is no God-Mod,2. No Fighting or 3.being rude to other members in the group, 4.Always inform Admin's or the owner if she is online if there is a problem with another member of the group, 5.Always be active in the Role-play form's if you can be or at least try to be.