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    • Cake

      RPG Rules

      1) There may be minimal swearing in roleplays, but remember, there may be younger members on the forum so don't cuss in every sentence/post. 2) Do not god-mod in any roleplay. This means controlling another person's character, or never getting hurt. E.g.: So and so jumped forwards, slamming into so and so and watched the other dog/cat/human fall back into a pit of pythons. Don't do it, its highly annoying and un-fun. 3) Please try not to have a perfect character (AKA Mary/Gary Sue), you've got to have a flaw somewhere. 4) Please try your best to use proper grammar. 'You' instead of 'U', 'two' instead of '2'. 5) The creator of the RP has the right to accept or decline you, kick or ban you from the RP at any given time if they feel you are not following these rules, or the separate rules they themselves may have for the RP. 6) Rules are always subject to change, so keep a close eye out and have fun roleplaying. But remember, if you don't follow the roleplay rules, you will be warned, after that, further consequences are for the staff to decide.
    • Cake

      PA Forum Rules

      Please follow the rules and guidelines below to keep PetAdoptables.com a safe and awesome place for all of our members! 1. No pornography or adult content. 2. No cussing. 3. Please don't spam your pets in unrelated threads! Post them in the click thread board and put them in your signature. 4. No spamming up the forum or through PM. 5. No trolling or harrasment of other members. Please try to be respectful to everyone here. 6. No art theft -- on the forums or from our own adoptables part! You are NOT permitted to change or alter PetAdoptables' art in ANY way, shape, or form! Thanks for reading! Please remember to check the rules often, as they may be updated at any time.
    • Cake

      Market Rules

      * All forum rules still apply to these boards. * Bumping is allowed only once per day per topic in all boards in this section, starting the day after the topic was made. * All transactions must be made in Zodiac Crystals, PA pet(s), or other PA currency, no other currency and/or offsite creatures can be bid, offered and/or accepted. * Any chit chat or questions/responses not directly related to sales, auctions, or petsitting will be deleted. 1 - Classifieds All sales, trades or requests of one or more specific pets belong here. All sales must list a specific price and the price must be adhered to. Bartering is allowed for trades not involving Zodiac Crystals, but only if the seller states in the first post of the thread that they are open to bartering. 3 - Auctions This board is for auctions only. Auctions are defined as topics that take offers for one or more specific pet(s) during a specific time frame and may or may not contain a minimum starting bid, minimum bid increments and autobuy options. Special rules are in place to govern the auctions to protect both the buyer and seller. Auctions are binding for both the buyer and seller. The auctioned pet MUST be sold to the highest bidder. Bids can not be withdrawn or edited once placed.
      Reserve prices are not allowed no matter what. It would be unfair to the bidder if your "set" price is not reached and you re-auction the pet. If you have a "reserve" price in your auction, your auction will be closed unless you remove it.
      All conditions of the auction must be set in the beginning. You may not edit the conditions once bidding has begun. (ie - ending time, autobuy value, accepted trades, minimum bid increase, etc.)
      All auctions must list a clear ending time with date, clock time and time zone information OR by listing a time span (in hours or days). You can edit the ending time only after it has passed and only if you have received no bids. (Tip: Be sure to set a starting bid if you don't plan to give someone an awesome deal.)
      All offers must be made in public by posting in the auction topic. The cat for auction can NOT be listed on the market, nor can it be sold/traded outside the auction thread. Please wait to start the trade until the auctioneer (or a mod) has declared the winner.
      You can only bid what is in your possession at the time of the bid. You can not bid a pet that you might breed, nor may you bid Zodiac Crystals that are not currently in your possession.
      Auction Terminology: Auctions may or may not contain the following conditions.

      Starting Bid - The lowest acceptable bid to begin the auction.
      Minimum Increase - The smallest amount the bid can be increased.
      Auto Buy - The winning value set that will end the auction before the posted end time.
      4 - Shops and Services This board is for offering and/or requesting petsitting or other services in your own shop. Petsitting is defined as "sitting" the pet codes for another user in order to generate clicks (level up) at a faster rate. Some sitters generate clicks by posting the customer's codes to click threads or click generating sites (like Hydra or Yarold's). Prices must be listed clearly, and these prices must be adhered to. Sitters are obligated to generate the clicks paid for by the customer, and will be expected to refund in full if they can't fulfill their sitting agreement within a reasonable time frame. Petsitting Shop: Visit the links given by paying customers once a day.
      Click Shop: Putting the links given by paying customers in link exchanges.
      Make sure to let the customers know which type of shop you are running by putting a disclaimer in your shop somewhere for them to see. If you own a petsitting shop, please do not name it a click shop. These shops are very different.
    • Cake

      Writer Rules

      1. No plagiarism whatsoever! 2. Don't use Wikipedia for information on the animal. Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information. Use only reliable sources of information when looking for facts about the assigned animal. 3. Please be active and ready to help write descriptions for our animals at any time! We of course understand when you get busy, but please try to be active. In order to release new pets, we need new descriptions! The process of releasing pets will be slowed down if our writers are not active. 4. Use spellcheck and check your grammar before submitting your descriptions. 5. Descriptions are expected to be fair in length.
    • Allie

      Contest Rules

      Rules for the Contest forum! This board is only for contests, giveaways, and raffles. Your contest, giveaway, or raffle must have an ending date.
      You may advertise your board in your status and signature, but do not post about it throughout the forums.
      Please make your contest, raffle, or giveaway reasonable and fair, meaning a majority of users can participate.
      Weekly Competitions will be pinned, but once they are over they will be unpinned and locked.
      All other boards will be locked once they are over and all prizes are handed out.
      Your contest, giveaway, or raffle must have at least one prize and it must be handed out once it is over.
      We, the mods, have the right to close your contest, giveaway, or raffle if we see fit. Do not argue with us if we do. You may message us about it though, if you'd like to know why.
      Contests If you are making a contest, be sure to make it fair to the members so that most members can participate. If you do not hand out the prizes at the end of your contest, you will be banned from holding any more. If no one participated, you are excused. Raffles You may ask members for ZC only if you are giving out "tickets" and if you are taking donations. Otherwise, members are not permitted to give anything. You must state whether the raffles are free or cost a small fee. If you do charge a fee, make the price reasonable. Make sure to have a good amount of pets that are not all cheap just to make a profit, that will get you banned from creating raffles. Giveaways You may not collect ZC or pets from members if you are holding a giveaway, that would make the giveaway completely pointless. We, the mods, may add rules at any time. Thanks to Lucky333123 for creating just about all of the rules for the Contests forum.

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A club dedicated to clicking pets who need it

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  2. Reply to this with all the bb codes to your pets so that Myself and others can help them grow. I believe as a community we can all achieve pets to grow faster. So have fun and please be kind to others ~SilverArrow
  3. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked! You do? Do you have to convert F to C often? o:
  4. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked. I do the rough guess too.
  5. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

  6. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked! Ah the thaw didn't last long huh? And it does take me a bit! Sometimes I just look it up- but in Canada I sort of got used to it so sometimes I'll know the general equivalent. Cold and windy can be just miserable. D:
  7. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked. And we're getting snow again. Cold and windy too.
  8. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked. Well that snow is gone because it got warm and rainy. So is it hard for you to convert from F to C?
  9. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

  10. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked! I haven't either- I'm in the city so there's not a lot of places around to see them. It's been like 20 degrees (celsius) here for the last few days, but I think it's going to start getting colder!
  11. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked. I've never ridden an ATV but I think it would be fun too.
  12. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked ^^ Ah gotcha, yeah ATVs seem easier to ride in a less amount of snow! That sounds fun too (:
  13. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked. Some have snowmobiles but you usually have to trailer them further up north to find enough snow. Most people around here use ATVs.
  14. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked! Aw man, that's so cool. Though I'm glad you don't have to shovel it, that sounds like it's a bit of a pain! Do a lot of people ride snowmobiles around there?
  15. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked. That's just a little snow. It's not even winter yet. It does look pretty today with the sun out. Just glad I don't have to shovel it.
  16. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked! Okay DANG yeah that's a lot of snow! I'm jealous, we never really get snow. I miss it!
  17. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked. Does this answer your question? It's getting deeper
  18. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked! And yepp!! Got it in one. I'm guessing it's a whole lot colder there than it is here right now lol
  19. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked. Okay the first that comes to mind is Texas but it could be any western state that is known for horses and cowboys. Am I even close?
  20. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked! Haha okay deal. Though I'm guessing you've heard of the state I'm from! I'll give you a hint: yeehaw
  21. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked. Just don't ask me to name all of your states. LOL
  22. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked! Haha aw dang...but whoo, I'll take those bonus points!
  23. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked. Not really near Nova Scotia but you get bonus points for knowing more than one province.
  24. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked! Oh dang, I didn't know it was the biggest! Ontario...I'm trying to picture the map in my head and I know it's east-ish! Could be near Nova Scotia? (I could just google but I wanna test my memory xP) WHOA yeah, that'd be a pretty big change (It doesn't matter! They're just sort of there so my main page isn't ever empty, my little guardian lotus cats lol)
  25. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked. Toronto is the biggest city in all of Canada and you are right, it's also the capital of Ontario. I now live two hours away in a village of only 1,700 people. Talk about culture shock. lol (What stages do you want those Lotus cats to be?)
  26. Eggs/Pets in Dire need of clicks

    Clicked. Toronto's pretty busy, isn't it? It's the capital of the province right? Aww, that's so cute about your cat! What a sneak