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  4. Mayo's Item Archive

    @Devil Thank you! ^^ I just submitted that shirt for approval lol
  5. Mayo's Item Archive

    I love your shiny style! I need that OwO shirt right now
  6. Here I'll keep track of all the items I draw. I'll also take commissions and maybe requests. On site: "Black Devil tail" WIP: "Black Layered Kimono"
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  8. Mayo's Item Archive

    Oh yay, new stuff Now let's hope Cake finds time to approve it any time soon
  9. Art Dump

    Just some more random pieces I don't want to lose...again. Dragonfly commission for someone on Rescreatu. Two of my Otachie's over on Rescreatu. Amenadiel the albino and Savenkov the black. Kina's 'drunk' Galta named Vodka on Rescreatu.
  10. So i don’t know if anyone still rps on this site or not but whatever. "Ciel you can't catch me!" Lily called out, running away from Ciel. Lily and Ciel were playing tag in the Phantomhive manor garden. "Princess Lily get back here!" Ciel called out. Lily was six years old, same age as Ciel. She was indeed the princess of England. Lily kept running until one of the guards from the castle stopped her. "It's time to return home, Princess." He said to her. "No! I wanna play tag with Ciel!" Lily whined. The guard rolled his eyes and picked her up, carrying her to the carriage. "Put me down!" She yelled. Ciel ran behind them, "Lily it's okay! Just come over again soon." He said softly. "Tonight?" Lily had mouthed. Ciel nodded, going back inside. ~That night~ Lily snuck out of her castle and rode her horse to the Phantomhive manor as it wasn't far. She went into the garden and picked a few white roses and placed them in a circle. She sat in the circle and crossed her arms. She waited for Ciel, but after a few minutes she saw that the manor was on fire. "Ciel!" She yelled, standing up to run inside. Unfortunately, her dress was caught in the rose bush. She struggled to get free. As she struggled, her arms and legs were getting cut from the thorns, leaving open wounds. She looked up, seeing the whole manor in flames. She believed saw Ciel run out. He kept running, only to be taken away (you know what I mean). Lily thought she saw Ciel run back inside. She got herself unhooked, then ran inside after whom she thought was Ciel. After only a few short minutes of looking, the air quality became too much. She couldn’t breathe and needed to exit. However, on her way out, one of the ceiling beams fell in front of her. She used her arms to shield her face. The burns on her arms were awful. They were at least third degree (I don’t know if they had that system in this time period however, I’m just using it as a description of how bad they are.) ~Seven years later~ Lily was getting ready for her birthday ball. She looked over her arms. She still had horrible scarring from the cuts and the burns. Her arms never fully healed so everything that touched them still kind of hurt. She slipped on her gloves, making sure they wouldn't fall down. She hated wearing the gloves, they were itchy, but it covered the burns from the public eye. And most importantly, Ciels. She finished getting ready, then turned to the piles of letters on her bedside table. They were all from Ciel. She hadn't spoken to Ciel once, since the day of the fire. She of course responded to his letters. However, if he came to visit the Queen she always made it certain to not be there. She was scared to face him after all those years. She had severe burn marks on her arms, and didn't want Ciel to see them. She knew he was devastated from that night already, and didn't want to risk hurting him anymore than he already is. She sighed, leaving her bedroom and heading towards the ballroom. As she headed down the stairs, she saw Ciels butler entering the ballroom. Ciel was here? Why? She was under the impression he hated parties. Perhaps some sort of business for her mother? She shook it off. As she entered the ballroom, the room got quite. Everyone was staring in delight. Her dress was a certain blue. Phantomhive blue. She adored the color. It wasn’t to draw Ciel to her. She hopped that wouldn’t happen. She was afraid to see him in person. “Thank you all for coming tonight.” She smiled, waving slightly. “Let the ball begin!” She giggled, but hurried up to her throne chair at the end of the room. She sat down with a sigh. Her lady in waiting looked to her. “Something wrong?” She asked. “No, just.. Ciel Phantomhive is here. I don’t know why. I hope he’s not here to see me.” She bit her lip. “My lady, you do understand this party is for you correct? You can’t keep hiding from him.” Lily cut her eyes. “quiet. I’ve had enough of you.” She mumbled. She looked to the crowd, looking for Ciel intentionally. Meanwhile, Sebastian was looking around as well. “My lord, I’m not sure that it matters to you, but the princess seems to be keeping a close eye on you. Perhaps she is attempting to avoid you?” Name Lily Grace Age 12 (like Ciel) Role Princess of England, Ciels friend ~~ Hello there! I do hope you’re interested in joining my plot. Keep in mind I want this to be an advanced rp. So 2-3 paragraphs a post okay? Please keep in mind that this anime is placed in the late 1800s, early 1900s. People getting married at a young age is VERY common. Kids falling in love at a young age is COMMON. Anyway, all I ask is that you play Ciel and some other characters. If you find it necessary to use a character I usually rp as for your reply, use them! I’m okay with us using multiple characters but not having them assigned. 75% of the time if you need me to I can be Sebastian. I’ll also definitely rp as the servants and Alois if we choose to bring him in. However, not all the time. You get what I’m saying? Anyway! I’m super excited to rp this! Just respond with a post. No need for a form since well, you’ll be Ciel.
  11. Random weird conversation with family member:

    Me: I am off work tomorrow, do you want me to make dinner?


    Family member: Yes, I pulled out some chicken to defrost.


    Me: Is there anything you want me to do with it?


    Family member: Snow


    Me: Snow?


    Family member:  Coat the snow


    Me: Coat the snow with what? Chicken?


    Family member: Yes


    Me: Mm'kay...sounds easy enough I suppose. Just open the door, toss the chicken in snow and voilà,  dinner?


    Family member: Sounds good


    Me:   "..."

    1. plot_twister
    2. Creus


      I don't know either lol

  12. PSD CYO bases

    Hi! There is a board on this site that contains forum posts with each of the CYO bases. You can find it under Creativity Corner -> Custom Color Your Own Pets -> PSD Board You'll find the Creativity Corner near the bottom of the main forum page. Here's a link to the board if you're still having trouble finding it: LINK
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  14. PSD CYO bases

    Hello, I won 2 CYO brushes with chests, and I would try to create a pet, but the "Download the CYO bases" link is broken and goes to an Error 404 / page not found. Is there another way to get the .psd bases, please ? (I'll need time to submit something, as I'm not very familiar with this kind of software.) Thanks
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  16. Mayo's Item Archive

    Clothes | Hair, Other, To-Do | Sneak Peaks Sneak Peaks Above is the backlog of items I made while waiting for the earlier ones to be accepted ^^ I've made a lot because it only takes me around 30 min - an hour per set and it's pretty fun to do.
  17. GaH the Person Above You

    I don't see a GAH button on your pet. Could you double check you have that feature enabled please?
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  19. GaH the Person Above You

    @Imzadi83 - Hatched! Adopt your own virtual pet today!
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  22. GaH the Person Above You

    @MayoToasti - Hatched Adopt your own virtual pet today!
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  24. GaH the Person Above You

    @ScarletRain Hatched ^^ http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1230051
  25. Breeding Outcome Discussion Thread

    @Xene I believe it is 2000zc to breed british longhairs
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  28. Packages for Newbies

    Hello, I just joined yesterday site wise, and just joined the forums today! I would love a newbie package if possible. I also may be able to give stuff at one point here, at least I hope so! http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=Gryffbirb
  29. Howdy All!

    Howdy everyone! I am new to this site, and I thought I would drop a little bit about myself here. I am 26 years old, and I love cats, I have five of them in real life! I also am an artist that does drawings on dA, and you can find me as the same username there. I am also on Xanje with the same display name if any of you are on there! I hope to see you all around.
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