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Tiger Lineart

A tiger lineart I made. I do take commissions.

From the album


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    • By Kirito
      Hello! Welcome to my CYO shop.
      I don't have a lot of CYO's Available at the moment, But I'm slowly trying to increase the number of cyo's I have for sale.
      You are not allowed to sell my cyo's (Unless you got it from the egg drop)
      You can gift my CYO's
      You can do alt changes and Gender changes if you want.
      If you no longer want the CYO I will gladly take them back.
      All my CYO's are Egg Drop CYO's because I can't afford the 10 zp to make them private.
      If you have an alt you don't like, you can send it back to me and I will give you another egg.
       ( That's if there isn't already 50 of that CYO's sold)
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    • By Kirito
      I did the 2nd stage for the Tiger CYO. How does it look so far?  
      Any ideas for alts? I wanna keep it kinda Realistic. Though maybe i can make an alt a snow leopard and normal leopard and like a lion
      does that sound cool? I'm going to post a Speed painting video of me coloring and shading this stage  
    • By Kirito
      I colored and shaded my lineart of the Tiger. How does it look? Should i add alts?
      How much should i sell it for? Its going to have all 5 stages :D 
    • By Kirito
      My lineart for my Tiger CYO I'm doing. How does it look so far?
      I noticed there is a really small amount of Tiger-related things on PA unless you have ZP so i decided to make one  
      This is going to be staged and maybe alted How do you guys like it?
    • By tomomi
      I put them all on one picture, just for fun, lmao.
      I had to resize them, so the proportions might not be right, but it's pretty okay like this.
      Aaah, I still love them. One of the few fanarts I did and actually like.
      The individual pics are somewhere here as well, if you wanna see them.