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Scottish Fold Cat Companions/Quads

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Scottish Fold Cat Companions/Quads

(These are not all of the colors. They're just examples. I still have some ideas and I've also done a white one, a gray one, a tortoiseshell, and an orange tabby.) 

I was originally planning on scaling these down and making them companion animals, but doing that does cause them to lose quality and make them harder to see. (or maybe that's just me because my eyesight is awful.)

Then I thought "What if they were Quads?" 

What do you guys think? Would you like them as one or the other, or maybe even both? 

Would you want to even use these? 

Please no "you have serial killer handwriting" comments. I know that already. lol


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we can be serial killer hand-writers together :D

I'd consider buying them if they were more of a bipedal quad, but that's just me. 
Regardless I LOVE how they turn out! fantastic job!

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@Jadespets I want them as companions too because I usually stick with human avatars, but I think Quads would be nice too since you can actually see more of the detail. I want to do them as both if I'm permitted too. I think I am.

@SwiftTalon Thank you! I 100% intend to do bipedal quads soon. In fact, I was sketching an idea for one, but I scrapped it because I wasn't happy with my first sketch. 

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44 minutes ago, Jadespets said:

@Kaylercool yeah maybe both cuz you could have like a Mom cat and a kitten like the quad would be the mother cat and the companion would be the kitten or unless that sounds stupid

I guess it could be a companion for a human or Scottish Fold Quad, huh? lol

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