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Halloween Ghost Fox Kit by Kayler

I'm going to be doing some Halloween customs items. Mostly Quads and Companion animals. 

This one is a Quad and will be available for ZP only. (Unless I decide to make it for ZC too.)

I also have some normal Fox Kit Quads that'll hopefully be up with this one in the shop within a day or so. They are for ZC!

These may become companion animals as well if anyone wants that. 

I'll also consider any Halloween Quad/Companion suggestions! 




© Kaylercool
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Thanks for the suggestions! I quite like those! I was already wanting to do some sort of bear, and I was considering putting up another horse Quad already.

(Wondering if I should zombify my current pony quad or create a brand new one...hm...or do a new zombie horse and a zombie pony with my current pony quad.) 


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