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Ladybug Then and Now

My little girl has grown so much! She's actually Pikachu's kitten. We took in a male cat named Victor that was around Pikachu's age a couple of years ago. Before we even had a chance to get him fixed...he became a daddy. We kept Ladybug and the other two kittens were given away to family members. :) 

Ladybug is like a mixture of her mom and dad, which makes her extra special. Plus, she was the runt of the litter. Wasn't sure she was going to make it at first, but she is perfectly healthy and kind of plump now! 

Also, Ladybug's eyes look totally black in that kitten photo. (but they're so beautiful now. <3 Green and yellow.)

They were still a bit cloudy at that point since she's rather young there, so yeah. lol 

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3 hours ago, cinnamonapples said:

Omg, that kitten picture !!! <3 Such a pretty mix now! <3 Lil miracle! <3 

I love her coloration. :3 Her mommy is orange/yellow (which I already posted. lol) and her daddy is black, so it really is a perfect mix! I need to post pics of Victor too. 

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