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Possible CYO by Kayler

So, I made this today. It may become a CYO, I don't know. I don't even have a brush for it right now though, actually. I was just in a CYO creating mood.

I totally made this just to make everyone hungry. lol I'm kidding.

Would you guys be interested in this CYO? 


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I would definitely ask for your services! ^^ I can't draw well, & I mean... I would love to support you! I will save up ZC for the occasion if I can ^^

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2 minutes ago, Kaylercool said:

@CaitlynMellark Thanks. :) I'll get one soon though, just need to go to the wishing wells. lol

@Kitkat Thank you. :D 


Also, I'm considering doing a Thanksgiving CYO even though it is a little late. I was thinking a Pilgrim Pup or something of that sort. 

And Christmas CYOs? That's pretty much a given. :D 

Then I will use my brushes to support you along with ZC when you open up the CYO business!

And ooo, so many CYOs, I can't wait ^^ <<3

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