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Christmas Ava ~ <3 > ^ w ^ <


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Thank you! <3 :D It's just short for Avatar (sorry for confusion! <3) ~ one I made on the site! <3 :D but Ava is a super cute name ! ~ <3

Getting into the holiday spirit ! <3 :D 

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@Kaylercool Thank you ! <3 :D 

Omg, no ! <3 It's so pretty ! <3 I love the dress & lace gloves & your custom hair! <3 I used to wear your blue one all the time! <3 :D & all the lil accessories & sparkly snowflakes! <3 Super comfy & Christmas-y! <3 :D & with the matching cat <3 ! ~ so adorbz! <3 

(You righ :P <3 ~ May I ask what it's from? :3 I've only seen likeee a handful of animes but I enjoy them! :D)

@Dashy Wish I did any OCs! :c <3 :D 

Thank you ! ^ . ^ <3 :D 



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@cinnamonapples Thank you. :D 

(It's from Toradora, which is one of my personal favorites. I think you'd like it if you're into romance animes. I personally like pretty much any genre so long as it has an interesting story.)

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