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A drawing I did of two of my ocs dancing. They are doing swing dance.

From the album

My OCs

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    • By Lilytora
      Hello, I have made myself a new character for d&d. They are a tabaxi and are rogue class, although I am contemplating of later multiclassing them with rogue and paladin. They are a chaotic good alignment.
      Here is what they look like

      They are slightly based off of a snow leopard and a scottish fold so I used the snow leopards patterns for inspiration
      So far I don't have too much for their personality or backstory. All I have based off of some dice rolls is that they are obsessed with a monster. I assume I can choose which monster. And that their quirk is that they purr loudly when they are happy. 
      Feel free to ask questions about them, it might help me figure out more for their personality and such.

      I am also stuck on what to name them although I do have a few ideas in mind. I have added them in a poll please feel free to vote for the name you think best suits them.
    • By Lilytora
      The reference sheet for my oc Leo. He's a liger.