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Happy Birthday to Luna, Ladybug, and Octavia.

I just finished this. 

It's currently 12:11 AM as I'm posting this, so for me it's the 10th, which means it's Luna, Ladybug, and Octavia's first birthdays. <3 

These kitties are my cat Pikachu's daughters. I kept Ladybug, my nephew has Octavia, and my uncle has Luna. 

It may be a bit over the top for me to be so excited about this, but most of my cats were strays or I got them from someone else so I don't know their birthdays. I'm happy that I know their birthdays at least. 

They're all sweethearts and deserve happy birthdays. <3 Everyone does, including animals.

Ladybug is always there to cuddle me when I'm down, Octavia makes my nephew so very happy, and Luna keeps my uncle from being lonely. 

So, happy birthday to these sweeties. ^.^

Our lives would be much duller without them!

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This is so cute! I give my cat a birthday every year! Yay cat birthdays! Make sure to give them a pet from me, if you can visit Luna and Octavia sometime! Tell them I said Happy Birthday!

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Also kay, the strays birthday is perhaps next to impossible to find out but if you still have a cat from someone else, you can check their chip number! or well, if they have one?
I don't know how it works where you live but here in Sweden atleast its illegal to own a dog or cat without chip-id.
So either you could check it at the vet and then the register for your country, or if you have papers on them then the number will be printed there. :) 

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    • By Kaylercool
      Two of Ladybug's kittens. The gray one is Church, the other is Mini.
      I'm trying to find homes for them right now. Sure hope I can find some great people to take them. 
      They're so cute though, so I had to post pics. I might post a pic of the other two later. 
      The orange one has someone coming to get him this week.
    • By Kaylercool
      Last edited: 01/31/2018
      Rules: You may NOT resell any CYOs you receive from me. You will not be able to get more from me if you break this rule. If you decide you no longer want one of my CYOs return it to me. 

      Hello, everyone!  
       I'm going to be giving out free birthday CYOs! Of course what the pet actually is is a surprise! ;D
      I will show off the egg though. 
      There are three different alts and three stages. 
      If you're interested in receiving one for your birthday please let me know a date!
      (If it has already passed you may wait until next year or receive a late gift.)
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    • By Kaylercool
      I'm thinking they were around the same age in these photos.
      Ladybug's first birthday is in a couple of days, actually. February 10th.
      (First photo was taken about a year ago when Ladybug was a kitten. Second photo was taken today.)
      Her kitten looks so much like her that I've literally just been calling her Mini-Bug and it kind of stuck. lol
      Hopefully I'll be able to find this little cutie a good home. Her orange brother, who I've been calling Thomas O'Malley, already has someone that wants him when he's old enough.
      Kudos to anyone that knows who I named him after. ^.^