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American Curl Cat CYO by Kaylercool.

A CYO I finished today. I really love this cat breed and thought it deserved to be a pet on here.

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Same! There were a few other breeds, such as Turkish Angora and LaPerm, that I was considering doing that aren't on-site either. I think this breed stands out the most though, which makes it surprising to say the least. 

For this, I used the "Big Cat" base. I attempted to make it look more like a house cat, but not too different to the point where you can't tell the base I used. I hadn't used this base before, so I wanted to. 

Thank you. <3 Everything I draw ends up super shiny. xD That's just my style though.

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      EDIT 06/24/2018
      NONE LEFT!
      I still have some free CYOs left!
      ONLY 1 LEFT!
      These are up for grabs! First come, first serve. Claim as many as you want!
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      Please DO NOT resell these. If you do, I won't allow you to get any other CYOs from me.