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(NOW AVAILABLE) New Flutter Meow Colors


These are now available in the Avatar Clothing Shop

The easiest way to find them is by searching "flutter"

You can also search "kaylercool" or "cat"


I made a few new colors for the Flutter Meow Quad a little while back, but never submitted them...until now~

Photo Information for (NOW AVAILABLE) New Flutter Meow Colors


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    • By Kirito
      I did the redrew the Lineart for Maine Coon to give it less of a copy and paste CYO because after a while of seeing people use the same base it kinda makes it harder to like the CYO, Well at least in my opinion.  I was bored and wanted to do some lineart and this was the result!  
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      My Previous Lineart with a yarn ball to make it look like it's playing  
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      EDIT 03/18/18: 
      These are now available in the Avatar Clothing Shop!
      You can find them by searching "classy" "lady" "dress" or "kaylercool"
      These are some dresses I kind of forgot I made. 
      When I was looking through my stuff I found these. I still needed to size them down, but that only took a second, so I figured I'd go ahead and submit them.
      I'll update this when they're available.
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      I'm practicing animating and doing custom cat movements.
      How does it look? Anything I should work on?
      This took about a half an hour