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Maine Coon With Yarn CYO

My Previous Lineart with a yarn ball to make it look like it's playing :D 

Which do you like better? :D 


From the album


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7 hours ago, Jadespets said:

Omgggggggg it’s sooo cute I’m literally dying right now!!!!!!! Definitely make this one into a cyo if you can :D

Thanks! :D I plan on making it into a CYO when i decide to make the egg for it :) Do you think it should be a single alt CYO or Multiple alts? :D 

5 hours ago, Kaylercool said:

It's sooooo cute. <3 omg

Thanks :D that was my goal was to try and make it as cute as possible :) 

4 hours ago, Lady of Baskerville said:

oh my gee, that's adorable :'D 

Thanks! :) I'm glad you like it! 


Sorry for taking so long to reply i was cleaning and i didn't have time to reply till now :P 

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Just now, Jadespets said:

I think multiple alts would be great! @Kirito

Maybe have them in like a cat pattern like some of these cats


Image result for cat fur patterns



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