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    • By pamelahoward
      Making this post separate from my Panda's HAI thread as it deals with something else entirely.
      Items here will have the following order of status:
      Idea (i've will be making it at some stage) Designed (i've done a basic design for it) Pending (submitted) Approved (ready to buy) OR
      Denied (i don't like the idea and will not be making it)
      Everything in this thread can be found under the fashion line: BJD Quad
      Flesh (2 ZP) - Approved
      Greyscale (2 ZP) - Designed
      Fantasy (4? ZP) - Idea
      Basic Eyes (0 ZP) - Approved
      Basic Nose (0 ZP) - Approved
      Basic Mouth (0 ZP) - Approved
      Glitter Eyes (1 ZP) - Idea
      Nebulous Eyes (2 ZP) - Pending
      Cat Eye MU (20 ZC) - Approved
      Neon Party MU (50 ZC) - Pending
      Rules for HAI creators:
      You may make items for the BJD Quad. You may NOT make bases for the BJD Quad. You may NOT make items that have already gone to the Idea status on this thread. You may NOT make items that have already gone to the Denied status on this thread, UNLESS you have messaged me and gotten permission.
    • By Kaylercool
      One of my latest pieces. 
      I've been absent for a while, but I'm still practicing art. ^.^
    • By pamelahoward
      I'm new(ish) to PA. Just bought a paintbrush but... is it possible to colour my own Ball Python? I can't find the base. May have bought the brush for nothing... 
    • By Kirito
      This is a little doodle of a cyo I made lol at first I was going to give it a painted background but I got lazy and gave it a background I can draw easily. How do you think it looks?