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Warrior cats Avitar XD.gif

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Warrior cats Avitar XD.gif

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    • By Kaylercool
      I just finished this. 
      It's currently 12:11 AM as I'm posting this, so for me it's the 10th, which means it's Luna, Ladybug, and Octavia's first birthdays. <3 
      These kitties are my cat Pikachu's daughters. I kept Ladybug, my nephew has Octavia, and my uncle has Luna. 
      It may be a bit over the top for me to be so excited about this, but most of my cats were strays or I got them from someone else so I don't know their birthdays. I'm happy that I know their birthdays at least. 
      They're all sweethearts and deserve happy birthdays. <3 Everyone does, including animals.
      Ladybug is always there to cuddle me when I'm down, Octavia makes my nephew so very happy, and Luna keeps my uncle from being lonely. 
      So, happy birthday to these sweeties. ^.^
      Our lives would be much duller without them!
    • By SwiftTalon
      How I animatic/animation part 1
    • By Kaylercool
      Quads and companions are coming soon! 
      Some of the other images I posted before will be quads too, but these are exclusive to quads, meaning none of these will be available as companions since they are "special" ones. 
      I wouldn't mind doing more holiday or crazy themes in the future. 
    • By Dashy
      I haven't roleplayed in forever and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Warrior Cats roleplay!
      The moon was missing in the sky, and a dark grey she-cat was plotting her vengeance. Although her heart had grown cold, she couldn't push the thoughts away.
      Why didn't I just leave him when I first saw him?
      Why did I have to kill her?
      Just a moon earlier, the she-cat had fallen in love with a rogue. She was shocked when she found out she'd have kits, and never told who the father was. The she-cat had told the rogue that they couldn't be together, but the tom insisted that they could. They argued, and it eventually lead to some violence. The deputy caught them and thought that the rogue was attacking the she-cat- and attempted to kill the rogue. Shocked, the dark grey she-cat slashed at the toms throat, not exactly knowing what she was doing- or who she should defend. The deputy died from the loss of blood, the rogue left the she-cat, saying he didn't know her anymore. When the clan cats found her, with his blood on her claws, they exiled her. The she-cat didn't have enough food, for her paws were too heavy to hunt; and eventually died, with her unborn kit in her belly. She swore vengeance on the clan for sending her kit to Starclan, and for not letting her explain.
      Basically, this is a bit of a Mapleshade scenario, except she tries to manipulate all of the cats instead. The she-cat (her name was Darkfur) tries to stir up trouble within the clan; or makes some cats go completely insane.
      Anyone interested??
      The plot is kind of a WIP so I'll probably fix it up a bit in the actual sign-ups. :3
    • By Kaylercool
      Just a couple cats I drew just now. ^.^ I might do more.