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    4. October '19

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    • By mayotoasti
      Clothes | Hair, Faces, To-Do | Other, Sneak Peaks
      This is where I'll be keeping all of my HAI custom items. To make viewing these a little easier, I've placed them over the player base. My current lines are 'Spotlight,' 'Graphic Tees,' and 'Spooktober.'
      Layered Ruffle Dress; [9.27.19] Status: Approved
      Sailor Dress; [9.10.19] Status: Approved
      Basic Crop Top; [9.8.19] Status: Approved
      Ruffled Apron Dress; [9.6.19] Status: Approved
      Sheer Glitter Gown; [6.26.19] Status: Approved
      Broken Heart Shirt; [6.13.19] Status: Approved
      Side Ribbon Dress; [6.13.19] Status: Approved
      Animal Hoodie; [4.1.19] Status: Approved
      Halter Neck Crop Top; [3.30.19] Status: Approved
      Angelic Frilly Dress; [3.24.19] Status: Approved
      Mini Leather Jacket; [3.18.19] Status: Approved
      Pizza Shirt; [3.18.19] Status: Approved
      Sprinkle Top; [3.16.19] Status: Approved
      OwO Shirt M; [2.16.19] Status: Approved
      OwO Shirt F; [2.16.19] Status: Approved
      Baby Doll Dress; [1.20.19] Status: Approved
      Circle Skirt; [1.20.19] Status: Approved
      Over-sized Sweater F; [1.18.19] Status: Approved
      Over-sized Sweater; [1.18.19] Status: Approved
    • By SquishyPigs
      *Still Editing*
      I thought I'd make a post for some of the items I've created and added to the clothing stores. I have lots more planned too so will hopefully be adding to this over time. If something sells out then I may restock on request.
      Pigworts Magic Shop
      Wizard Hat | Wands Basic/Generic
      Cutout Dress | Dungarees Backgrounds
      Rooms | Desert | Farm | Sepia Overlay Misc
      Cobwebs | Pumpkins | Skeleton Outfit | Stitch Mouth  
    • By pamelahoward
      Aline Dress (100 ZC)
      Crystal Necklace (30 ZC)
      Footed Tights (30 ZC)
      Unfooted Tights (30 ZC)
      High Waist Shorts (75 ZC)
      Clown Makeup (400 ZC)
      Pumpkin Makeup (400 ZC)
      Ghost Costume (90 ZC)
      Blank Face (0 ZC) (Recommended for many facial features I sell)
      Plump Lips (90 ZC) ("Blank Face" recommended)
      Scarred Face (120 ZC) ("Blank Face" recommended)
      Eye Scar (90 ZC) ("Blank Face" recommended)
    • By Devil
      Here I'll keep track of all the items I draw. I'll also take commissions and maybe requests.
      Pet clothes are in the 3rd post.Feedback is much appreciated, please and thank you. 
      On site: Accessories
      [Mortal Kombat tributes]
      Hell Kombatant Mask --- Icy Kombatant Mask ---  Dark Kombatant Mask --- Scaly Kombatant Mask --- Error Kombatant Mask  
      Black Layered Kimono  
      Reborn Reptile Top --- Rigid Reptile Top --- Rotten Reptile Top --- Rainy Reptile Top --- Rebel Reptile Top  
      Black Frill Dress  
      Black Devil Tail  
      Wild Cobra Tail  
      Archangel Wing Hair
      Pearly Queen Wig --- Pearly Princess Wig --- Pearly Duchess Wig --- Pearly Countess Wig --- Pearly Baroness Wig  
    • By Kirito
      I drew this on January 5th, I was practicing drawing chibi's this is an original character I made from one of my friend's description of a character from one of her kid books she is making.