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Celestrian the Dragonair

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This is my lovely Dragonair, Celestrian. I'm working on evolving her into Dragonite. I caught her as a Dratini in the Safari Zone in Fuchsia c:

Fire Red version playing on an emulator

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    • By Lilytora
      Lily's pokemon team. Her pokemon are Ryo the pikachu, Peaches the mew, Pie the pidove, Mochi the sylveon, Apple the skiddo, and Honey the growlithe.
    • By Kaylercool
      EDIT: I fixed a few things that were bothering me. I think it looks better than before.
      So, this is a digital version of an old drawing I did years ago. 
      Dawn is my favorite Poke girl. (Misty coming in close second.) 
      When I was younger, I wanted my hair to look like Dawn's hair more than anything. lol
      I'm not the best at drawing anime people, honestly. My anatomy is always off.
      Also, I can't draw hands, so I hide them.   (Though I'm practicing still.)
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      So, I uploaded this before, but I got an error and it uploaded "two" blank images onto the gallery.
      I scaled it down, so lets see if it works now. 
      I drew an Alolan Luxray. (The reference I used when drawing is on the bottom right.)
      This is my first time drawing any sort of Fakemon/Alolan form, so feedback is greatly appreciated.  
      (I'm actually hating the tail the more I look at it. If anyone has suggestions for what to do with the tail I'd appreciate it.)