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    • By Kirito
      I'm practicing a new style. I'm liking it alot.
      It took about 2 hours to draw.
      I used Clip Studio Paint EX
      and XP Pen 15.6 tablet.
      Feel free to post any advice on what i could work on in the comments  
    • By Kaylercool
      These are now available in the Avatar Clothing Shop! 
      The easiest way to find them is by searching "flutter"
      You can also search "kaylercool" or "cat"
      I made a few new colors for the Flutter Meow Quad a little while back, but never submitted them...until now~
    • By Kirito
      Just a pretty bird i made for no real reason  
      Isn't it pretty though? What do you think i should add to it? 
    • By Kirito
      I drew the custom I made in 2015 and I fixed the wings because they looked weird. I also added a background.
      This is the adult stage. Once I've done the egg and baby stage I'm going to post a forum where you can preorder it (I won't be able to make it if nobody preorders) Because I need 15zp to buy the brush.
      Do you think I should animate it? Like the leaves falling and the wolves blinking.
      (I Changed how it looked i didn't like the puppy)
    • By Kirito
      The baby stage of Sakura no hana, How does it look?
      Should I animate it?
      Please preorder it once I make the forum post! 
      I don't have the zp to buy the brush so I'm going to make a preorder page where you can preorder it with zp so I'm able to buy the brush
      if I don't get enough zp to buy the brush I gonna sell the design.