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      RPG Rules

      1) There may be minimal swearing in roleplays, but remember, there may be younger members on the forum so don't cuss in every sentence/post. 2) Do not god-mod in any roleplay. This means controlling another person's character, or never getting hurt. E.g.: So and so jumped forwards, slamming into so and so and watched the other dog/cat/human fall back into a pit of pythons. Don't do it, its highly annoying and un-fun. 3) Please try not to have a perfect character (AKA Mary/Gary Sue), you've got to have a flaw somewhere. 4) Please try your best to use proper grammar. 'You' instead of 'U', 'two' instead of '2'. 5) The creator of the RP has the right to accept or decline you, kick or ban you from the RP at any given time if they feel you are not following these rules, or the separate rules they themselves may have for the RP. 6) Rules are always subject to change, so keep a close eye out and have fun roleplaying. But remember, if you don't follow the roleplay rules, you will be warned, after that, further consequences are for the staff to decide.
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      PA Forum Rules

      Please follow the rules and guidelines below to keep PetAdoptables.com a safe and awesome place for all of our members! 1. No pornography or adult content. 2. No cussing. 3. Please don't spam your pets in unrelated threads! Post them in the click thread board and put them in your signature. 4. No spamming up the forum or through PM. 5. No trolling or harrasment of other members. Please try to be respectful to everyone here. 6. No art theft -- on the forums or from our own adoptables part! You are NOT permitted to change or alter PetAdoptables' art in ANY way, shape, or form! Thanks for reading! Please remember to check the rules often, as they may be updated at any time.
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      Market Rules

      * All forum rules still apply to these boards. * Bumping is allowed only once per day per topic in all boards in this section, starting the day after the topic was made. * All transactions must be made in Zodiac Crystals, PA pet(s), or other PA currency, no other currency and/or offsite creatures can be bid, offered and/or accepted. * Any chit chat or questions/responses not directly related to sales, auctions, or petsitting will be deleted. 1 - Classifieds All sales, trades or requests of one or more specific pets belong here. All sales must list a specific price and the price must be adhered to. Bartering is allowed for trades not involving Zodiac Crystals, but only if the seller states in the first post of the thread that they are open to bartering. 3 - Auctions This board is for auctions only. Auctions are defined as topics that take offers for one or more specific pet(s) during a specific time frame and may or may not contain a minimum starting bid, minimum bid increments and autobuy options. Special rules are in place to govern the auctions to protect both the buyer and seller. Auctions are binding for both the buyer and seller. The auctioned pet MUST be sold to the highest bidder. Bids can not be withdrawn or edited once placed.
      Reserve prices are not allowed no matter what. It would be unfair to the bidder if your "set" price is not reached and you re-auction the pet. If you have a "reserve" price in your auction, your auction will be closed unless you remove it.
      All conditions of the auction must be set in the beginning. You may not edit the conditions once bidding has begun. (ie - ending time, autobuy value, accepted trades, minimum bid increase, etc.)
      All auctions must list a clear ending time with date, clock time and time zone information OR by listing a time span (in hours or days). You can edit the ending time only after it has passed and only if you have received no bids. (Tip: Be sure to set a starting bid if you don't plan to give someone an awesome deal.)
      All offers must be made in public by posting in the auction topic. The cat for auction can NOT be listed on the market, nor can it be sold/traded outside the auction thread. Please wait to start the trade until the auctioneer (or a mod) has declared the winner.
      You can only bid what is in your possession at the time of the bid. You can not bid a pet that you might breed, nor may you bid Zodiac Crystals that are not currently in your possession.
      Auction Terminology: Auctions may or may not contain the following conditions.

      Starting Bid - The lowest acceptable bid to begin the auction.
      Minimum Increase - The smallest amount the bid can be increased.
      Auto Buy - The winning value set that will end the auction before the posted end time.
      4 - Shops and Services This board is for offering and/or requesting petsitting or other services in your own shop. Petsitting is defined as "sitting" the pet codes for another user in order to generate clicks (level up) at a faster rate. Some sitters generate clicks by posting the customer's codes to click threads or click generating sites (like Hydra or Yarold's). Prices must be listed clearly, and these prices must be adhered to. Sitters are obligated to generate the clicks paid for by the customer, and will be expected to refund in full if they can't fulfill their sitting agreement within a reasonable time frame. Petsitting Shop: Visit the links given by paying customers once a day.
      Click Shop: Putting the links given by paying customers in link exchanges.
      Make sure to let the customers know which type of shop you are running by putting a disclaimer in your shop somewhere for them to see. If you own a petsitting shop, please do not name it a click shop. These shops are very different.
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      Writer Rules

      1. No plagiarism whatsoever! 2. Don't use Wikipedia for information on the animal. Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information. Use only reliable sources of information when looking for facts about the assigned animal. 3. Please be active and ready to help write descriptions for our animals at any time! We of course understand when you get busy, but please try to be active. In order to release new pets, we need new descriptions! The process of releasing pets will be slowed down if our writers are not active. 4. Use spellcheck and check your grammar before submitting your descriptions. 5. Descriptions are expected to be fair in length.
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      Contest Rules

      Rules for the Contest forum! This board is only for contests, giveaways, and raffles. Your contest, giveaway, or raffle must have an ending date.
      You may advertise your board in your status and signature, but do not post about it throughout the forums.
      Please make your contest, raffle, or giveaway reasonable and fair, meaning a majority of users can participate.
      Weekly Competitions will be pinned, but once they are over they will be unpinned and locked.
      All other boards will be locked once they are over and all prizes are handed out.
      Your contest, giveaway, or raffle must have at least one prize and it must be handed out once it is over.
      We, the mods, have the right to close your contest, giveaway, or raffle if we see fit. Do not argue with us if we do. You may message us about it though, if you'd like to know why.
      Contests If you are making a contest, be sure to make it fair to the members so that most members can participate. If you do not hand out the prizes at the end of your contest, you will be banned from holding any more. If no one participated, you are excused. Raffles You may ask members for ZC only if you are giving out "tickets" and if you are taking donations. Otherwise, members are not permitted to give anything. You must state whether the raffles are free or cost a small fee. If you do charge a fee, make the price reasonable. Make sure to have a good amount of pets that are not all cheap just to make a profit, that will get you banned from creating raffles. Giveaways You may not collect ZC or pets from members if you are holding a giveaway, that would make the giveaway completely pointless. We, the mods, may add rules at any time. Thanks to Lucky333123 for creating just about all of the rules for the Contests forum.


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  1. 8 points
    Great news! Recently, I became an official PA artist. I'm finally publicly posting this. I'm so excited for what's to come and I hope you guys are too! It really is an honor for me to be able to do this! I'm so grateful! <3
  2. 7 points
    We have revamped the Egg Drop as per the suggestions posted here! We have many more changes and improvements coming soon based on the suggestions posted in this thread. If you have any others, be sure to post them!
  3. 7 points
    I want to thank all the really nice people on here that has helped me or has been very nice to me @Kaylercool @cinnamonapples @Alcarie @Kageshiryu21@paws4ever @Kirito @Kitkat @Dashy @TheOneAndOnlyTastical @SwiftTalon @Nanane Thank you guys for being so nice! I get bullied everyday and I don’t really have lots of friends and I consider all of you nice people as my friends <3
  4. 6 points
    Please bring back messaging on the main site. Or the comments we had on our profile pages. Or just any way to communicate over there. Not everyone has or wants a Forum account. And talking with people through sending trades is exhausting and gets confusing. xD
  5. 5 points
    ♡ Help each other hatch/grow their pets by clicking all the eggs/pets on the wall below once a day! ♡ ~ How this works: ♡ Simply link in the comments 5 to 10 pets you need clicks to help hatch or grow! (You can also put them in a room if you want & I will put them on the wall!) I will post them below & everyone can participate to help each other hatch/grow their pets! ♡ It's a community effort! ♡ Everyone needs help hatching their pets! ♡ Come here once a day & click all on the wall (or as many as you can) please & others will pay it forward by clicking yours !!! <3 You can even say 'Clicked!' in comments so everyone knows you clicked them for the day! ~ Everyone will appreciate it! <3 Have fun & let's all help each other! ♡ (Note: If you just want any eggs on the wall let me know & I'll pick some out for you to put up! <3) ❤️。・゚゚・✧。・゚゚・ ♡ The Click Wall: ♡ ・゚゚・。✧・゚゚・❤️ (Just click the images to help yourself & others hatch/grow their pets! ~ You can also CTRL+click each one to do them faster!) (Note: If you get a GAH on one of your pets, if it hatches, or levels up to the point you want to freeze it just let me know & I'll take it down! ♡ or I'll probably notice & do it for you! ♡)
  6. 5 points
    I just found an unopened drawing/animating software disc stashed away. Has the security key on the back and everything. xD I have Paint Tool Sai, but it's just for drawing. I'm so glad I found this. I hope it's good.
  7. 5 points
    I REALLY hope Munchkin Cats get put into the egg drop. There are only around 1,000 on site and I really want a complete set. (and Persian Cats are in the egg drop today.) I'd fight someone over this alt: Just kidding, I'm a weakling. Also, American Shorthair Cats would be nice simply because I want a full set. (There are around 5,000 on site though, so that probably won't happen.)
  8. 5 points
    @Jadespets There were some plushies a few years ago, some created after custom pets. A few of them were even prices for premium membership. I don't remember why, but they were suddenly taken down. I would love to see this option back with a lot of new plushies... They could be random encounters like the fossils. Or even something for a daily log in to the main site. Every 5 or 10 days you log in in a row you could get a random plushie...
  9. 5 points
    I'd love to see the pet shop start being stocked more often, like how it was in the past. I am tired of going there only to get a page saying the shop is empty. I love how it used to be stocked every week with different pets, I understand that maybe that can be a little hard to do upkeep on but I would still love to see it stocked more often than it is. Maybe at least once a month or so. It had some stock recently but that was only the newly released pets. I would love to see it fully stocked once again.
  10. 5 points
    I've posted a few suggestions on here a while back in a few different posts (not sure if anyone saw them), but I'll re-post a few of the ones I think are super useful/interesting/important here. 1. Something like "Rare Candies" in Pokemon. In Pokemon you can give your Pokemon a type of candy that is, you guessed it, rare. This candy immediately elevates them to the next level. Something like that on here would be useful since it takes a long time to level up pets we want to breed. 2. (For Avatar Dress up) I think buying clothes for avatars would be much easier and convenient if there was a way for us to pick out certain items and try them on before we actually bought them. I've bought items that didn't match as well as I thought they would or didn't even fit my avatar. This could have been prevented if I could have tried on clothes before I bought them. 3. I think it would be cool if we could have some sort of contest or even just special events where we could win exclusive clothing and accessories, or it could give players a chance at winning something they cannot afford to buy. 4. (For Pet Dress up.) Being able to rotate accessories such as bows so they would fit almost any pet. It would also be convenient if we were able to change the size of the items. Another thing that's a bit bothersome is that we cannot put things behind pets. For example, I can't put splatters or backgrounds behind them, so they often end up covering the pets. 5. I think it would be useful if the pets told who their original owner was. Lets say someone got a really awesome pet from somewhere, then instead of several people asking them where they got it from, they could see the original owner. Maybe, it could even list all the owners the pet has been between? It'd be interesting to see how many times it had been traded around. I have a few other things in mind, but these are just a few. Hopefully they're decent. lol
  11. 5 points

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone
  12. 4 points
    Does anyone know which fossils you can get from chests when mining? I know of the Saber Tooth Tiger because I got one once, but that's all I know. If you've gotten fossils from mining, please let me know which ones. (Also, it's very uncommon to, right? I've been on PA a while and only got one, so it's not like it happens much.) I really want a Zanzibar Leopard, but I have no idea if I can even get them anywhere.
  13. 4 points
    I got another Small suggestion. When I first started playing PA there was like a clicking competition and you were able to team up with friends or people you didn't know and the team who clicked the most pets would get a cool pet as a reward. I loved that so maybe you could bring that back or maybe add more daily competitions (I love competitions it motives me to do things) You know how when you make a CYO its called Egg Drop maybe you could make it where it says CYO somewhere just because it makes it easier to remember what a cyo and what not. And maybe you could even change it to the person who made it username so people would know who made it and where to find one if they wanted it and didn't have a forum account. But that's all I got at the moment. -Thanks, also I'm loving the new notification bar
  14. 4 points
    I have another suggestion that I think would be beneficial. Make newly added custom avatar items (and pet items) appear on the homepage for at least a day or so before they change. From what I can tell, they change immediately when someone else adds theirs, which might be merely minutes after someone puts one of their items up. (Like what happened today when I put my dresses up. Someone else added theirs and mine hadn't been up for five minutes, so people probably didn't even see them.) A newly added item could be put up for a day (or whatever time you think is best), then swap to the next item in line the next day. (Or maybe randomly shuffle between the newest items every hour or something?) Certain items could be advertised too. You could advertise new items, popular items, and so forth on the clothing homepage. There could be something like the "Pet Spotlight" where you could pay extra ZC to have one of your clothing items showcased, in an attempt to earn more ZC/ZP. I hope you'll consider this. <3 I think it'd be very helpful for users that create custom items and it'd make finding and buying items easier for all players.
  15. 4 points
    I didn't read all of the posts, but I would love to see a few of Brightshadow's suggestions implemented. - pets have to activated for the click nursery (I have so many double eggs, which don't need click right know...) -> this could remember me to be more active again... - maybe earning a few extra ZC through the nursery - level drop down in the wishing well - maybe a change for events, the last I did was the christmas one, I clicked the available houses once (sometimes twice) per day and never got near enough for the higher priced pets - make Tammar Wallabies breedable with such great new colors like the Virgina bat
  16. 4 points
    EDIT 03/18/18: These are now available in the Avatar Clothing Shop! You can find them by searching "classy" "lady" "dress" or "kaylercool" These are some dresses I kind of forgot I made. When I was looking through my stuff I found these. I still needed to size them down, but that only took a second, so I figured I'd go ahead and submit them. I'll update this when they're available.
  17. 4 points
    ♡ Happy St. Paddy's everyone! ♡ ☘️
  18. 4 points
    I'm loving the new notification bar on the main site. I am also glad to see that the notifications for when breeding litters are ready has been implicated. I am so happy to see the site improving!
  19. 4 points
    Sorry for my recent inactivity, school was busy for a bit
  20. 4 points
    These suggestions are amazing! <3 ~ esp rare candies @Kaylercool & the general store idea from @Kirito This would be super useful & fun ! <3 (Also the daily reward/calendar idea - it would encourage others to check each day & increase activity!) & all the Avatar/Pet Dress Up ideas from @Kaylercool (Mostly #3 & #4) esp the backgrounds/splatters behind pets ! <3 or any item really <3 ~ New Egg Drop pets would be really exciting as well! @CaitlynMellark Mini games would increase activity/fun as well! <3 @Sergeant_Stucky For new suggestions the only things I can think of at the moment are: I remember someone stumbling over an event/feature that's undone which looks sooo cute! I'll PM you @Cake in case it was a surprise! <3 && I saw an idea about having something called 'The Pound' where inactive members' pets go that we can adopt/buy ! <3 (You can even have a limit on how many you can adopt/buy each day so everyone gets a chance or everyone can click a little 'Adopt a Pet' or some sort of cute image where it's a random inactive members' pet each day - could even cost 300-500 ZC) I'm not sure if you'd want to do this but there's people who have been inactive for 3+ years ; I just saw the idea & thought it'd be neat because there's a lot of pets in circulation none of us would ever get our hands on & I know a lot of members would love them/put them to use! <3 More active during Holidays (Pets, events, images, backgrounds, posts, etc.) St. Patty's is coming up ! <3 Even just wishing everyone a Happy (whatever holiday)! <3 Event-related pets also ~ I've just seen pets for St. Patrick's Day & the Summer & all this other stuff from years past ! <3 Maybe create that same passion/excitement for holidays/seasons! <3 & I think it would be really beneficial to just make a post on the main site about the Forums & the things it can offer ~ there's a lot of members who don't use the forums! <3 Also maybe updating Click Nursery to only active members ~ My biggest suggestion would be having something called a Hatch Wall or Incubator (I can't think of a cute name atm :P) where you can hatch other's pets who are active (Members can decide which pets they want to go on the wall/in the incubator) & you can get rewards for hatching pets for others! <3 Like maybe list a Top 5 Hatchers (or call them Helpers/Nurses) & those members could win a pet reward or something at the end of the week! <3 (I've considered making a Forum game/post similar to this to help other's hatch their pets by clicks or GAH! <3) Thank you for asking the community ! <3 It's really refreshing to see this! <3
  21. 4 points
    1. i'd honestly like to see more ways to earn zc. i remember there used to be mini games on here that you could play to earn more zc. could those be brought back? 2. seeing as it's not easy to get zp without paying real money, it would be nice if there was a zc to zp generator. 3. like @CaitlynMellark said, some new pets in the egg drop would be nice, instead of the same ones every single time. i see pets with the rarity thing as egg drop, but you never seem to get them out of the egg drop. 4. maybe with the breeding, there should be a time frame for when the babies are ready, so you know when to check back on them instead of having to check back often. i think that would stop a lot of people from losing their pets to the abandoned room if they don't claim them on time cause they don't know when they're ready to be claimed. 5. i'd say make more pets breedable, but i know it takes time to make the artwork for each pet. 6. i'd love it if the promo code pet feature was brought back to the site. where the promo code to a new (or old) pet is released, and to claim one, you'd have to enter in the promo code. i believe when the site used to have this feature, there was a limit you could get for each pet, which i think would work if the feature was to be brought back. this could also work for rare and retired pets that you can't get any more. these are all the suggestions that i can think of at the moment
  22. 4 points
    1. I'd like the egg drop pets to maybe be replaced with new pets ^^ I don't know how old these pets are because of my hiatus, but I think it'd be nice to finally switch them out 2. I think it'd be beneficial to either completely remove the trap in the mines or readd the use for the trap. In the shop, you have to buy the trap to have every item from the shop, but it does absolutely nothing now. 3. I think it'd be nice to be able to have something like the Abandoned room, but for retired pets. If I recall correctly, I read on the wiki that events like that happen, but I've been here since October from hiatus & I have never seen one. Sometimes the Abandoned room has older pets, but it's not guaranteed. Even if a person could only get a retired pet once a month or something (preferably not random like Abandoned room unless it was multiple times in one day), I think it'd be great! Especially with newer users, retired pets are overly expensive. 4. I mentioned it a lot during Christmas, but I wish the RNG in events would be toned down a bit. Nobody should ever lose 200 of a rare item three times in a row ;;
  23. 4 points

    Falling Blossom Alt 2

    From the album CYO's

    I recently asked KitKat if GIF CYO's where allowed and they said yes so i really wanted to make one So with the help of @CaitlynMellark (For Ideas) This is what I created Which is your favorite and how much would you pay for one? (Deciding on a price is hard) They took my entire day to make
  24. 4 points
    @tomomi You've received your Candy Horses plus these two little guys! @Dashy These two plus your Candy Horse's have been added to the trade! @Kitkat Your new pets plus your Candy Horse have been added! @Sergeant_Stucky You've received your new pets plus your Candy Horse's! Remember to post your pet when it's hatched! And all five special pets are still hidden behind those hearts somewhere.~
  25. 4 points
    Sowwie I haven't been super chatty/active lately! ; ~ <3 I've had a sinus/ear infection for the past 4 days! ; I was practically bed-ridden the first two days! ; & the ear issues sprung on me last night (it was excruciating :c) but I finally got some prescribed medication & am so grateful to be feeling healthier! <3 Glad the site is also better for everyone else who experienced server issues as well! <3 ~
  26. 3 points
    Only Sushi Bulldogs: Part 2
  27. 3 points

    Stages of Grief [Baby]

    From the album CYO's

    I got the idea from @CaitlynMellark and she is helping me with the stages This is the stages of Grief there is going to be denial which is this one. Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance how does it look and sound?
  28. 3 points
    We're going to begin slowly improving the site based on YOUR suggestions! Is there something you'd like to see changed or improved on the site? Post your suggestion here! We'll take ALL suggestions into consideration!
  29. 3 points
    Oh boy yes please! 1. Abandoned Room exclusive pets. These won't be crazy rare, just some pets that you'll only be able to obtain from the Abandoned Room. 2. Click events. This will be like the loosely like the pageants, but you can enter yourself in for free, and try get the most clicks before the event concludes. It can either be daily, weekly or whatever. Basically you enter before it starts, then when it starts, there'll be a timer and you can start clicking peoples pets for points. 3. Plushies, and there can be a gallery that you can submit your plushies in and basically collect them. You can easily find them by mining, clicking pets, visiting a page, ect. You'll receive them as a little trinket, then you can use it to summon a plushie. You'll receive a prize if you collect them all, or reach a certain amount. Of course, plushies will have different rarities, like Very Common, Common, Rare, Super Rare and Legendary. 4. Summoning Items. Yesyes I love these, so maybe there could be a "golden staff" which could attract Egyptian-based pets. You can find summoning items by mining, finding them hiding around the site and other interesting places. 5. Teams. I see things like this, I've seen things like at the start of the game, you'll be sorted into a random team and you'll stay on that team. There can be all sorts of events held for teams to compete, and the winning team can have like, a random pet or something. 6. Lots of support for the easier ways to earn ZC. Also some other ways to get brushes! Thats all for now uwu
  30. 3 points
    More suggestions~! 1. I'd like it if more CYO bases were added ^^ Not really a main site thing, but I think it'd add more variety of CYOs besides the normal Birman Cats (which I still would personally use just because... <<<<3) & such. 2. I mentioned it on my first post, & I will mention it again just for the sake of other people seeing it. I hope there is a fix to RNG for events like the Christmas event. I remember losing 200 of the rarest candy three times in a row, & I just cannot imagine how a child could take that. I am an adult & I still am upset. Especially since I can't just get 600 candies back instantly. 3. I am loving everyone's plushie idea. I am not a big fan of collectables in games, but if it was something like the fossil mechanic, I think it'd be great! 4. Speaking of fossils, I think new fossils should be added, or them be rotated randomly. Maybe they do that now, but I have NEVER seen any fossils on my screen besides the normal ones, but I have seen many people with other variants of fossil pets! Maybe they are older, but I think it'd be nice to have them switch around randomly each time you see it. Of course, it's still a random chance of actually GETTING the fossil, but atleast you'll have more to look forward to than just Irish Elk, California Bears, etc ^^ Edit: Speak of the devil, I found another fossil pet. However, this was in a box, so my suggestion still stands on the thought of rotating the fossil animals.
  31. 3 points
    egg drop drop top ♡❤♡
  32. 3 points
    **I'm baaaack!!** A suggestion for the Abandoned room ^^ I think it would be immensely beneficial if pets in the Abandoned Room got deleted a month or two of not being adopted! People drop in their useless egg drop pets there everyday (including myself, I have no shame), & those end up right in the Abandoned room, This idea comes from a site I go on; Pokefarm Q On that website, you can release your Pokemon into the shelter. Breedjects, normal Pokemon, event Pokemon, exclusives, shinies, etc; just like Pet Adoptables! However, with all the users using it, of course it does get... clogged up with useless Pokemon. Every week (or maybe 14 days, I can't recall correctly), they delete all of the Pokemon that have not been adopted within that time frame. Out of the system, non existent. The reason I say 1-2 months for PA is because, while it is active, it is definitely NOT as active as PFQ. PFQ has thousands of members come on every day, while PA does not. With 1-2 months of wait, we can ensure that all the pets people WANT are adopted, & all the unwanted Leopard Geckos & Steampups are deleted. ^^
  33. 3 points

    Church and Mini.

    Two of Ladybug's kittens. The gray one is Church, the other is Mini. I'm trying to find homes for them right now. Sure hope I can find some great people to take them. They're so cute though, so I had to post pics. I might post a pic of the other two later. The orange one has someone coming to get him this week.
  34. 3 points
    @CaitlynMellark I agree! That's why I started the birthday thread in the first place. ^.^ Everyone deserves something on their birthday! But, since people that don't have forum accounts can't see my thread, they don't get anything. (Plus, I wouldn't have enough probably.) Anyway, I have another rather small suggestion that I find important. I'm sorry if I'm adding too much onto this thread. lol You know how you click on a species you want to breed in the breeding shop and it shows all your females and males? Well, it just shows the pictures of the pets, and those don't take you to the pet when you click them either. Since I run a breeding shop and have several similarly colored pets, sometimes I find it hard to tell exactly which pet they ordered just by looking. (And my eyesight it terrible.) These look almost identical, right? I think it would make things easier if the pets' names were added above them or there was a link embedded into the pictures to take you to the pet. (Or both?)
  35. 3 points
    I have one really out there idea that may sound really fun or really dumb. lol So, on a site I used to use back in 2010 before it changed completely, there used to be a feature where you could go into different rooms and draw stuff together, or just doodle a bit. There was a large white board and you could see everyone's mouses with their names hovering above as they drew or wrote stuff. There was a lobby and a few other rooms. You were able to create your own private ones too. We could play games such as "Guess The Pet I'm Drawing" or perhaps something else like that. (Ideas, anyone?) We could just draw random stuff together too. It could depend on the room we're in. There could be a chat box as well so we didn't have to write everything on the board. Also, stuff could eventually fade away from the board if you didn't erase it so it wouldn't get too crowded. If anyone has any other ideas for this please say so. I hope this isn't a dumb suggestion. lol
  36. 3 points
    I'm hoping I'll be able to go to Walker Stalker Con this fall. It's not even close to that time, but gosh I'm excited because I'm seeing the guest list get updated every day. My sister wants to go too. It lasts for three days I think, one of the days being her birthday. (And it's close to mine as well, so... a gift for me too. ) I've never been to a convention or anything, so...yeah. lol Also, my friend keeps saying she wants to go sightseeing with me around where they film, which is actually rather close to where we both live.
  37. 3 points
    Looks like we're gonna get some great updates here! Can't wait for the new updates! It's great to see PA up and running again! I think that everyone has some really good suggestions. I was thinking there could be more than one potion for breeding. Like, maybe the one that is already there for zp and one for zc that makes them breed in maybe, 5 hours or something like that? @Kirito said there could be a calendar. I like that idea. Maybe it could give you small prizes when you log in everyday. Like zc or uncommon or rare pets. (Nothing too rare) Like @Dashy said, I would like it if we could bring back descriptions. (And your active pet being able to speak to you!) The idea of being able to move your pet down a level (or a few) sounds cool! I support that idea. I like the idea of making some new Egg Drop pets! I don't have many ideas. Perhaps I will comment again later with some new ones!
  38. 3 points
    I've got a couple ideas though they are mostly CYO based because that's what I mostly do. 1. like maybe adding where you can add descriptions to your cyo's when you submit it so every cyo you get has that description that people can see, it will give cyo's more of a story. 2. Maybe add another way to get the custom brushes for people that can't buy zp like 15 thousand zc for an MC brush and 7 thousand zc for a Supreme CYO Brush maybe like add it in the wishing well like the other one. 3. CYO idea generator (Maybe not) where it picks a random base you can use to make a cyo and three random things like Arctic fox, skull, glowing, wings. So it will be easier to come up with ideas and maybe on holidays the ideas change like at Christmas time a lot of Christmas ideas come out. 4. when you claim your cyo's maybe make it where you can claim multiple of the same genders at the same time because it's very annoying to claim the same pet 50 times when you plan on them being all female. 5. Maybe add a way to trade CYO brushes? I've seen a lot of people having cyo brushes and never using it because they don't do digital art. So maybe adding in the trading area the option to add a cyo brush to a trade. 6. Maybe adding some chores and things you can do with your pets that help them level up faster like if you brush your pet daily it will level up faster and like the brush will cost 50zc and like you can give your pet a bath which could be free but you have to have shampoo which can cost some zc and maybe even adding an option where you can feed your pets and you can add a general store where it sells all this stuff and each thing does something different or adds a buff, like feeding you pet a cookie could make it level it up faster than a bisket but the cookie cost more. 7. Add a daily reward. Like if you sign in every day you can get zc pets or even zp! but it can be more of like a calendar and it shows you what you can get so like on a Monday you sign on you can get 100zc but on Sunday you can get Retired pet or CYO and the more days you sign in on in a row the better prizes you get so if you sign in every day for a month you can get better prizes than if you sign in randomly. That's all the idea's I got
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    @Sergeant_Stucky Your very welcome.^^ Here's your new Blossom Pup! @Antashi I'm glad you won something! :3 Here's your new pets! @cinnamonapples Congratulations, you've found an Ixbalanque behind heart 19! Just let me know which alt/gender you'd like. @CaitlynMellark Congratulations, you've found a Yaksha behind heart 29! Just let me know which gender/alt you'd like @OldFoo Here's your new two Blossom Pups!
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    Hi everyone! ♡ I feel like I've missed so much ; ~ I thought I was getting better but the sickness decided to evolve ~ I feel tons better now though ! <3 Let's just hope it sticks & I continue to get better! <3 ~
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    Today I had to stop by the same gas station that I basically survived on when I was in high school and college. (Both my old high school and college are right across the road from each other.) It was literally the only place to eat in that town. Their pizza was EVERYTHING though. Like, any other fast food restaurant is trash compared to this gas station pizza. lol (I absolutely hate Pizza Hut, just going to put that out there. Except their alfredo. it's good.) I got some pizza, a bottle of Squirt, and a bottle of Grapefruit juice. (Two drinks because I am a thirsty girl.) And...it's just as good as I remember. :') As much as I hated school and college, that pizza had the power to make me slightly less angry. lol
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    Cosplay Kitty CYO?

    From the album CYO's

    Just a CYO i did for fun~ I don't think it can be posted as an official CYO because what its obviously based off of but maybe i can post it since Magical school scholar got accepted Anyway, how does it look? it took about half an hour to do
  43. 3 points
    @Kirito Your new pets plus your Candy Horse's have been added! @OldFoo Congratulations! You've found one of the special pets behind heart 9! Which alt and gender of Ixbalanque would you like? Don't forget to post any new Blossom Pup alts! Three more are still missing. :3
  44. 3 points
    @CaitlynMellark You've received your Candy Horses plus these two little guys! @Antashi These two plus your Candy Horse's have been added to the trade! @cinnamonapples Your new pets plus your Candy Horse's have been added! @Kaylercool Your new pets plus Candy Horse's have been added! Remember to post your pet when it's hatched! And all five special pets are still hidden behind those hearts somewhere.~ Everyone just seems to be skipping right over them. XD
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    Falling Blossom Alt 3

    From the album CYO's

    I recently asked KitKat if GIF CYO's where allowed and they said yes so i really wanted to make one So with the help of @CaitlynMellark (For Ideas) This is what I created Which is your favorite and how much would you pay for one? (Deciding on a price is hard) They took my entire day to make
  46. 3 points

    Falling Blossom Alt 4

    From the album CYO's

    I recently asked KitKat if GIF CYO's where allowed and they said yes so i really wanted to make one So with the help of @CaitlynMellark (For Ideas) This is what I created Which is your favorite and how much would you pay for one? (Deciding on a price is hard) They took my entire day to make
  47. 3 points

    Falling Blossom Alt 5

    From the album CYO's

    I recently asked KitKat if GIF CYO's where allowed and they said yes so i really wanted to make one So with the help of @CaitlynMellark (For Ideas) This is what I created Which is your favorite and how much would you pay for one? (Deciding on a price is hard) They took my entire day to make
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    I'm so excited about my next CYOs uwu Still trying to think about how to do the MM CYOs though
  49. 3 points
    I remember when i first decided to create CYO's when i first started... They were so bad! I'm happy i've improved since Anybody else remember when I posted the CYO Tiger or Full Moony or even Ice cream kittens I was so proud of those
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    @Alcarie @Dashy @darkwolf I am so sorry I haven't replied yet. I will reply tomorrow when I have the time. (Sorry I am on my tablet so it is hard to type)