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      RPG Rules

      1) There may be minimal swearing in roleplays, but remember, there may be younger members on the forum so don't cuss in every sentence/post. 2) Do not god-mod in any roleplay. This means controlling another person's character, or never getting hurt. E.g.: So and so jumped forwards, slamming into so and so and watched the other dog/cat/human fall back into a pit of pythons. Don't do it, its highly annoying and un-fun. 3) Please try not to have a perfect character (AKA Mary/Gary Sue), you've got to have a flaw somewhere. 4) Please try your best to use proper grammar. 'You' instead of 'U', 'two' instead of '2'. 5) The creator of the RP has the right to accept or decline you, kick or ban you from the RP at any given time if they feel you are not following these rules, or the separate rules they themselves may have for the RP. 6) Rules are always subject to change, so keep a close eye out and have fun roleplaying. But remember, if you don't follow the roleplay rules, you will be warned, after that, further consequences are for the staff to decide.
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      PA Forum Rules

      Please follow the rules and guidelines below to keep PetAdoptables.com a safe and awesome place for all of our members! 1. No pornography or adult content. 2. No cussing. 3. Please don't spam your pets in unrelated threads! Post them in the click thread board and put them in your signature. 4. No spamming up the forum or through PM. 5. No trolling or harrasment of other members. Please try to be respectful to everyone here. 6. No art theft -- on the forums or from our own adoptables part! You are NOT permitted to change or alter PetAdoptables' art in ANY way, shape, or form! Thanks for reading! Please remember to check the rules often, as they may be updated at any time.
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      Market Rules

      * All forum rules still apply to these boards. * Bumping is allowed only once per day per topic in all boards in this section, starting the day after the topic was made. * All transactions must be made in Zodiac Crystals, PA pet(s), or other PA currency, no other currency and/or offsite creatures can be bid, offered and/or accepted. * Any chit chat or questions/responses not directly related to sales, auctions, or petsitting will be deleted. 1 - Classifieds All sales, trades or requests of one or more specific pets belong here. All sales must list a specific price and the price must be adhered to. Bartering is allowed for trades not involving Zodiac Crystals, but only if the seller states in the first post of the thread that they are open to bartering. 3 - Auctions This board is for auctions only. Auctions are defined as topics that take offers for one or more specific pet(s) during a specific time frame and may or may not contain a minimum starting bid, minimum bid increments and autobuy options. Special rules are in place to govern the auctions to protect both the buyer and seller. Auctions are binding for both the buyer and seller. The auctioned pet MUST be sold to the highest bidder. Bids can not be withdrawn or edited once placed.
      Reserve prices are not allowed no matter what. It would be unfair to the bidder if your "set" price is not reached and you re-auction the pet. If you have a "reserve" price in your auction, your auction will be closed unless you remove it.
      All conditions of the auction must be set in the beginning. You may not edit the conditions once bidding has begun. (ie - ending time, autobuy value, accepted trades, minimum bid increase, etc.)
      All auctions must list a clear ending time with date, clock time and time zone information OR by listing a time span (in hours or days). You can edit the ending time only after it has passed and only if you have received no bids. (Tip: Be sure to set a starting bid if you don't plan to give someone an awesome deal.)
      All offers must be made in public by posting in the auction topic. The cat for auction can NOT be listed on the market, nor can it be sold/traded outside the auction thread. Please wait to start the trade until the auctioneer (or a mod) has declared the winner.
      You can only bid what is in your possession at the time of the bid. You can not bid a pet that you might breed, nor may you bid Zodiac Crystals that are not currently in your possession.
      Auction Terminology: Auctions may or may not contain the following conditions.

      Starting Bid - The lowest acceptable bid to begin the auction.
      Minimum Increase - The smallest amount the bid can be increased.
      Auto Buy - The winning value set that will end the auction before the posted end time.
      4 - Shops and Services This board is for offering and/or requesting petsitting or other services in your own shop. Petsitting is defined as "sitting" the pet codes for another user in order to generate clicks (level up) at a faster rate. Some sitters generate clicks by posting the customer's codes to click threads or click generating sites (like Hydra or Yarold's). Prices must be listed clearly, and these prices must be adhered to. Sitters are obligated to generate the clicks paid for by the customer, and will be expected to refund in full if they can't fulfill their sitting agreement within a reasonable time frame. Petsitting Shop: Visit the links given by paying customers once a day.
      Click Shop: Putting the links given by paying customers in link exchanges.
      Make sure to let the customers know which type of shop you are running by putting a disclaimer in your shop somewhere for them to see. If you own a petsitting shop, please do not name it a click shop. These shops are very different.
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      Writer Rules

      1. No plagiarism whatsoever! 2. Don't use Wikipedia for information on the animal. Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information. Use only reliable sources of information when looking for facts about the assigned animal. 3. Please be active and ready to help write descriptions for our animals at any time! We of course understand when you get busy, but please try to be active. In order to release new pets, we need new descriptions! The process of releasing pets will be slowed down if our writers are not active. 4. Use spellcheck and check your grammar before submitting your descriptions. 5. Descriptions are expected to be fair in length.
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      Contest Rules

      Rules for the Contest forum! This board is only for contests, giveaways, and raffles. Your contest, giveaway, or raffle must have an ending date.
      You may advertise your board in your status and signature, but do not post about it throughout the forums.
      Please make your contest, raffle, or giveaway reasonable and fair, meaning a majority of users can participate.
      Weekly Competitions will be pinned, but once they are over they will be unpinned and locked.
      All other boards will be locked once they are over and all prizes are handed out.
      Your contest, giveaway, or raffle must have at least one prize and it must be handed out once it is over.
      We, the mods, have the right to close your contest, giveaway, or raffle if we see fit. Do not argue with us if we do. You may message us about it though, if you'd like to know why.
      Contests If you are making a contest, be sure to make it fair to the members so that most members can participate. If you do not hand out the prizes at the end of your contest, you will be banned from holding any more. If no one participated, you are excused. Raffles You may ask members for ZC only if you are giving out "tickets" and if you are taking donations. Otherwise, members are not permitted to give anything. You must state whether the raffles are free or cost a small fee. If you do charge a fee, make the price reasonable. Make sure to have a good amount of pets that are not all cheap just to make a profit, that will get you banned from creating raffles. Giveaways You may not collect ZC or pets from members if you are holding a giveaway, that would make the giveaway completely pointless. We, the mods, may add rules at any time. Thanks to Lucky333123 for creating just about all of the rules for the Contests forum.


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    Well Jelly Found Some weird Pets in her shop and Bob and Allie said if we can get 100 likes on this thread they can come onto the site! Here They are Jelly Has named them ^-^ Bob Is the first one, Emma is the Second one, and Me is that Third one New Dragon found on the news post Hmm? Sneak Peek Hmm -> mana and Hp Maybe? ? Please Like this Post if you want them On the site! We need 100 Likes! Cake posted a few things to clean up confusion just want to clear up some misinformation that has spread around this thread. They are NOT going to be thrown anywhere on the site. They will be confined to a few features where it makes sense. Smooth shading style is NOT going to overtake cell-shading on PA. These dragons are from another site Bob and I own that is now defunct. We no longer have the time to manage two sites, as we are focusing all of our efforts on fixing up every aspect of PA. The site these are from will eventually be forwarded to PA, so telling people to go to the other site is kind of pointless. Instead of letting the art rot, moving it to PA would seem more ideal, especially for what we have planned. Just because a new style is added on the site doesn't mean we're going to phase out our original art style. Diversity in art style will attract a new audience to PA. As long as all art on the site looks professional and well-done, it will "fit". By only sticking to a chibi cartoon-y art style, the site is severely limiting itself. There is currently nothing planned to change with PA's CYO rules. However, later on, PA may become more flexible with different styles on CYO bases. More custom artists with different professional art styles might be hired to offer their services. I don't see how that is a bad or negative thing. In addition, if this art style is not your thing, no one is forcing you to collect it. If you like the chibi art style, collect PA's chibi pets. If you like the realistic art style, collect PA's realistic pets. That's the beauty of having a variety of art styles! Likes so far= 85~! Exactly 30 More likes to go~! 15 more likes needed! Did someone unlike this xD jpmouse : (31 August 2013 - 12:22 PM) Omg Cakey you rock Ace : (31 August 2013 - 12:23 PM) WHAT Ace : (31 August 2013 - 12:23 PM) That's awesome! So then that must mean those cologne-looking bottles heal the health of our pets? jpmouse : (31 August 2013 - 12:23 PM) Cake you are torching us D= Grace : (31 August 2013 - 12:24 PM) D: Grace : (31 August 2013 - 12:24 PM) Holy pets... jpmouse : (31 August 2013 - 12:24 PM) What are its attacks D=? lucky333123 : (31 August 2013 - 12:25 PM) wow! lucky333123 : (31 August 2013 - 12:25 PM) Is that going to go with adventure? Rain-in-March : (31 August 2013 - 12:25 PM) o: lucky333123 : (31 August 2013 - 12:25 PM) never mind I think it will be with mining SpiritWolfe : (31 August 2013 - 12:26 PM) Omg! I just saw all this and the first thing that came to my mind was Pokemon...lol...I can't wait to see what this is all about! Grace : (31 August 2013 - 12:26 PM) "being super cute" jpmouse : (31 August 2013 - 12:26 PM) *Dies from all the amazing stuff Cakey and Bob has showed us puts hand up one more time* You must show us more XD lucky333123 : (31 August 2013 - 12:26 PM) I have a feeling when you mine you will run into dragons that either catch you or prevent you from going further, so you have you creature that is your active pet or whatever creature you choose attack it lucky333123 : (31 August 2013 - 12:26 PM) Spirit, I thought of the same thing too Ace : (31 August 2013 - 12:27 PM) I mean, I guess we are collecting them all? jpmouse : (31 August 2013 - 12:27 PM) Yup "Gotta Catch Collect them all" XD Grace : (31 August 2013 - 12:27 PM) more pets to collect? oh god.. Allie : (31 August 2013 - 12:28 PM) In my opinion, I think it is yours and your actives health. And I think they might to the pet battling. Grace : (31 August 2013 - 12:28 PM) or human avatr battling... mmmm jpmouse : (31 August 2013 - 12:28 PM) XDD Ace : (31 August 2013 - 12:28 PM) What I really want to know is what "Nature: Normal" means. Ace : (31 August 2013 - 12:28 PM) xD Human avatar battling. lucky333123 : (31 August 2013 - 12:29 PM) I bet you can get affected like burn jpmouse : (31 August 2013 - 12:29 PM) Oh Maybe lucky SpiritWolfe : (31 August 2013 - 12:32 PM) Hahah yup! I love collecting them all! Lucky I was thinking the same thing with the dragons and mines
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    SPOILER! Official Pet Colors!

    SPOILER! OFFICIAL PET COLORS! This board is to display pet alts! If you have ANY questions, message me. If you like this board, then please it. Very much appreciated! Table of Contents Page One A • African Lion • American Badger • American Cocker Spaniel Dog • American Flamingo • American Shorthair Cat • Andean Cat • Atlantic Puffin B • Barn Owl • Birman Cat • Blue Ringed Octopus • Boston Terrier Dog C • Caracal Cat • Chihuahua Dog • Chinchilla • Common Raccoon • Coopworth Sheep D • Dachshund Dog • Dalmatian Dog E • Eastern Chipmunk • Emperor Penguin • Eurasian Tree Sparrow F • Fancy Rat • Fennec Fox • Ferret • Forest Owlet G • Gila Monster • Gray Wolf • Green Winged Macaw H • None I • None J • Japanese Bobtail Cat K • Koala Bear L • Luna Moth M • Mini Lop Rabbit N • None O • None P • Pembroke Welsh Corgi • Platypus • Polar Bear • Pomeranian Dog Q • None R • Red Fox • Red Panda • Ringtail • Russian Dwarf Hamster S • Shiba Inu • Siamese Cat Page Two T • None U • None V • Veiled Chameleon W • None Y • Yorkshire Terrier Dog Extra New Releases • American Flamingo • Maine Coon Cat Referral Pets • Killer Whale (Orca) • Harp Seal • Bottle Nosed Dolphin Mine Pets • American Pika • Mountain Lion • Pot Bellied Pig • Snowy Owl Donation Pets • African Lion • Andean Cat • Forest Owlet • Gila Monster • Polar Bear • Red Panda Last Update: June 20th, 2011 *Added A New Release*
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    ~* 10,000 ZC raffle! *~

    New round starts 7/20 Birthday raffle C: It's my birthday on the 25th, so, to celebrate, I'll be holding a larger-than-usual raffle! There will be multiple winners this time. "Like" this post for a chance to win 10,000 ZC or some pets! This round's winner will be drawn 7/24/14 Prizes: - 10,000 ZC @z e n (I have been informed this member is leaving. ;_; @KingAce (#8 on the list) @Kirito - 25 Random Pets @yingraner @thylac1ne @Rinai @Evelyan @sweetsurender247 Prizes are being sent out now. ♥ I have attached a screenie of the pages of previous winners for those interested. c: Previous winners: - JPmouse - SaberToothTigerGirl - Ocean
  4. 46 points

    CYO + Customs Raffle!! [CLOSED]

    (thanks to @Jade for reminding me that I still had stuff on PA haha) HEY GUYS long time no see! A lot of things have changed on PA since I've last been here and visiting again has made me decide I don't think I'll be coming back, so I'm raffling away my CYO promo codes (!!), some custom sets, and all of my pets except for a few of my personal favorites. DRUMROLL...... CYO PROMO CODES givin away the codes for all of my on-site cyos. what you do with the CYOs is then up to you - sell them, keep them, i don't..really care..... They all have a maximum of 50 in the system except for the garden kitsune & the sweetheart (staff: if giving away cyo promo codes isn't allowed let me know and i'll change the giveaway ;w; ) here are the things: Garden Kitsune Evening Fairy Forest Guardian & Sweetheart & Honey (they come as one set!!) Nightflower Wanderlust if you want to see the entire set for any of the CYOs you'll have to almanac them, i'm lazy, i'm sorry CUSTOMS i am waaay too attached to my customs to give away the promo codes for them, so instead I'm just giving away individuals! STAR STEALER giving away 6 eggs MOTHCAT giving away 12 eggs-2 of each MAKITOKI giving away 10 eggs-2 of each for every 10 people that enter, I will give away another makitoki |||| for every 20 people that enter, I will give away another mothcat || EVERYTHING ELSE all of my other pets, except for a few choice favorites & other people's customs/cyos! If i have a CYO/custom that belongs to you & you want it back please PM me TO ENTER simply like this post! that's it you're entered this will end on December 17th, prizes go out sometime after that
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    This raffle is closed. Thank you to everyone who joined! "Sweeter than honey, better than money, A gift unlike any, English is funny." Like this post and comment below to be entered into the raffle! See below for details
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    1March Giveaway ~^__^~!!! [CLOSED]

    Let us welcome spring together!!! Hello there ^__^! The spring has come!!! In my contry, on 1 March people give a little lucky brooch to other people (friends, family.. etc..) (it looks like this XD) So I'm plan to try bring some joy here on PA by dividing this lucky CYO I've made for this beutiful moment from year:3! Also hope you like it XD Spring Fortune Adult Stage: (10/50) Description Well.. let me tell you and very old legend... how the spring has come for the first time! In a beautiful day of August, the Sun fell on the Earth when he saw so much joyful.. Taking the form of a handsome and young man and joined to the happy dance of people! But his spark attracted the attention of the evil Dragon! He kidnapped him between people and locked him in a dark dungeon! The world become sad without Sun.. birdies stop singing, the rivulets no more flowing and the children not laughing anymore! Nobody dare to confront the Dragon! But in a day, tired to see so much sadness, and with longing flowers, a brave young woman decided to go to save the Sun! The people gave their power to her so she can defeat the Dragon and to free the Sun. Her way was long, it took 3 seasons: Summer, Autumn and Winter. In the final she found the Dragon's castle! Clashed for days until the Dragon fell! Poweless and wounded the young wonam released the Sun. As a sign of gratitude, the Sun kissed her forehead then raised back on the sky, illuminating and cheer up the world! And now the nature was revived! But the young woman didn't come back to see the spring splendor... She died there after the Sun go back on the sky, but not before seeing the first flower growing from snow! A little snowdrop! From that day, the young humans knit two cords, one red and one white. the red color means the love for beauty and reminding the blood of the brave woman who released the Sun! And white symbolizes health and purity of snowdrop, first flower of spring! I know Is not yet 1 March XD but I start now because this Giveaway will be just today and tomorrow! So if you wish one of "Spring Fortune" hurry up! What you have to do: 1.You have to like this! 2.you need to post a comment and say why you like so much the Spring season ^__^ 3.send a trade with the message "Spring Fortune" And if you do all those 3 points, you will get one Spring Fortune with a random alt and gender!!!
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    The Mystery Egg [CLOSED]

    You walk towards your locker, and you open, expecting to see your locker filled with garbage and debris, appears a portal in its place. You step in it, and you end up on PA. WHY R WE HERE CJ!!!!!!!???????? Good question, its an event! Duh XD I'll be giving away 47 mystery CYO eggs (obviously its a dog egg) To get one, just "Like" this post then post "Mystery Egg for Christmas!" You will get a random alt and gender! 30/47 given There is one rare alt, and only one person will get it. Will it be YOU? Rules: Only post ONCE Do not change the ALT OR GENDER Do not trade/swap alts Do not put them in the AR Do not sell these! If you don't like it, you may gift it/sell it/put it up for adoption with my permission or give it back to me
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    Free Raffle ~~ CLOSED!

    Hello and Welcome! I am doing a massive giveaway raffle because I feel like it xD Rules: - Be nice ^^ - Have fun! - Follow my rules Cx To enter, all you need to do is like this post and post in this topic Prizes will be awarded in one week! (Tuesday 6th August, NZ time... x3) To see what you could win, scroll down to the next post ~!
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    Quick Mystery Giveaway! - Closed~

    Done, thanks to all! A Mystery Bundle will be given away very soon! A set of Completely random (But very valuable pets) will be given away tomorrow, December 23rd! Be sure to "like" this post - the winner will be drawn tomorrow and @Mentioned of their win! Wonder what it'll be...... Congrats to @Midnight Scarborough for Winning the first set! What did they win? A Red Kangaroo, A Pair of Pandas, a Nile Crocodile, A Honey Badger, and a Christmas Corgi! Congrats to @ScarletLetter! They have won: Finally, the last raffle! This winner will Receive the largest Package! In it will be several cool pets like a Fabled Unicorn, and a custom of mine, among other rare Christmas and regular pets! Who will win? Check back tomorrow to find out! Here's some of what's in the package! The next set will be drawn tomorrow, December 23rd! Anyone who has previously liked but not won will still be entered.
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    This Raffle has Ended :3 A new raffle will be up sometime in november Or december!
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    woooo \o/ so after some hours of working on stuffs, I finally did some speeding and some change in programs, then wala! I am finally done with a speedpaint in SAI and in PS CS6. Here are the speedpaints everyone!: >http://youtu.be/2hb-ufA0y6s On another news, the designs I made on the speedpaints, Ill be giving away! I will give them away in a raffle format, so to join, you just have to like this post, and you'll get a single ticket! Those who watched me work on those two speedpaints will automatically get an extra ticket to this giveaway, so if you liked this post, AND watched me work on these, you get two tickets - for free! Those people are: @Miosita, @TheZebraTamer, @_porty_, @morphoblue, @Scarlet, @Najawarie So, what are the designs you can win? FAQ: Q1: Can we buy more tickets? A: Currently, no. I wish for everyone - rich or poor, to be able to get equal chances. Q2: Will you be making more designs? Q3: Will you be making more speedpaints? Q3: Can you make a speedpaint of you working on [insertprogramhere]? A: Ill answer this all at once Yes, I will make more speedpaints and giveaway the designs of the speedpaints if there is enough interest and requests. If I reach a certain number of likes, Ill do a speedpaint on a certain program! Here is the tier list: Tier List: if I reach... ...I will do a speedpaint on 20 likes - Photoshop Elements 10 UNLOCKED! I'll be making a speedpaint asap! <3 35 likes - Pixlr 50 likes - GIMP 71 likes - any certain program that is suitable to make CYO based on majority vote! note: make sure to like this post! The first post. liking my other posts or such dont count! So what are you gusy waiting for?! Like this post to get more speedpaints and to get a chance to win a design! The raffle for this design will end on January 31,2014.
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    Rain's Birthday raffle! (Open!)

    Welcome, welcome! So yeah, it's my Birthday soon and just like every year I'd rather give than be gifted ^-^ So I started this raffle How it works: 1. like this FIRST news post 2. post a comment that you're joning! 3. await your prize~ 4. do NOT post before the set time!!! If you forget to do either 1 or 2, I'm sorry, but you won't be added into the raffle I shall try to give everyone at least something, because I am very unlucky at raffles, card games and anything else that needs luck myself and I always feel sad when I don't win anything ENDS: In 3 days since my Birthday, so 11th of August (11. 8. 2013)
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    Hey guys! I thought i'd do something fun, so i'm holding a raffle for a design. it is a single stage, alted design. It will require a regular CYO brush with alts. I'm still debating whether or not to make it a surprise, or just post the images x3. For now i'll leave them a surprise! It is a valentines themed pony. To enter, "Like" this post! I will post the winner tomorrow. Have a nice day!
  15. 28 points

    September Pet Outcome Discussion Thread

    ZP Mall Pets Vaquita Nymph Fawn Addax ZC Mall Pets Mountain Cottontail Monocled Cobra Crested Gecko Promo Pets Bobcat Bull Shark Felis Aries Black Mamba ZP Shop Mystery Pets Nekomata ZC Shop Mystery Pets Pixiu Referral Pets Sloth Bear Central American Banded Gecko Meadow Pets Celestial Kitsune
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    Valentines Day Gift Giving

    We all like to receive special little things on Valentines Day, whether from a loved one, a friend, or family members. But its also a really nice feeling to give something to a special someone as well. ​These are the Valentine Buddies; little kitties who cannot be bought, only given with love. So chose someone close to your heart and send them a fluffy reminder of your appreciation of them. How You Send a Cat; 1.) Like this post so I can keep up with how many cats will be given out. 2.) Send me a message here on the forums with a title about Valentines Day. Fill out the little form below in the message. 3.) On Valentines Day I'll get the Valentine Buddies out and send them to who ever you wanted. A Few Rules/Guidelines; - Don't post the form on this thread, or tell who your giving one to. Let it be a surprise! :3 - Please don't send one to yourself. These are to be given to someone special to you. - You can only send one cat for right now. If in a few days not many of given out, I'll allow two for each person to send. - On the form where it says Username, please post the persons Main Site Username so I know where to send the trade. - Because I didn't make it clear before, these are Supreme CYO's.^^ Form Your Username: Username your Sending the Cat too: Which Alt?: Gender?: Message for the Receiver: The Message for the Receiver will be put in the cats description by me once I get it out. I will not alter your message, simply copy and paste. The message can be anything you want! This'll let the receiver know who sent it to them. Can't think of anything else that needs to be said, other then Happy Valentines Day!
  17. 27 points

    Shih Tzu Pair Giveaway!

    . Did you miss the Shih Tzu's or don't want to spend 50 ZC to buy yourself a pair? I know that sometimes you might not have enough ZC on hand or are saving it. Well, I will be giving away 10 Shih Tzu pairs. Each pair comes with one male and one female. All you have to do to enter is to like this post. As simple as that and there is no catch! Good luck to everyone who enters this giveaway. Winners will be picked on December 10th.
  18. 27 points
  19. 27 points

    GIVEAWAY! Winners have been chosen.

    . Welcome! I have a ton of pets leftover on my event account so I am doing everything I can do send them out to members. However, I don't want to just let members claim random pets because you know what happens to most of those pets. Anywho, this is a quick giveaway. So enter and enjoy! The Pets How To Enter Like this post and mention me in a post with your username. Giveaway Date The pets will be given away on July 20th.
  20. 26 points
    Well, at first it was 6 alts: 3 panthers and 3 tigers. Not choosen for the VD event (what I understand, kind of rushed them XD) I plan to upload the cheetah myself on the site, and give away the tiger ones. So if you participate, keep in mind I will use same lineart, but different coloring of it. There is 3 alts of the tiger, you can add 3 others by yourself if wanted. When they'll be on-site, I'd like a free copy of the red alt Want to participate? "Like" this post! Comments and "bumping" the topic is appreciated! -------- Raffle will end at noon, PA's website time, February 5th. You will have to get yourself a regular CYO Alt brush to have it on-site. ------- Silver - 1 Tart - 2 yingraner - 3 Morph - 4 The Doctor - 5 wildfoxgirl - 6 Puppy Pawz - 7 OldFoo - 8 Skye - 9 The Dragon Master - 10 Kirbystar - 11 Ocean - 12 lucky333123 - 13 Jade - 14 Midnight Scarborough - 15 WildCats Adoption - 16 Alcarie - 17 _porty_ - 18 jpmouse - 19 Unluckycat - 20 Poke - 21 SpiritWolfe - 22 twine - 23 Matchitehew - 24 Scarlet - 25
  21. 26 points
    There were two parts of this raffle at the beginning I designed it, but I got lazy, so that's it ^ ^ Rules: 1. How to enter: "Like" the post before 21:00 Dec. 25, PA time. 2. I'll use the random.org to pick up winners. 3. The winners would be picked up sometime between Dec. 26 to Jan. 1. 4. Each person can only win up to one prize. 5. If prizes are more than enteries, I'll use random.org to pick up prize instead of picking up winners. 6. A special prize would be given away if the enteries were equal to or more than 18. In that case, it would be the first to pick up so everyone would have a chance to get it. 7. The images of prizes only show what kinds of pets they are. No promise to the alts or stages. 8. If you win, I'll mention you in this thread and send a trade with your prize. 9. Feel free to do whatever you want to your pet prize, though I would be appreciate if you like it and decide to keep it. 10. Be nice and have fun! Prizes: 1. Pets 2. Ores 1000 Plat 1200 Gold 1500 Gold 2000 Silevr 2500 Silver 3. Special prize Oops, forgot the most important thing, silly me Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!
  22. 26 points

    Create Your Own Dress Up Items?

    This is just an idea, nothing has been coded, but I wanted to get some feedback from the members. What if we created a system where members could created their own pet dress up items. The idea I had is that members who created these items could then put them in the PA shop on "consignment", where the creator would be identified as the designer and would earn maybe 50% of currency they sell them for?
  23. 25 points
    This Raffle Has ended! Entrants: 1. Mommyof3 2. OldFoo 3. Yingraner 4. ruxy91 5. HitGirl 6. CherryWood 7. Schattenschwert 8. Macheeba 9. lucky333123 10.Lilytora 11.ScarletLetter 12.Unluckycat 13.morphoblue 14.Karen3 15.JellyBelly 16.Xene 17.thylac1ne 18.Soichan 19.Portbud 20.Wildfoxgirl
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    Cupid kitty Raffle!

    This is a raffle of the new CYO I made (Commissioned wolfmii), a cupid kitty! After this raffle I will be selling this cupid kitty for 780 zc, but only for a week or two! Then I will re-price the cupid kitty to a higher price! Here is what the cat egg looks like: http://www.forums.petadoptables.com/index.php/gallery/image/22361-wingedcategg/ You may sign up by liking the post and saying " I would like to join this raffle!" I will randomly pick the raffle winner. ENJOY! People who have joined: @, @Unluckycat, @Scarlet, @Chloecat194, @, @Lilytora, @Poke, @jpmouse, @, @Midnight Scarborough, @Puppy Pawz, @wildfoxgirl, @Silver, @, @, @, @, @JellyBelly 5 random winners: @Scarlet, @jpmouse, @, @JellyBelly, and @Poke. These winners were picked randomly! I will send a trade for the Cupid Kitty momentarily.
  25. 23 points
    WELCOME! to the 1st FREE Breeding Pet 'LIKE' Raffle! This raffle is for 1st generation breeding pets. That means they have no parents and are ideal to start your own lines. There are 2 pages of prizes - Make sure you check them all out! Please @ me if you have any questions or wish to donate pets! ╡ GOALS ╞ 1. Help members to complete their collections. 2. For Cake to edit the silver & platinum fees. 3. To inspire more members to breed! ╡ INFORMATION ╞ 1. Winners will be drawn on August 11th! 2. Winners will be drawn using a randomizer. [ OldFoo will not be involved in this process ] 3. Full Alt Sets - Contain 3 Male & 3 Females [ ferrets contain 5 ] 4. Start Up Kits - Contain 2 Males & 2 Females 5. Paired Pets - Contain 1 Male & 1 Female ╡ RULES ╞ 1. Enter as many lots as you wish.. but please don't enter on pets you don't want! 2. You can win up to 3 times - ONCE in each category. [ hybrid lot excluded ] 3. All unwanted breeding pets CAN BE RETURNED. They will be used in the next raffle. ╡ SPECIAL THANKS ╞ ♥ OLDFOO ♥ From piles of pets & offering her breeding rooms for use, to cracking the whip & being a great friend! This raffle would not at all be possible without her more than generous contributions. Please take the time to thank her if you win! ♥ YOU ♥ Lots of members lately have donated pets or sold me pets. Thank YOU! Without your interest & help, there would be no need for this raffle. ENJOY! ╡ HYBRID PET ╞ >> "LIKE" THIS POST FOR A CHANCE TO WIN! << ╡ LOT #00 ╞╡ NORWEGIAN SPHYNX CAT ╞
  26. 23 points

    FREE Random Poke Raffle

    Hey guys! So, as you know, Im not very much active here anymore, but i drop by now and then ^^ And since I dont really need all these pets I have, Im giving them away - for FREE! for free? yes! for free! note that only the pets listed here will be raffled away, and anything not listed wont. Along with this, Ill be raffling off 450ZC to one(1) winner, 500ZC to two(2) winners, 2ZP to one(1) winner, and 3ZP to one(1) last lucky winner! to join, jsut follow these rules!: Please dont be rude. Not to me, not to anyone. I dont want havoc here. Dont be off-topic. Though I appreciate it, dont talk about my art, dont talk about anime, dont talk about anything off-topic. Complete the entry form as needed to join. For the question, answer with a "I enjoy [xxxx]", the [xxxx] being any word that starts with the start of your username.(Idea from PandaKing on Vdex) Like this post! Ill be checking. No, Im not selling these. dont offer anything, and please dont ask. these are here to raffle off. Dont beg. no one likes beggers. please. Entry form: This is a quick raffle, thus it end in 3 days - May 20, 2014 Also, remember that if you would ever want to contact me, feel free to contact me at my deviantart account.
  27. 22 points

    CYO Potion Stand

    CYO Potion Stand Have you ever wanted to increase the cap of one of your CYOs? Now you can! It costs 10 ZP to increase your CYO's cap by 50. You can increase a cap more than once. You must have the ZP on hand before making an order. To make an order, fill out the form (shown below) and post it here. After posting, send a trade over to Emma with the total amount of ZP for your order and accept the trade. I will complete the trade and manually increase your CYO's limit. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for the order to be completed. Thank you! Order Form Main Site Username: CYO(s): Order Total:
  28. 22 points
    This Raffle has ended! The Winners are... @ @ @wildfoxgirl @Lilytora @ Congrats (: Please send a over a trade and I will add your Prizes ^^ Entrants: 1.wildfoxgirl 2.Lilytora 3.Senrier 4.Scattenschwert 5.Karen3 6.bronwyn0702 7.Mommyof3 8.Oldfoo 9.artisabangdeidara 10.Sytara 11.Nevina 12.firedancer123 13.secretfox 14.Scarlet 15.Steve 16.Rinai 17.Ocean 18.Tart 19.lucky333123 20.Unluckycat 21.Velseir 22.Herobrine
  29. 21 points
    â•¡ START UP KIT â•ž >> "LIKE" THIS POST FOR A CHANCE TO WIN! << â•¡ LOT #15 â•žâ•¡ PUPTAROUS â•ž
  30. 21 points
    â•¡ COMPLETE ALT SET â•ž >> "LIKE" THIS POST FOR A CHANCE TO WIN! << â•¡ LOT #07 â•žâ•¡ LAKOTKA â•ž
  31. 21 points
    First Name and/or Alias: Yuuki~ Examples of your work: My tumblr [but I have a lot of clothing there, so you might have to dig a bit for any pet examples lol] And some more recent examples [each word is a different link lol] Pet Sample: How often will you be available? Every day of the week ^^ How long do you estimate it would take you to complete a two staged pet? A full staged pet? Well, the pet above took me around 2 hours? Not including alts though. So for a two-staged pet, I'm guessing it'd take me a day or two, a full staged pet maybe a week? Also, just to mention: I'm fairly good at equine pets [deer, horses, etc], canines, and felines. The only pet type I'm not familiar with would be birds or reptilian pets, but I'd be willing to give them a shot ^^
  32. 20 points
    â•¡ PAIRED PETS â•ž >> "LIKE" THIS POST FOR A CHANCE TO WIN! << â•¡ LOT #22 â•žâ•¡ MANED WOLF â•ž
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    Official Raffle!

    Welcome to the Official Raffles, where every now-and-then we raffle off some pets and ZC. Raffles will last at least one week! Are you interested in joining? Yeah? That's great! Take a look below for all the information. I would like to take this moment to say that the prizes for these raffles are donated PA staff, members, and myself. They were donated for you, so that you may have fun and get a few nice pets or a good amount of ZC. We hope you enjoy the raffles and come back next time. thanks! To enter the raffle, tell how many tickets you want below and send a trade with the ZC (20 zc per ticket except the first ticket is free*). Once accepted, you will then receive 1 - 5 numbers depending on the amount of tickets you bought .That is all you need! Ex. May I purchase 1 ticket please? Here is a link to the profile for those using your mobile: Rafflingcolors You have until January 4th, 2016 to buy tickets. _unlimited_ Tickets Are Available! 163 Tickets Have Sold. ZC Raised From Tickets: 2980 ZC The first ticket is free and you may an unlimited amount of tickets for 20 ZC each. For 3 tickets (including the free ticket), it will only cost you a fee of 40 ZC. Please include the free ticket when buying tickets = less hassle for me. Ex: I want to buy 4 tickets means you are buying 3 tickets and 1 ticket is free. - You may only claim one prize. After that, your numbers won't count. - Anyone may enter including staff since the pets aren't held on any of our own personal accounts. - If you do not claim a prize this time, do not get mad. There is a next time. - There will be no begging or harassing other members for claiming a prize. - There will be no putting your prizes in other member's faces for not claiming a prize. - All numbers are picked randomly, that way every prize is won fairly. I, Lucky, will do a join.me so you can see me choose the number through the random generator. - You must send the ZC first in order to get your numbers if you are buying any tickets. Please also make sure to post here as well. - Please accept the trade right after you send it with the zc in it! Also make sure to send it to Rafflingcolors , not lucky333123/Starstream! In addition, when you post here make sure to use this format: username here | I want ___ amount of tickets please If you have a different site username, please post that name as well, so I don't miss your trade. - You must, and I mean MUST, have fun! ;D Holiday Spirit! There may be more prizes added including some more of the new Christmas pets Lilytora | 1-10 Oldfoo | 11 Pink Madness | 12-15 Oddora | 16-34 Vixxey | 35-66 Nickykitty | 67-74 RabbitTZY | 75-86 pinkbetty | 87-102 Oddora | 103-118 Brightshadow | 119-129 Nickykitty | 130-131 Animal_8_Namer | 132 Vixxey | 133-162 Firstborn Dragon | 163 Every time a raffle is held, you might be able to buy more or fewer tickets. Also there may be special events! Thank you to the wonderful donators for amazing prizes: Chaosdawn, pokemainia, Mihna, singingbadger, Grace19, Kiandra, Sharingana, Aelis, tomomi, Sakura34, DuchessValeria, firedancer123, Torhval, Rose305, Finax, Wolfdragon, LapsiKA, Millie Feuille, jpmouse, Aelis If you are a constant donator/amazing donor, you might receive an extra ticket or two. You may use these tickets whenever you choose: @Chaosdawn 5 tickets @Mihna 1 ticket @singingbadger 2 tickets @Mysfit 1 ticket @Ocean 1 ticket @tomomi 25 tickets @DuchessValeria 1 ticket @Torhval 1 ticket @Rose305 5 tickets @Wolfdragon 2 tickets @jpmouse 2 tickets @Morph 4 tickets Copyright of the original design of this thread belongs to Allie. Banners are copyrighted to Matchitehew. "Fire and scales. Wings and tails."
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    ♥ Twine's Valentine Raffle ♥

    ♥ Hi everyone! ♥ Since Valentine's Day's close, why not start a raffle for all of you lovely people. <3 All you have to do to enter is to comment with 'fluffy rainbow unicorns' If there's less than 20 participants by the ending date, I will remove the third place. If there's less than 10 participants, I'll remove both the second and third place. Full set of the Valentine's Guardian. 3 females and 3 males. Full set of the Equitum Pluma. Meaning a pair of the pink alt and a pair of the blue alt. Along with a pair of the Fairywings. One Valentine's Guardian, your choice of gender and alt, except for the Snow Leopard alt and the Bengal alt. A pair of the Creamy Delight. A pair of the Chinese Blossom. And lastly, one Fairywing, your choice of gender. 1. @ 2. @ 3. @Silver 4. @jpmouse 5. @Scone 6. @Velseir 7. @Dashy 8. @TheZebraTamer 9. @Yania 10. @Lilytora 11. @ 12. @yingraner 13. @Crystalcat 14. @ 15. @Scarlet 16. @ 17. @Tart 18. @Unluckycat 19. @Portbud 20. @yammy115 21. @ 22. @bronwyn0702 23. @Ocean 24. @Jade 25. @SpiritWolfe 26. @ 27. @Ayumu14 28. @Midnight Scarborough 29. @secretfox 30. @wildfoxgirl 31. @Senrier 32. @Morph 33. @Sierra Rose 34. @ 35. @Cloaked 36. @yorukite 37. @firedancer123 38. @Sytara 39. @Nevina Will be choosing winners with random.org
  36. 19 points

    Giveaway~ WINNERS PICKED

  37. 19 points

    FREE Chibi Kitty Base for Adoptables

    FREE Chibi Kitty Base (non-CYO base) for Character Designs Download the Base chibi_kitty_base.psd - Photoshop .PSD - Transparent .PNG (lineart only) Base Rules Link back to this thread (for example, somewhere in the DeviantART description) to help spread the love of FREE kitty bases! Do not redistribute, re-upload, or re-sell this base in any way or claim it as your own. Base Information Free to use for adoptables and character designs! Edit the lineart as much as you'd like, or just color the base. It's completely up to you. You may sell the designs you make on this base for USD (and other real world currencies), DeviantART points, ZC, ZP, and more.
  38. 19 points
    The winner of this raffle is... ... Number 2 @ Please PM me with what prize you would like (: If its the CYO please let me know what base you would like and stage, and of course the design you have in mind and I'll see what I can do ^^ 1.Oldfoo 2.Lucky333123 3.Leopard Girly 4.HitGirl 5.Rinai 6.Somebody 7. Matchitehew 8.ScarletLetter 9.TheZebraTamer 10.Brightshadow 11.morphoblue 12.Puppy Pawz 13.firedancer123 14.Lilytora 15.Schattenschwert 16.Kirbystar
  39. 18 points

    Elementail Order Thread

    Elementails Leaftail // Firetail // Icetail // Sparktail // Windtail // Darktail There exists a peculiar tree, wind-swept and bare, ashen and dry. One would think it dead--but then every once in a long while it does bloom, and amongst its drab leaves you'll find brilliant sparkling treasures, with a tiny sleeping pup nestled inside each precious bundle. The pup and its leaf are inseparable, growing together until they combine as one, morphing into masters of elements: Elementails.
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    Please Lock

    CYO Claim! I have cyos I have bought in the past that need to be reclaimed by their owners! All details in the link down below! Please check out the topic! Link: http://www.forums.petadoptables.com/index.php/topic/14721-quitting-cyo-claim/ Thanks ~<3
  41. 18 points

    Cuddle buns Set 2

    will end 10/24/2014 Site name: Fourm name: Alt 1: Alt 2: Alt 3: Alt 4: Alt 5: Alt 6: if you dont win pick a alt except alt 1
  42. 18 points

    Rememberance Day!

    Rememberance “Shoo! Didn’t I tell you last time? Get out of my place and stop terrorizing my animals or else!†You are perplexed, as you have never been to this store in your whole life. You just happened to come across it, but since she doesn’t want you here, you head out to leave. “Oh wait, are you possible…….a….l….i….v…e…..?†You stop and turn around, finally paying attention to her appearance, she looks ghostly with a faint warmth around her, but her appearance shocks you. Your heart starts to beat fast, and you sprint for the door, but she pops up in front of you. You let a piercing scream! “I did not mean to frighten you. Welcome to my humble animal shelter, “Resurrection of the Undeadâ€. Your eyes pop out of your head as you notice ghost creatures wandering around and bizarre creatures you have never met before. You feel like you are going to faint, but you have the feeling she is more dangerous that what be seen. “I can see that this is your first time entering this town. Now if I might say for myself, let me explain something to you. No one lives in this town except for us, the ghosts and creatures that are trapped here – we are stuck here, never to leave the town….never to see freedom or do what we please. When I was alive, I went by the name Sally Harbrooke, but now I am known as The Nightmare Terror.*evil laugh* I was a simple girl, until the day occurred…the day when the town was cursed, and I was trapped here.†You stare at her, not sure where she is going, but you really want to leave. “Hmmmm maybe you can help me out with the few undead creatures I have here....They need a good home, but only the worthy can get one. Would you like to try your luck?†You become interested, but become startled when she disappears as if she was never there. Curiously, you see a stand in front of you that you swore wasn’t there before. Taking a closer look, you see the rules, and wonder is it really worth stay here…. Misfortunate Rules Only one entry per person. To get the entry you must do the following: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To get this entry, you must write about an animal you knew (neighbor's cat, etc.) that affected your life or if you do not have a story, you can write about about an animal that inspires you or represents you. If possible, please post a picture of the animal you choose, but make sure to put the picture in spoilers. To ensure that you get put into the drawing, must make sure to the like the first post. New Rule: Do not copy and paste/exactly re-type a story from the internet. You can use outside sources, but please give them credit. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Any scary creature that is donated to Rafflingcolors will be put in this drawing. Be careful what you give, since something might happen! *laughter in the background* Participate at your own risk since you might not come back.....in one piece The Undead Creatures: The Mysterious Participates: Unluckycat Best Username Ever Cao Silver jpmouse HarperRider Intempestivity Stoic FennecFox Dashy
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    Whiskered Kirin Hoshi & Sketchi artist collab hoshi1- hoshi2 - sketchi3 - sketchi4 - sketchihoshi5- hoshisketchi6 description: A long time ago, in a land not too different from our own, a strange species of Kirin roamed the skies. With long curling whiskers and distinct antlers, this Kirin was hard to miss. A subtle magic surrounded each whiskered Kirin, giving them unparalleled beauty and grace. However, these creatures had one fatal flaw: a complete lack of fear. With the boldness of immortals, despite being quite mortal, one by one the whiskered Kirins fell. Now, they are only hazily mentioned in stories, as a subject to teach humility in young children. 12zp or 8000zc each profit is split 50/50 between me and Hoshi. SLOTS ZC1. pokemainia alt1-m SENT/split 2. Ruisistence alt5-m SENT/split 3. Spicy alt4-m SENT/split 4. kuitsumi alt2-m SENT/split 5. kuisumi alt4-f SENT/split 6. Shar alt6-f SENT 7. 8. ZP 1. Scone alt4-any SENT/split 2. Matchitehew alt4-m SENT/split 3. Aleah alt3-f SENT/split 4. 5. 4 preorder slots at 10zp each~ 1. Wolfsdrache (SENT) alt4-f 2. Runingwolfin (SENT) alt4-m 3. Allie (SENT) alt4-f 4. Allie (SENT) alt5-m ID & Owner List 1-6. mine 7. 399728 - alt4/f - Allie 8. 399729 - alt5/m - Allie 9. 399730 - alt4/f - Wolfsdrache 10. 399731 - alt4/m - Runingwolfin 11. 399732 - alt1/m - pokemainia 12-17. hoshi's 18. 400018 - alt4/f - Scone 19. 400019 - alt5/m - Ruisistence 20. 400020 - alt4/f - mine 21. 400021 - alt5/m - AUCTION 22. 400028 - alt4/m - Matchitehew 23. 400314 - alt2/m - kuitsumi 24. 400315 - alt4/f - kuitsumi 25. 400467 - alt3/f - Aleah 26. 403508 - alt6/f - Shar 27. 406485 - alt4/m - Spicy WIP stuff :] I will keep this thread updated with every single sketch as Hoshi and I pass it back and forth. IT'S GONNA BE EPIC 1. me 2. hoshi 3. me 4. hoshi 5. me 6. hoshi 7. EGG: hoshi // me // hoshi. ---TEH COLORZ---
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    Small Giveaways! It's Free, Come Join!

    . LOT #15 Winning Number: 5
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    Small Giveaways! It's Free, Come Join!

    . LOT #14 Winning Number: 3
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    Small Giveaways! It's Free, Come Join!

    . LOT #13 Winning Number: 14
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    Small Giveaways! It's Free, Come Join!

    . LOT #11 Winning Number: 8
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    Active Pets more Active!

    @Grace All I'm going to say is you're going to love the new feature...
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    Large Cat Base

    Click to Preview Download the Bases egg.psd 1.psd 2.psd 3.psd 4.psd
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    Honey Badger

    March Coloring Contest

    Okay, so I had some time to do another entry. XD Have some Hanami Bats! Hanami is the traditional time of flower watching in Japan, starting at the end of March. Traditionally, the flower being watched is the cherry blossom (sakura), and to a lesser extent the plum blossom (ume), which is pictured in alt 6. Anyway, BATS. Original Versions UPDATE! New PSDs will be attached in a minute! adult1.psd adult2.psd adult3.psd adult4.psd adult5.psd adult6.psd baby1.psd baby2.psd baby3.psd baby4.psd baby5.psd baby6.psd child1.psd child2.psd child3.psd child4.psd child5.psd child6.psd egg1.psd teen1.psd teen2.psd teen3.psd teen4.psd teen5.psd teen6.psd