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  1. Hello. I hope I'm posting in the right place. I used to RP on this site when I was a young teen, and since I still use this username as my internet alias, I really want to wipe as much as I can from my past. I already had an internet friend dig up some embarassing stuff. :/ What exactly does closing my PA account do? Is there a way for me to wipe all my old comments from the forums, or at least my username attached to them? And what would happen to the pets I had? It would be a shame if they were deleted if any of them have any value to current users, so if I'd need to give them away, that would be good info to have too! Edit: Figured out how to change my display name on here! Though a total wipe would still be preferred if that's possible.
  2. hapy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! feel free to pm me and ask for a prezzi!

  3. Wolf RP - Suggestions and Signups!

    Cool. The rp is up, i posted a link to it on a previous page! :3
  4. Wolf RP - Suggestions and Signups!

    Accepted, both of you guys! Tart, I just remembered we alreay have a Beta for the strays, I just forgot to add that. So Nyx can be Beta for the fire pack. darkwolf, so Bullet just isn't in a pack yet, do I understand that right? xD
  5. Wolf RP - Suggestions and Signups!

    RP is up! Sorry I kept disappearing. >_>'' http://www.forums.petadoptables.com/index.php/topic/9563-wolf-rp-actual-rp-thread/
  6. Wolf RP - Actual RP Thread

    Sign Ups are here, it's never too late to join: http://www.forums.petadoptables.com/index.php/topic/9252-wolf-rp-suggestions-and-signups/ Kovu wandered through the new alleys of the city. The city was constantly growing larger, consuming more space. He knew it was time to find new grounds. Usually he spent his days in the inner city, feeding on whatever he could salvage from garbage cans or take from the humans, all the while avoiding the dog catchers, who would lock him up and put him down if they got their hands on him. Now he was journeying further from the center, into the newer parts. Maybe he would come across another dog.
  7. Happy Birthday Poler!

  8. Happy Birthday! :DDD

  9. Happy birthday, Poler!!!!!! x3 Hope it's a great one! =D

  10. Have a super happy Bday! =D

  11. Wolf RP - Suggestions and Signups!

    Sorry again. Had a problem with the laptop I used to use. Got a new one now and I've bookmarked the page. First want to check if anybody else wants to sign up for a stray dog first?
  12. Wolf RP - Suggestions and Signups!

    The rp will start on Friday. Still accepting members even after it had stared
  13. Wolf RP - Suggestions and Signups!

    Both accepted! Sorry for the late reply. Can we display our emails in the forum? If so I will and if I don't log on for more than two days people on my rp have permission to give me a kick up the butt to remind me by shooting me an email, which I check every day so I won't miss it. XDD