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    Uhm...Uhm...Pokemon, Yaoi, Pets, Animals, Warrior Cats, Books, Vampires (not of the Ed. Cullen type)..Drawing, Photoing, Spriteing. OFMG o.o Just ask me there's to much D;
  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Sori!

  4. Hola

    .O.! awesome.. I would... but Imma chick XD and Im far to girly-ish :3
  5. Hola

    Thank all of you guys x3 '3' And Sonique I remember you from the last time I was here :3 Lol
  6. Hola

    :] Hey guys; Sori here. Anyways, I was a Mod on PA but due to my computer breaking I got demoted. Nevermind that though :] I've finally gotten a computer that I can get on enough to be an active member of PA So thanks to that~ Im going to make an actual introduction, so that all of the new people on PA can get to know me, and all of my old friends will know I'm back Online Name: Usually Sori or Rain, sometimes Iros. Real Name: Collette Noel, aka Letti Noel Gender: Female :3 Age: 15~ Description: LOL HERE ---> Personality: Im very care-free and fun-loving, down to earth you could say. I have a side to me thats basically always on edge, and I tend to get a bit snappish when people disrespect me or my friends. I don't take kindly to those that don't listen the first time, and people that intentionally do wrong get on my nerves. I suppose you could call me sassy, hyper, blond, with a bit of nerd every now and then. I don't mind being stereotyped, 'cause there's no real catagory that I fit >:3 Im crazy, a bit depressing at times, amazingly hyper, and yet I can snap at my truest friend in a second if they do something that I find wrong or unjust. Abuse of power irritates me, and though it might get me banned if a mod or admin anywhere abuses their power, I will stand up and say something. I'm not afraid of people thinking bad about me, for the sole reason that it's not my choice if you like me or not. ._. And to be completely honest, I hate talking about myself XD I think it makes me sound self-centered a lot of the time. Annnnd when I don't know what to do, I ramble:] So yeah if you have any questions, just ask its easier that way. Pets: Dogs- Bunny, Crayne, Joe, Oliver. Cats- Daisy, Mo, Stella. and 12 chickens. What I do online: SSS Warrior cats, Warriors Starting Over, Pet Adoptables, Chickensmoothie, Pokefarm, Meez. What I do in life: I sing, I play piano, I'm taking up dancing, In choir and theatre, go to school(<3>), and once I get my porfolio finished; Im taking up Modeling. (Pictures will be posted in Gallary) Other: ._. Not much, have a question just ask XD I don't bite~
  7. Happy Birthday

  8. Two things :p

    Alright, the first thing is; Im on iscribble So if you want to draw with me sometime comment your username~ And the Second thing is a suggestion; I think it would be neato for PA to have an advertisment thread, this way members can share fun (KID FRIENDLY) sites that they enjoy
  9. Lie to me - Game

    Aimet my <3 Hello And Im guessing that #1 is a lie
  10. Haha o-o Im backs....

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      Welcome back Sori!

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    4. Sori


      x3 Thankies you guys~ I plan to be on much more now :D

  11. Apprentice to Warrior

    Gorsefoot, Flameheart, Flew-wing (XD) Shadowpaw, Minkpaw, Beepaw
  12. :) Woo~ My computer was FINALLY fixed :D hehe, I can get on more now <3
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      Glad to hear it Sori!

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      Good to know~ :3

  13. woh thts weird o_o 2 sori's XD and srry, my comp crashedm bt i got a new one so i might have it when i get home lD

  14. Where are you Sori?

  15. Hey Sori! It's me, Sori! 8D