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    Dont email me ! only comment i chat though comments

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    Tallahassee Fl / im originally from, Tampa Fl
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    I like pretty much every animal and i expecailly love wolves. i have a dog and cat . i like baseball ,softball, kickball, and football so i kinda like every sport. i also like p.e . and i love my friends.i also like harry potter at times and please dont email me
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  1. Slogan Contest

    ok ill send a slogan ill just have to think of one
  2. Slogan Contest

    hmmmm is it like a quote wolf ? because ill totally win
  3. WELL i am literally mad because out of the whole tme the feature has came out i have gotten not 1 egg! seriously i want a bear and if it keeps on going im going to get real mad because its like ridiculous there has to be a glitch on mine because i have not found an egg im sorry emma
  4. [SOLD]

    yep well rev good luck and if u have if u have an extra thycine send it my way
  5. i am searching for a tan and black daushound to complete the daushound secton in my collection and the thycline fossil i want is whatever gender i have good pets and juicy offers ; please let me know if u have or got anything so on and so fourth thank you sincerly, wolflover11
  6. Lucky's Amazing Shop of Pets

    AND NUMBERS 5,6,7 : Adopt your own virtual pet today! 100 CLICKS EACH THANKS LUCKY !!!!! ALSO 20 ZC TIP
  7. Lucky's Amazing Shop of Pets

    PETS NUMBER 3 AND 4 : Adopt your own virtual pet today! 200 CLICKS EACH
  8. Lucky's Amazing Shop of Pets

    PET NUMBER TWO : Adopt your own virtual pet today! 100 CLICKS
  9. Lucky's Amazing Shop of Pets

    HERE YA GO LUCKY PET NUMBER ONE : Adopt your own virtual pet today! 100 CLICKS
  10. [TRADE] Donis

    i would like an andean cat f i were to give u my brown eagle would u do it ? if so post a comment on my PA profle [same user ]
  11. THE CRITTER GITTERS (shutting down for winter)

    hey singing could u get meh a referral exclusive
  12. [Wanted] Zodiac Crystals

    ill donate 100 zc and would i get a fossil because im DIEING to get a thycline
  13. The Dream Team - OPEN!

    ok ill be part of the staff too wouldnt mind plus i could help out with zc and pets belice me i can do any job plus im already a agent
  14. The Dream Team - OPEN!

    Username : wolflover11 Pet Rarity: doni pet Pet wanted : Red panda Alt Wanted : any really , im not picky perferred lvl : one amount wll pay : 250 zc half of 500 zc
  15. hmmm alright ill take him to soMEone else oh and anytme