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    @Kitkat I'd like to buy 5 tickets please.~ Trade has been sent and accepted.
  2. GaH the Person Above You

    @Disasterpiece Hatched. :3 This one please:
  3. GaH the Person Above You

    @tomomi Hatched This one please:
  4. Yum or Eww?

    Depends on how it's cooked (or uncooked!), though garlic shrimp scampi is most definitely my favorite.~ But overall, YUM! Hm, mushroom ravioli's?
  5. GaH the Person Above You

    @Dashy Hatched. :3 This one please:
  6. [GAME] Steal a pet from the person above you!

    @Dashy This little guy! Their so cute and I somehow always miss them. XD
  7. [GAME] Steal a pet from the person above you!

    @cinnamonapples Love these little guys, this alt in particular.~
  8. Sunshine Scattered || a RP

    Ilia :: Interacting with Cherry and Ryan The young Unknown female he'd been able to wrangle hadn't been a problem, and Ilia had thought he'd have time to interrogate her before ending her life. Instead, he'd caught the sound of the bushes rustling behind them and the girls eyed had widened pleadingly as she struggled. Silently trying to communicate with who ever was there. Internally cursing, Ilia placed one large hand against the girls throat to keep her still so he could glance over his shoulder to see who was there. It was a boy, likely related to the one he'd captured. Scowling, Ilia wondered how many others there were as he whipped back around to face his captured foe. Getting rid of her and stopping the boy from escaping to warn the other Unknown, if there were any, was now priority one. Ilia didn't need for the others to know he was there because that would ruin his chances of flitting in and out of the territory without detection. Grabbing the blade from the holster at his waist, hidden underneath his jacket, Ilia brought it up and slid it across the girls throat with a practiced move. It was a deep cut, but well placed and quick; he didn't want her to suffer. Dropping the body, Ilia sheathed the blade again and whirled around to where he'd seen the boy. Having killed before in the name of the Sun, the girls death didn't phase him and he pushed her out of his mind to complete his mission. Gabriel :: Interacting with Minty The girls sudden change in emotion was surprising, and for a second she looked like someone her age should look; happy and young. It was quickly gone though, only to be replaced once again by a dead expression as she began muttering to herself. Weirdo. Gabriel thought with amusement, lips quirking upwards in the smile - not that it was a bad thing. In some ways she reminded him of Yaakov, his most boisterous brother who one minute would be laughing and the next ready for blood; he was consequently the one Gabriel was closest to. Or had been. The two had given Andon most of his grey hairs with their antics. Gabriel was pulled from his suddenly morose thoughts by small arms wrapping around him. Unable to help himself, he gave a loud squawk and threw his own arms to the side as if touching her would burn him. Blinking wide eyes down at the girl hugging him, Gabriel scowled slightly and wrinkled his nose. "Yeah, okay. I don't allow anyone to hug me unless I at least know their name." Kit :: Interacting with Orchid The sudden anger from the girl was a bit surprising, as she'd appeared more meek than defiant at first glance. The fire was good for survival though, if she was telling the truth about being an Unknown. She still seemed extremely weary, though was fighting to hide it. At least she has survival instincts. It wasn't so much that Kit cared, except that he was human and there'd be a twinge of guilt when he left knowing someone so young was wondering around alone. An Unknown, in particular. Yet she seemed she was smart enough, possibly capable though he wasn't going to test it out by igniting a fight. Veillantif snorted and sidestepped as the wind rustled through the trees, kicking up leaves at her hooves. Knowing she was a horse of action, Kit allowed the movement without giving her a reprimand by tugging on her reins and instead clicked his tongue. She instantly calmed, ears pricked forward as if listening too something. Kit kept his eyes on the girl though, studying. "Siblings. At times great, at times extremely annoying." Pausing, he pushed onward. "And at times, heartbreaking." The last words were spoken slowly, eyes narrowing on something over her shoulder; seeing something that wasn't there any longer. Kit quickly returned his black gaze on the stranger, silently daring her to say anything. "Your parents killed by the Sun?" The question was blunt, but he was growing tired of this dance.
  9. Elemental Wolf RP

    Chasm :: Interacting with Star and Flame; mentioning Thunder Turning his head to watch as Flame all but bound out of the nursery, Chasm chuckled softly. Turning his attention back to his weary mate, Chasm leaned forward and licked her cheek gently in an effort to sooth her. "Don't worry, I'm not taking him out of camp. I'm going to keep him inside the walls but let him explore and meet some of the other wolves. Maybe he'll sleep good tonight." Amber eyes twinkling, he grinned down at his mate one last time and gave Lilac a nudge before swiftly following after Flame. Catching up to his pup, Chasm swept him up with a paw to keep him from running off. "Alright little one, don't get to far ahead of me; if anything happened your mother would kill me." Laughing, he ruffled Flame's head fur with one large paw. "And no going outside the camp walls, not until your older. Those Water Pack wolves are vicious." Letting Flame go, he nudges him forward. "See that big grey and white wolf over there? That's Thunder. He does not look busy - why don't you go say hi and see if he'd be willing to teach you a hunters crouch?" Cricket :: Interacting with Skunk and Silver Wincing as Pine snarled and stalked from camp, Cricket's ears drooped and he scuffled his paws. "I didn't mean to upset him." He muttered to Skunk guiltily. "I just don't know how to hunt like you all do." Skunk didn't seem to mind running Pine off, and instead focused quickly on the fresh-kill pile hungrily. Stomach rolling with remorse, Cricket shook his head. "Nah, I'm not really hungry." Silver appeared from the Guard's den as Skunk headed towards the kill pile and Cricket perked back up, tail tip twitching. "Talk to you later Skunk!" He called, getting to his paws to meet with his mentor. "Of course! Are we leaving now?" He asked eagerly. Mink :: Interacting with Heather and Sora Watching the other she-wolves body language instead of listening to her words, Mink came to the realization that Heather really thought no one in the pack liked her. She wondered why; as far as Mink knew Heather didn't interact with anyone enough to do anything to make them dislike her. Was it because she wasn't born in Fire pack? Nose wrinkling, Mink huffed loudly and leaned closer so that she could nudge heather's shoulder with her own. "Your right, I don't understand. Then again, I never will if you won't tell me." She added a slight bite to her words, planting her paws firmly in the dirt to show she was going no where until she got her answers. Stubbornness was one of Mink's biggest traits. Turning an imploring look upon Heather, the hunter sighed and tried looking harmless. "Come on, we're both hunters, she-wolves, and mateless with a lot to prove to the pack. We're not that different and being a part of the pack means we don't let anyone suffer needlessly." A familiar voice caught her attention and for a second Mink looked away from Heather to see Meadowstreak speaking with Mink's apprentice Sora. Seeing Sora looking around, for what Mink presumed to herself, the she-wolf gave a nod towards Meadowstreak in silent acceptance. "If Meadowstreak wants to go hunting then go with her." She called. "I'll either join you later or see you back at camp this afternoon." Giving her apprentice and encourage smile Mink returned her attention to Heather. Flint :: Interacting with Storm, Marigold, and Ash Marigold's happy 'hi' was almost lost underneath Storm's brusque utterance of their lateness. Or, more-so his lateness. Flint turned an, obviously fake, remorseful stare onto the beta wolf and heaved a put-upon sigh. "But it was such a nice day out and you were nowhere to be found. I didn't want to be lazy so I went out to do a quick patrol and offered to help Cherry hunt. I thought you might like my work ethic." He attempted to look hurt, but there was laughter in his eyes and a hint of sarcasm hidden underneath his words. If anyone knew Flint well enough they'd know he was simply trying to rile Storm up. Grinning cheekily, Flint turned and winked at Ash and Marigold. The added benefit of annoying Storm was that the beta would hopefully take out his annoyance on Flint and leave the two she-wolves alone for their own tardiness. Following Storm from the camp, Flint pricked his ears and kept on the betas heels; it was either that or run ahead as his excitement got the better of him. Hawke :: Interacting with Cherry Watching with quiet fondness as his apprentice sniffed out and began stalking a starling, Hawke fell into a well practiced hunters crouch and slipped behind the bird. He'd let Cherry make the kill, but was back-up in case something spooked the bird and it took flight. The intense moment before a kill allowed Hawke reflection upon himself; something he tried not too often do. Inwardly the brute cursed at himself for allowing his affection for the apprentice, his apprentice, to show through his gaze and his interactions with her. He was too easy on Cherry, he knew, and tried to be professional and discipline her when needed. Though she could cast a sad look upon and him and Hawke would crumple. Maybe he needed to talk to Sky about it? His sister would keep his secret, and her tough love attitude always balanced his more easy-going one. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Hawke instead concentrated on the hunt. Raine :: Interacting with Ember A voice startled the guard enough that the fur along her back rose and ears flattened. You fool, letting an apprentice sneak up on you. She thought waspishly and forced her fur flat once again. Turning her golden gaze on Ember Raine realized she was, in fact, hungry. Which was par for the course recently. Taking note that the apprentice seemed nervous, Raine forced herself to relax and offer Ember a gracious nod as he pushed the mouse towards her. "If you don't mind to wait a second, I'll eat this real quick then we can go see if we can take down something larger for tonight?" She questioned, leaning down to scarf the mouse down. She wasn't a great hunter, being that she was a guard, but she'd learned enough that she could help hunt if she needed to. Licking at the remains on her muzzle, the guard instantly felt better with the small meal and stood up. Standing she was less noticeably 'plump' than when sitting, which she was grateful for. If she could get away with hiding her condition for another moon she'd be, while not happy, at least content. "I'll follow you." She mused with a small smile, giving the apprentice reign over the small hunting patrol to see how he'd do. Snowdancer :: Interacting with Rose Grabbing the herbs from Rose's feet, Snowdancer finished burying the herbs carefully, making sure to be slow enough so that rose could watch what he was doing. It wasn't so much as he dug a hole and put the bad herbs in, but rather that he also added a bit of elder flower from a bush that grew a few tail lengths away over the top to mask any lingering scents then covering the entire thing up carefully so that the top layer looked very similar to the rest of the ground. The elder flower had a strong, cat waste scent that would deter curious wolves, which was one of the reason past healers had chosen this spot to dispose of herbs. Once finished, he nodded at Rose and stretched, the ache in his back lessening for a second. Humming, Snowdancer then turned and began walking towards the Water Packs border, tail hanging low. "With the tension between the packs I don't like to go here often, but we need chervil. I'm hoping that if we're spotted on the border Water Pack will realize we're nothing but healers and will leave us be." He didn't pause until the border was in sight, but by then his breath was coming in unsteady pants. He chose to ignore it and instead peered cautiously around for others wolves. "Will you sniff out some chervil for me, Rose? I'll keep watch."
  10. Wolf Pack Roleplay - Sign Ups -

    @Dashy That would be fantastic. :3 Seven characters are a lot to juggle, but I figured one more would not kill me if it meant all the poor apprentices got a mentor. This would make my life so much easier though. XD Thanks!
  11. Wolf Pack Roleplay - Sign Ups -

    @Kitkat Skunk still needs a mentor I noticed. The only Hunter left to be a mentor is Heather (though to keep her in character I'm not sure @MoonlitBlood wants her to be a mentor?), so if that does not work I can make one more character I suppose? Then once the apprentices are Hunters I'll go through my characters and do a mass killing if their not important.~
  12. Sunshine Scattered || a RP

    Gabriel :: Interacting with Minty Snorting inelegantly at the girls words, Gabriel crossed his arms over his chest and studied her carefully. She didn't appear to be lying about being an Unknown if her body language was any indication, and for the first time her dead eyes showed something other than nothingness. Even if that emotion was sadness. However, Gabriel was well acquainted with sadness and didn't let it sway him as he internally contemplated what to do. On one hand, it would be nice to have someone else other than his anti-social brother around, in particular another Unknown who could help if things got hairy. On the other hand, he'd been trained that anyone who was not family could be a spy. This girl seemingly hid, or did not have, her emotions well enough that she could be tricking him into thinking she was harmless. Lips pursing, Gabriel finally decided to risk it. If she was a part of the group who'd taken the others than likely they'd have little problem taking himself and Kit as well; with this girl or without her. "Alright, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. You want a friend, you'll have to earn it." He shrugged, grinning cheekily and gestured between them. "I'm a friendly person though - tend to like anyone not actively trying to kill me really. Even your weirdness probably won't scare me off." Pausing, Gabriel wondered how ticked off his brother was going to be and decided he didn't particularly care. "I'm Gabriel." Ilia :: Interacting with Cherry Slipping into the Moon's territory had been an easy task, having pretended to be a Moon who'd been arrested a week earlier because he'd accidentally entered Sun territory and had escaped conviction. For two week's he'd traveled both alone and with wagons deeper into Moon's land, his charming smiles and ability to make others think he was an innocent smoothing his way. He'd arrived in what his uncle's spies had assured him was an area supposedly well traveled by Unknown's a day ago, and had instantly begun beguiling information from locals. His mission was to figure out if there was an unknown stronghold in the area, using spyworks and 'other' tactics if need be. He'd been fortunate to nearly trip over a young woman who'd apparently been on her own, stopping just on the other side of an oak tree before she'd spotted him. From her looks she was not a Moon, nor would a Sun be walking around to freely; this left him believing he'd found a young Unknown. Pulling out a thick length of rope, Ilia slunk out from behind the tree and approached. Reaching forward, he aimed to grab at her wrist while shoving her into a tree so that he could bind her hands safely. Next he'd need to gag her to keep her from calling out and alerting others. OoC: @Kitkat I left it open so that Cherry could fight if you want her to. I don't want to powerplay her.~
  13. Elemental Wolf RP

    OoC: I'm waiting on @Dashy before I reply so I don't have to split my characters.~
  14. Sunshine Scattered || a RP

    OoC: I'll post Ilia after/if he's accepted~ BiC: Kit :: Interacting with Orchid Keeping a careful eye on the girl, Kit took note of her clear unease and understood. He was as much a threat to her in her mind as she was to him. Her forced relaxation appeared strained and allowed him to see through her ruse, though her grip on the dagger loosened. A mistake. Her second mistake was the continual talking where she all but outed herself as an Unknown. To Kit, in that moment her young age was easily apparent so he could not fault her for the blunder. Though he knew it was a bit hypocritical, considering he'd have walloped Gabriel over the head for revealing such as thing first. Raising an eye brow at the new information, Kit tipped his head to the side and considered the girl for a moment. There was a sudden, familiar burning along his forearm as his soulpower, the big cat tattoo, shifted from it's resting position. He didn't dare look at it to see what position it had taken up - though likely it's ears were pricked forward and tail mid-twitch. An outward show of his sudden interest. Luckily, it was hidden beneath his cloak. Kit had always pitied Gabriel for the placement of his soulpower, across his cheek and neck, for the world to see. So, this girl was an Unknown and he wondered when the Unknown's had become so young. "Unknown, eh?" He asked, allowing some of his interest to bleed through his voice. "A little young for such an undertaking, aren't you?" She'd already said it wasn't by her choice she was alone, so likely this was the same, but Kit wanted to see if she'd accidentally tell him anything else. Contemplating for a moment, he finally decided to extend a metaphorical olive branch and hope it would not backfire in hopes of loosening her tongue. "Not all of us Unknown are alone. I have a brother." Gabriel :: Interacting with Minty Not allowing his disappointment to show, Gabriel huffed a laugh at the strangers bluntness. He'd hoped she'd have more information on the missing people, not some disappearances from ten or more years ago - or however old this girl was. "So I'm guessing you don't know who took your parents then?" He asked, attempting for nonchalance. At times he hated Kit for acting so detached about the disappearance of their entire family, as if he didn't much care. It was unfair, Gabriel knew, but the lack of doing anything to help them was wearing on him. Shaking his head slightly to dislodge the morose thoughts, Gabriel returned his full attention to the stranger, who also appeared to be either a very active Moon or more likely an Unknown. "Screams huh? They are rather pitiful, the Sun." Grinning viciously, Gabriel's fox soulmark shifted from his cheek where it had moved to during the initial confrontation to it's normal spot behind his ear and down his neck. The girls blunt 'friend' comment caught Gabriel off guard and he outright laughed, eyes crinkling. "You an Unknown then? I ain't friends with anyone else."