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  1. Cave Clan ~ The Plagues ~ Sign ups

    @gamma Added two more characters. If you'd rather me change Scorchedstar to a different ranking that's fine with me.^^
  2. Cave Clan ~ The Plagues ~ Sign ups

    I can play one more cat easily enough.~ Im not picky about a rank, so whichever is needed after you two pick I can do.
  3. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    Alright, all pets have been added to the trades!~ Update! From now on all pets will be added to trades on Saturday or Sunday.
  4. Cave Clan ~ The Plagues ~ Sign ups

    Of course Venus can be friends with Wren.~ I also made a leader, though if anyone else wants the position I don't mind to make her simply a warrior. :3
  5. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    @cinnamonapples I love everything about this thread and all it represents! And Ive been trying to click everyday, but honestly I just dont have time anymore to click all the eggs/pets. Somedays, I am just too wore out to even open my laptop.~ So, since its not fair to everyone else if I dont click, can you take my pets off the wall please. :3
  6. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    Sorry guys, I've been really busy. I'll try to get your pets to you by tonight!
  7. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    @cocatrics Of course! What genders would you like?
  8. Cave Clan ~ The Plagues ~ Sign ups

    Name: Howlingwind Age: 26 Moons Gender: Tom Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member Rank: Warrior Description: A large, bulky tom cat with semi-long fur that's perpetually a bit ruffled. His fur is grey, tabby striped with a white chest that leads up onto his muzzle and nose. His front left paw is also white. Howlingwind's eyes are a light hazel. Personality: Howlingwind is a rather uptight cat, though he does not always mean to be. He can seem rather standoffish and weary, but that's mostly because he does not know how to handle other cats well. If you can get his defense to drop a bit, he's shy but sweet, always looking for ways to please. Mostly because he'd never come close to gaining his abrasive fathers approval, and now he searches for ways to make up for it. For such a large cat Howlingwind is easily walked all over, and has a guilt complex to match. But threaten someone he cares about and he knows how to put his size and strength to good use. Background History: Nothing really of importance. Both his parents were warriors and he was the one who always looked up to his father and tried to be the best he could to try and gain his approval. Which, he never did. Howlingwind's father died of a illness just before Howlingwind gained his warrior name, his mother following soon after due to a broken heart. Family: Nope / Open Mate: Nope Crush: Not as of right now Kits: Nope Is your character killable? : Not right now Other: Blind Vole Name: Wren Age: 10 Moons Gender: She-cat Clan member or Newcomer? : Newcomer Rank: Newcomer Description: A small, lanky she-cat whose more leg and ear than anything. Her light, solid grey fur is short and soft, thinning out to show the pink of his skin around her ears. Wren's large eyes are a light green. Personality: Wren is quiet and timid, a cat who'd prefer to stay in the background. She's easily frightened and intimidated, mostly from the fact that she's small and weak - someone whose always been picked on. When around those who she does not think is going to hurt her or someone she needs to keep quiet around and respect, Wren is curious and sweet, if not a bit naive. She wants to fit in somewhere, to feel safe somewhere, and she's sometimes a bit blind to when she's being used or manipulated. Wren is still young and has a lot of growing up to do. Background History: Wren grew up in a large twolegs den where the cows stayed when it was cold. There were other rouges living there as well; a bit like a clan but less structured and it was ruled by the strongest and through cruelty. Wren, being small, was never thought much of and was pushed to the side. After the barn was infiltrated by twolegs and many of the cats were taken away, Wren's mother included, Wren took off into the forest in hopes of finding someplace safe. Instead she found the entrance to a cave. Family: None left Mate: Too young Crush: None as of right now Kits: Too young Is your character killable?: Not right now Other: Blind Vole Name: Scorchedstar Age: 32 Moons Gender: She-cat Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member Rank: Leader? (if anyone else wants this rank let me know and they can have it.~) Description: Personality: Scorchedstar is a gentle cat, not one to raise her voice unless its needed. She'll listen to a kit of the clan just as quickly as she will a warrior or his deputy; she see's the usefulness in all cats, not just her warriors. This is not to say she's a perfect leader, nor is she even the best. Scorchedstar's sometimes a bit gullible when it comes to those of her clan, she does not see the bad in any of them even if it bites her in the tail. She's also weary of anyone outside of Caveclan, and is not one to allow rouges to get close or join. Scorchedstar has a bit of a temper, but its slow to rise; but with that its also slow to release and she can hold a grudge for quite a while. Background History: Nothing really of importance. Scorchedstar was a model warrior, more interested in doing her duty than finding a mate or having kits. To many cats this made her a bit to dull or high-strung to really see her as a friend or someone fun. It wasn't that she was ever looking to be made deputy or leader, but when she was asked she'd never been more proud. Now, however, seeing those she grew up with have families and whatnot, she wonders if maybe she's missing something. Family: None // Open Mate: Nope, she's been to busy. Crush: Nope Kits: Nope Is your character killable? : Yup! Preferably a little bit later though Other: Blind Vole Name: Starwalker Age: 62 Moons Gender: Tom Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan Member Rank: Medicine Cat? Description: He's around the size of an apprentice, though his musculature and bone structure is that of a cat his age; so while he's extremely tiny he does not look like an apprentice. He's also emaciated looking, bones protruding along his spine, hips, and ribs; as if he's not eaten properly in moons. However, since he knows he's hard to look at thanks to his fur, deformities, and size he's always immaculately groomed and put together. What cannot be seen is that Starwalker's bones are extremely brittle, as in if he's even gently knocked over there's a great chance something will break; even tripping over something can be detrimental as he learned as a kit. He actually has a type of hyperthyroidism, so his unusual skinniness and brittle bones can be explained; just not in cat terms. Personality: Though becoming medicine cat was not his first choice with what he wanted to do with his future, Starwalker tries not to let his disappointment with his lot in life slow him down or stop him from doing his duties to his fullest abilities. And though limited in what he can do, is not an angry, bitter, or hateful cat. In fact he's pretty peppy and happy (most of the time), because he's alive, he's helping his clanmates, and for the moment he can walk. Now that's not to say he's annoyingly perky, Starwalker is a bit mild-mannered and deceptively calm when working or around his leader and deputy. He's got an undertone of sarcasm, and can shoot off his mouth rather quickly; he will tell anyone that stupid questions deserve snarky answers. He's smart with a good memory, which is what allowed him to pursue his tasks, though disliked, at a young age and do them well. Persistent towards his goals, he's no one to give up at anything he's doing, nor admit defeat easily; and he can become quite aggressive if told there's no way he can do something. Starwalker has gained the knowledge that sometimes a shoulder to lean on, or an ear to listen to someone, can be more effective then herbs in certain circumstances, which is something he's hoping to pass onto his apprentice. And he's good at both, being a cat whose social and enjoys spending time outside of his den with his clanmates; even if getting out is becoming harder to do with each passing leafbare. Knowing that he likely won't see to many more seasons has not slowed him down, and he's not told anyone else how bad he's truly gotten. He simply wants to do his duties to his clan to the fullest, and know that it will be left in good paws when he finally passes over. Background History: Born as an only kit to a disease stricken mother, Starwalker was the only kit from the litter to survive, his mother didn't either. His aunt instead took him in, raised him with her own kit, Silentkit, who was a few moons older. But she never saw the tiny Starwalker as her own, and didn't give much thought to his name. Simply called his Tinykit, due to his size. As Tinykit grew it became clear something was not right, as he didn't grow as quickly as he should, and even simply falls would put him out of commission for days. At five moons Tinykit was allowed to venture just from the camp, and of course tripped on a root as he was playing with the other kits. A broken front paw, still not completely healed, handicapped him during his apprentice ceremony. A ceremony which did not go as he'd hoped. Smart, but physically weak, he was given to the Medicine Cat as an apprentice, which left a bitter taste in his mouth. Tinykit became Tinypaw, and though he did very well as a medicine cat apprentice it's not where he heart truly lay; he longed to venture out with his brother. After his mentor died when he was only fourteen moons old, Tinypaw knew he had to stick to being Medicine Cat since he was the only one left to do it, and during his naming ceremony asked his leader in private if he could have a different name, something that reflected who he was in a cat rather than his looks. His wish was granted, and Tinypaw became Starwalker. Of course life was never easy for him-- as he grew his illness just became worse; he began losing weight, his bones became even more brittle, and he began to hurt. It's been this way for many moons, so he's simply become used to it. Less than two seasons ago Silentsky disappeared during a routine patrol and was found a day later: dead. Starwalker's still not exactly over it, but he's trying to hide his grief and continue caring for his clan until he finally passes on. Family: Silentsky {brother/deceased} Mate: Forbidden Crush: Forbidden Kits: Forbidden Is your character killable?: Very much so! Other: Blind mole. I figured since one of you is the medicine cat apprentice and the other archiever neither of you would want to be medicine cat. That being said, I'm more than happy to switch Scorchedstar to deputy or simply a warrior if one of you want to be the leader so I don't have two really high ranks! Name: Moonwake Age: 24 Moons Gender: She-cat Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member Rank: Warrior Personality: Moonwake is a brutally honest she-cat with a gentle voice and even gentler demeanor. She rarely raises her soft voice without good reason, but is instead good at using words to allow someone to understand what she's feeling or thinking. Though Moonwake does not always like to, she's good at guilt trips and making someone feel small if they deserve it; it's one of her quirks. Generally though she's very motherly to most all apprentices and kits, and is a good listener; often times giving out advice or giving a shoulder to lean on to those who need someone to simply listen. Moonwake is definitely not a fighter and even becomes a bit queasy at the sight of blood. To her Caveclan is not simply for those who were born into it and will be one of the cats who will stand up for the newcomers and their plight. Background History: Nothing really of importance. Family: Wolfheart {Father? @gamma} Mate: Nope Crush: None as of the moment Kits: She'd love them one day. Is your character killable?: More than likely. Other: Blind vole
  9. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    Could I add these two to my click list? http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1130346 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1130749 I also clicked all on the wall.~
  10. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    @kurokishi Sorry about the late reply! Life's been busy. :3 Yeah, the limit kinda sucks but at the same time I can completely understand why it's in place.~ There is a limit on both the Custom pets and the CYO pets. For both it's 50. After 50 are in the system you can no longer get any more. Unless you buy a Custom potion. For actual Custom pets is 20 Zp, and I think it's 10zp for CYO pets, but could be wrong about that one. I've never bought any potions myself. If you buy this potion you get 50 more pets. Sorry if this is not a great answer!
  11. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    I'd like to replace my hatched pets (with exception being Kukulkan) with these guys please. :3 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1123794 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1127903 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1093287 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1127241
  12. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    @CaitlynMellark Alrighty! I'll get them into a trade momentarily. @kurokishi I didn't know, but apparently I've reached my 50 limit on the Abstruse Mongrel. DX So I can't get any more of them out. Sorry about that! I'll still get the Humming Griffin out and into the trade.
  13. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    @CaitlynMellark Which alt and gender of Turkish Angora and what gender of Humming Griffin would you like?
  14. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    Added a new Egg Drop pet: Humming Griffin.~
  15. Cryptids :: Flippyarmy & Alcarie

    OoC: You could start her off wherever, does not matter to me.^^ In his cell, in one of the others, or if you'd like shes does not even have to be captured yet.~ I can maneuver Eshuzur where ever works best to suit you and Callie.