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  1. GaH the Person Above You

    @KaylaDoesEverything Hatched.~ This one please:
  2. Art Dump

    @Creus Awesome! It's a pretty good game - in particular the pets and artwork.~ I hope you enjoy it! Of course, if you need any help over on it just message me there (or here). :3
  3. Art Dump

    Just some more random pieces I don't want to lose...again. Dragonfly commission for someone on Rescreatu. Two of my Otachie's over on Rescreatu. Amenadiel the albino and Savenkov the black. Kina's 'drunk' Galta named Vodka on Rescreatu.
  4. Alcarie!! I'm not sure if you remember me it's been a hot minute ,but I used to RP with you and King back in the day!

    1. Alcarie


      Oh, yeah I remember! It has been a while, but then again I've not been on a whole lot recently either. It's good to see some familiar faces again.~ I hope everything's been going okay for you. :3

  5. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    Sorry guys, I don't play enough on here anymore to keep up with this thread. I'm closing the shop down.
  6. Searching for 1x1's

    @Dashy I'm always up for a roleplay! I'll send you a PM.~
  7. Art Dump

    @Dashy Haha thanks! Deer are hard... I'm hoping to one day roleplay with Atabei, but finding a site with an active group is not easy. XD The design for Darkwolf's Apredye goes all to her, so I can't take credit for him.^^ I just got the privilege to draw him.
  8. Silver's Looking for ...

    Alrighty! Sending one over. :3
  9. Silver's Looking for ...

    If you still need the black Arachnid Pony I've got a few hatched. No cost since I kinda just want them gone.~
  10. Art Dump

    Plopping these guys here as well. Atabei is my little black doe, while the silver buck is Darkwolf's Apredye.
  11. Art Dump

    @kurokishi Thanks! Sirrah (the big Canis Leoni) is actually an older piece -- probably about two years old. I should probably update his image.~ I am surprised you like the color choices though, because that's the one thing I really struggle with. XD Glad they work for you! @Lilytora Thank you so much! I love your art, so that means a lot. :3
  12. Art Dump

    For some reason PetAdoptables won't allow me to upload images to the gallery. So, for safe keeping, because computers hate me, I'm going to stick the pieces I don't want to disappear here. I don't like Photobucket, Deviantart, TinyPics, etc. to stash my art; which is why I'm also putting it here.^^ Oh, and it's possible that some of these are in my gallery, but since I can't access it that does not help me none. And, of course, all of these were done by me. :3 Feel free to comment or ask questions about any of these guys! I'm always up to discuss techniques, constructive criticism, or simply the characters themselves. :3 I'm also more than happy to talk about (likely free) commissions.~ I don't figure anyone would, but just to be safe please don't use any of the images here for anything.~ Mesoamerica My calico Otachie over on Rescreatu. Stray is my username over there. Chavin A jaguar character of mine. Chaska A sphynx I adopted from someone. Dagen He's my Cuddlebun, which is a closed species by NickyKitty. Danno - Leo Danno is my Liyure - Leo is Kina's Liyure Both are on Rescreatu Sirrah and Aree My two Canis Leoni's, which is a closed species owned by Gamma. Albion - Adiago My twin Xesum's. Xesum's are a closed species owned by me. I'm always open to making one for someone if they want one!~ Cece My Black Jahra on Rescreatu. Atabei (black doe) & Apredye (silver buck) Atabei is mine, Apredye belongs to Darkwolf Humans...This is just practice to see if I could do it and to see how crappy it looks. XD I obviously didn't pay much attention to the clothes, so neither should you.~ This is a try at my character Gideon (Kit)
  13. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    @CaitlynMellark @Miss Kitty Sorry about the wait! I'll get your pets out and into a trade momentarily.~
  14. @Jade If this little guy is still not done, I'd love to work on finishing him up.~
  15. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    Sorry about the delayed response guys! I've been busy with real life. :3 @Miss Kitty I've reached my limit of 50 on the Wintertide, but I'll get the others out and into a trade momentarily.^^ @AuraDragoness Which genders would you like? @SilverStallion Unfortunately I don't have but one or two of the Arachnid Pony's hatched. If you get duplicate alts just send them back to me in a trade and I'll swap it out for another egg free of charge until you get all the alts. :3