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  1. Lockdown (Sign Ups)

    Name :: Gabriel Savenkov Age :: 24 Type :: Adult...ish Personality :: Although he's considered an adult, Gabriel does not tend to act like one. Instead, he's a bit of a hooligan who's going to give his older brother grey hairs with his antics; some of which might toe the line of being legal. He's not sure what he's going to do with his life yet, but knows he wants to live it to the fullest. Even if that means it's short. He wants adventure and danger and tends to seek it out. Gabriel is a people person and does not enjoy being alone so attention, even if it's negative, is okay with him. That does not means he's necessarily charismatic, though he has his moments, and people who are stoic or work orientated will likely find his loud-mouth and rambunctious look on life annoying. However, Gabriel does have a serious side that shows when it comes to loyalty, in particular where family is concerned. Appearance :: Gabriel History :: Gabriel is the youngest son of Andon Savenkov and has ten siblings - eight of which are boys. So to be heard growing up he needed to be loud, a traits that's carried over. Andon was a workaholic and Gabriel's mother had her hands full with so many children plus work, so he relied on his older siblings to help raise him. Lazar and Kit in particular spent more time with Gabriel than Andon and Vera, which is why he grew so close to these two brothers in particular. After highschool Gabriel was at a loss on what to do with his life, because he knew college was not in his future. For the next couple of years he did odd jobs around his home town, got into a lot of mischief with his friends, and finally landed himself behind bars after a particularly unruly night. To his luck Kit was able to get him out of the charge, though he'd been given a lecture and told he'd not be saved again. He decided a change of pace was needed, and to Kit's chagrin followed his older brother to Greensville for a new start. Or at least an attempt at one. Romantic Partner? :: Nope Other :: As of the moment Gabriel lives with his older brother and works at a local café while he 'finds himself.' -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- Name :: Gideon "Kit" Savenkov Age :: 36 Type :: Police Officer Personality :: Kit is quite the opposite of his younger brother. He's more driven and tends to know what he wants; and he's not afraid to fight for it. Being more of a middle child, Kit was never close to his father, but gained some of his workaholic tendencies. He has strong instincts to protect, be it his family or strangers, which is why he's always known he wanted to enter the police force. He can be stubborn and headstrong, and at times does not take directions very well from those he does not perceive has having any rank over him. However, he does know when he's beaten, though that does not mean he won't smart-off. Kit's not as much of a people person as Gabriel. He likes his privacy and does not feel the need to constantly have someone around. That does not mean he's not a friendly person when he wants to be, he's just not a boisterous or charming as his younger brother. In fact, when meeting new people he'll either come off as cold and aloof or humble and a bit awkward depending on the situation. Loyalty is also big for him, be it to his department, his friends, his family, or those he's sworn to protect; he's not afraid to jump in front of a bullet for those he's loyal to and he's got the scar to prove it. Appearance :: Kit History :: From a young age he was bull-headed and tended to fight with his brothers more than anything - except for Gabriel, who was the baby of the group and opposite most of the others. As soon as he graduated college Kit instantly applied for the police academy in nearby DC. For the next seven years, until he was twenty-five Kit was in and out of the Savenkov's life, preferring to be out on his own. Though, his guest bedroom almost always had a sibling in it who'd become tired of the bustle of home and sought refuge with him - more often than not it was either Lazar of Gabriel. At twenty-five he became a detective of MPD, and worked his way up to a lead detective by thirty-one. He was happy in his position of status, even if some of the things he'd seen and some of the people he worked with were the things of nightmare's. Everything went to h*ll three years after his promotion during a high profile case that ended in four officers dead, a bullet hole through his shoulder, and the case itself a lost cause. Deciding he needed to do something different, because he knew he was starting to spiral, Kit put in for a transfer to somewhere small and quiet and ended up in Greensville, Washington. He'd hoped nothing big happened here except maybe the occasional disturbance by teenagers or a cat up a tree. Romantic Partner? :: Nope Other :: When transferring, he decided not to apply for a detective position, instead wanting to become a beat-cop again. Although, the tendencies towards accidentally acting like a detective has not left...As for his nickname: he blames Gabriel, Christmas, and Jack Daniel's. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- Are we allowed more than two characters? If so, I can make an adult female or whoever is needed if I'm accepted.~
  2. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    @mcmuffin Sure! @Tastical Of course! What genders? @Sergeant_Stucky Correct! I'll get all pets out and in trades momentarily. :3
  3. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    @Kaylercool Sure! I'll set up a trade momentarily.
  4. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    @Imzadi83 Alrighty.~ I'll get them out and in a trade momentarily!
  5. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    @tomomi Same.~ I had a hard time picking which Fossalin I liked best. XD But the pet has been added and trade accepted. Thank you!
  6. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    @tomomi Wonderful! Could I get an alt 1 male please? Which alt/gender would you like of the Ixbalanque?
  7. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    @Imzadi83 Ack! Yup, I missed you big time. DX So sorry about that! I've not been on PA recently, though that's really no excuse. Anyhow, if you're still interested then yes, they are still available. Just let me know which gender you'd like.^^
  8. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    @tomomi Just curious but would you be willing to trade a Fossalin for an Ixbalanque?
  9. Searching for 1x1's

    So, it's been a while. :3 I used to be pretty active on the forums, but life got in the way. You know, college, graduating(!), trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing with my life. Now I'm doing my final study abroad, in Spain (Barcelona) this time, and found I have most nights free. The creative juices are flowing over here and I find myself really wanting to write in my free time! Roleplay's have always been a favorite form of expression for me, and I do love PA still, so though it was time to return and see if anyone here still roleplays. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ I'm not sure who all one here is new anymore, so here's a little about my style, ect. I don't want someone getting into a roleplay and realizing their style and mine don't mesh. XD My Character Profile Storage here on PA if anyone wants to see some of the characters I might use or who you can pick from. Or an example of my writing style. Typically, I'm not picky about my roleplay partner being literate, semi-literate, ect. As long as your trying that's good enough for me! I do, however, tend to be semi-literate to literate, and at times will write 3+ paragraphs if I'm really feeling the plot. So you might have to do a bit of reading. Sorry in advance.~ Romance does not have to be a central part of the roleplay. I'm fine having romance or having none. I can do MxF, MxM, FxF, or other. Nothing really bothers me. I do not, however, do anything above PG13 rated on PA. That includes romance or gore. Playing male characters I do a bit better with, but can, and will, play females. Humans, dogs, cats, dragons, plants, ect. I don't mind playing any type of species either. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ Alright, plot! ...I don't have a specific one... That being said, I can come up with one or you can throw out your idea! I will try almost anything. The list below, however, will give you a hint of what I cannot/will not roleplay and a hint of what I will. Also, there are some basic plots below that we can tweak if one of those interests you just to get things started. Wills and Will Not's Here are some plots we can work with and tweak to suit both of us. Or throw your own at me! As you probably noticed, some of these are 1x1's only, while other can, but don't have to be, groups plots. If your interested in one but someones already commented on it, just let me know and we can work something out! I'm like Gumby: extremely flexible! You can post here or PM if interested in a plot posted, something different, or with your own plot!
  10. Artwork

    Practice drawings of both the graphic and graphite kind.
  11. Chaska

    From the album Artwork

    Putting this here for safe keeping. The concept of these types of Sphinx's belongs to Pearl over on Rescreatu. This particular Sphinx is mine and drawn by me.
  12. GaH the Person Above You

    @Imzadi83 Hatched. This one please:
  13. Project 0 sign ups (open)

    @Lone Wolf Darkwolf wanted me to let you know that wild dogs are allowed. :3 Her phones internet is messing up, which is why I'm replying for her.
  14. Project 0 sign ups (open)

    Name :: Fleck Gender :: Female Age :: Young, probably close to five months History :: Fleck's never known what having a home would really be like, having been born behind a dumpster nearly two years after New York was overrun. But she dreams of it, of being safe and warm; maybe even having some young humans to play and cuddle with. She was one of the lucky pups, having escaped the jaws of zombies, unlike her mother and sister, and finding an older dog who cares for her. Taguta saved her life after a zombie canine cornered her in an alley and she's followed him everywhere since. Personality :: Fleck is still in a puppy-ish stage, so she's as easily excitable as she is easily frightened. She's not a fan of being alone, so Fleck is too trusting for her own good and will follow another wherever if it means she's with someone else. Though, because she's got Taguta right now she's not to willing to leave him. She's intelligent but not street smart, loyal but gullible, watchful but not brave. She's got a lot of learning to do, but she's more than willing to do so. Dog or Cat? :: Dog Breed :: Mutt Crush :: Nope Mate :: Too young Offspring :: Too young Family :: Not really, though she considers Taguta an uncle. Other :: Nothing of importance. Name :: Taguta Gender :: Male Age :: Six years History :: Taguta had a good like before the zombie outbreak. He lived with his master and his masters mate until he was six months, which is when they introduced him to their new baby girl. He was instantly smitten with this tiny, bald human and vowed to protect her from them on. He grew up alongside the child, didn't mind her tugging on his ears and droopy jowls, listened to her babble on as she swung tiny fists and grabbed his fur. He was her protector and she was his best friend. Then two years ago happened and Taguta was abandoned as his humans fled, though he'd tried in vain to chase them down. Who would protect his tiny human now? Taguta learned quickly who the enemy was and how to avoid them. He's sticking close to the city just in case his family does return for him; it's a slowly dying dream though. Taguta rescued Fleck on a whim, because she reminded him of his lost human child -- tiny, weak, to trusting and to young to be alone. He's come to care for her and considers her under his protection. Personality :: Taguta looks like a giant brute who'd sooner snap someones throat open than talk to them. Yet that's a wrong assumption. Taguta is actually a gentle soul, more big-brotherly than anything. Sure, he can be gruff and downright scary if he has to be, but he's not a fighter at heart. He does not want to see any dog hurt needlessly and has a strong protective instinct; in particular when it comes to young ones. He's not afraid of much, but when he is he'll stoically hide it because he won't want to scare others. Over-all his emotions are not easily seen. He tends to come off as impassive or aloof most of the time but if someone knows him well enough they can tell he's a big marshmallow. But Taguta is a protector above all else and can and will throw his weight around if he has too. Dog or Cat? :: Dog Breed :: Cane Corso Crush :: Nope Mate :: Has never taken one Offspring :: He had one litter while living with his humans, but they'd been sent away with their mother and her owners and given new homes. Family :: None he knows anymore. Other :: Nothing of importance. Name :: Vodou Gender :: Male Age :: About three years History :: Vodou's owner was one of the first to buy a cat this new, distinct breed and brought him home to New York City when he was nine weeks old. Having grown up a bit pampered, he was not prepared for the sudden death of his humans due to the outbreak and had no idea how exactly to survive on his own. He's been scavenging mostly since then, fighting tooth and claw to survive. He's done this mostly by hiding and staying out of the way of others. Personality :: Quiet and gentle, Vodou can't force himself to willingly harm anyone if there's no need; not even for food. His a bit timid at first, but over-all extremely friendly and willing to help if he can. He particularly has a soft spot for the young or injured; no matter the species. He sometimes sticks his nose where it does not belong, though he knows by now no good will likely come from it, and has some guilt issues. Vodou also knows how he looks to others, and has learned how to ignore them with practiced ease. Dog or Cat? :: Cat Breed :: Lykoi Crush :: Nope Mate :: Nope Offspring :: Nope Family :: None he remembers Other :: Nothing of importance. Name :: Bonzai Gender :: Male Age :: 6 Months History :: Bonzai was born in an abandoned house a year and a half after the zombie outbreak. His father, as he came to learn afterwards, was one of the first dogs to be infected. His mother disappeared when Bonzai was four months, and though he's not sure what happened he's just glad he's still go his father. Personality :: Bonzai is a still a pup at heart, quick to stick his nose where it does not belong out of curiosity but running to hide behind the older dogs when he nearly gets it bitten off by a zombie. He loves others being around: listening to their chatter and always having someone to play with if they feel up to it. He can be rather annoying, with his own constant talking and playful antics. Things have taken a sudden change within the last month. Bonzai still feels the same, but for one big difference. He suddenly has a hunkering for flesh, longs to take a giant bite out of someone. He hates the feeling, but sometimes has a hard time controlling it. Dog or Cat? :: Dog Breed :: Labrador Retriever / Doberman Pinscher mix Crush :: Nope Mate :: Too young Offspring :: Too young Family :: Buddy is his father Other :: Because Buddy was a zombie when Bonzai was conceived, Bonzai is part zombie himself. Name :: Crow Gender :: Male Age :: 3 years History :: Personality :: Dog or Cat? :: Cat Breed :: Unknown Crush :: Nope Mate :: Scarlet Offspring :: Scarlet is pregnant Family :: None he knows of Other :: I'm editing him.
  15. I was scrolling through roleplay sign-ups and I just wanted to say that I saw your character Starwalker, and thought his personality and backstory were amazing! I need to improve my OCs XD

    May StarClan light your path   ~lark

    1. Alcarie


      Why, thank you! Starwalker is my Warrior Cat baby who I (obviously) just love to hurt. XD

      If you roleplay and want to work with your warriors feel free to message me! I'm always open for a new roleplay and meeting new people.^^