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  1. Pre-Order

    @Wenga: Still no ZP? Bump!
  2. @Phase the Hedgehog: Are you still interested? Bump!
  3. Hi! I am back from England at last! And I had the best time ever!

    1. Phase the Hedgehog

      Phase the Hedgehog

      Huzzah! xD Welcome back! There's a lot of new stuff going on! There was a custom update, you can now build pets (The craftables, you can buy the plans under 'Activities' 'Plan shop') and.... Thats all I can think fo now. xD

    2. Rainyy


      hey petz, welcome back!

  4. Petzrgr8's Great Petz! *Open*

    Bump! I am back!
  5. A little something for everyone!

    Adoptables side Username: petzrgr8 Form of art: Writing Entry: I wake up early Saturday morning and I walk outside with leash in hand. As I hook it up to collar of my dog I can see the Autumn leaves drifting to the ground. The smell of last nights Pumpkin pie is still in the air making my mouth water. So I head out to take my wonderful Alaskan Malamute, Moab, out for a walk in the crisp morning air. The neighbors have not awaken, yet, making it nearly silent. But I can hear the crunching of leaves under my boots, the chattering of early morning birds, and squirrels playing tag in the trees. I look up at the squirrels smiling, because they remind me of me and my brother when we were younger. My dog gallops along reminding me I am still young and have many years to live on. We head over to the forest in our neighborhood, and enjoy the morning air. He growls at a frog hopping near a little marsh, and jumps at a rabbit jumping in the bushes. My dog is the reminder that I will always have a friend by my side. After our long morning walk we head back home for breakfast. I bring Moab inside and fill his food dish with two scoops of dog food and duck jerky on top. I head over to cupboard to look for waffle mix, and get out the waffle baker. I mix the waffle mix and put it in the waffle baker. While it's cooking my mouth is watering. 'Ding!' It's done! I poor myself a glass of orange juice and sit down at the table, to enjoy my waffle. After breakfast I head outside to rake up piles of leaves. As I rake them up the wind speed picks up and the clouds gather above my head. Thunder growls a few miles away and lightening zaps the ground. I go inside and cook myself a warm pizza for lunch and hot chocolate to drink. I sit down to enjoy my lunch. My cat jumps up and curls up next to me. I sit in the quiet house, only the crunching of the pizza in my mouth. I go to wash up the dishes. And play with my new kitten, and my other three cats! I can only hope to live a life like this for many years! I wrote this when I was twelve years old, imaging what I'd be like when I was older. I picked it up and the first thing that came to mind was. My friends on PA! Thank you for all the fun I've had thus far!
  6. A little something for everyone!

    Adoptables side Username: petzrgr8 Form of art: Poetry Entry: Spring on PA Spring oh spring! What could it bring Pearls, Crystals, and Pets too There is so much to do And so many pets Fishing is fun when you use a net It is much easier to get a pet fish What shall I name it Mish Nish Who knows maybe Tiger I wish I could get a pet Liger Maybe I could suggest it I need ZC just a bit This is what it can bring Spring oh Spring!
  7. Female please! Male or Female Wizard Dog?
  8. Would you trade one for one of my new CYO's? I have the Carousel Zebra Horse, Carousel Zebra Dog, and Wizard Dog
  9. Petzrgr8's Great Petz! *Open*

  10. A little something for everyone!

    Adoptables side Username: petzrgr8 Form of art: Photography Entry: Just seeing this my cat is always a reminder that I always have friends on PA, to help me through life! Thank you to all my wonderful friends on PA, who brighten my day!
  11. Melody's Pet Shop [Open]

    Added and accepted! Thank you so much! I love you Dinams! You are so creative! Thanks again!
  12. Melody's Pet Shop [Open]

    I would like a female Dinam and a male Blood Cat! Thanks!
  13. Melody's Pet Shop [Open]

    May I have an alt. 6 of the Blood cat for 400 ZC and an alt. 5 of the Dinam for 1000 ZC? If they are not sold out. I believe my total is 1400 ZC! Thanks! I have the ZC on hand so send the trade over when you are ready. Thanks!
  14. Petzrgr8's Great Petz! *Open*

    Grand Opening! Offer your price and I will give you a special offer! Thanks for looking!
  15. Petzrgr8's Great Petz! *Open*

    CYO's and Customs for Sale: You are now standing in front of the curtain, and looking at the hanging sign above it which reads 'Private: Permission Only.' So you stroll back to the front of the store and ring the little bell 'ding.' Petz comes out from a back door which must lead o the feeding and cleaning supplies. "Let me guess," she says,"You want to enter the Private place." You reply with an astonished look on your face,"How'd you know? But yes I would like to go in there. How do I get access?" She replies with a smile on here face,"That's always what people want when they come to the front desk without a pet. Take this card and slide in. The curtain will open. But be ready for the surprise of your life!" You take the card and walk back to the curtain. You slide it into, what looks like a credit card slide. And the curtain opens. You have been revealed to pets you didn't even know existed! Watermelon Kitsune: On the site: 3/10 Price ZP (Sold: 0/5): 10 ZP Price ZC (Sold: 0/2): 1000 ZC Carousel Zebra Dog: On the site: Female (ZP only): 1/3 Male: 1/47 Price ZP: 6 ZP Price ZC: 600 ZC Carousel Zebra Horse: On the site: Female: 1/47 Male (ZP only): 1/3 Price ZP: 6 ZP Price ZC: 600 ZC Wizard Dog: On the site: 2/50 Price ZP: 6 ZP Price ZC: 600 ZC Thank you for coming to my store!