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  1. Auctioning 100,000 zc for paypal!!! (ENDED)

    Yeah, congrats on winning!! I'll send you a pm so we can work out a trade!
  2. I've recently returned to PA from a hiatus and, realising that I have way more zc on my account than I'll ever need, I've decided to hold an auction of 100,000 zc in exchange for paypal. Proof of my zc balance - https://imgur.com/a/Rm8q7j2 The starting bid is $1, increasing in minimum increments of $1 each. Bids can be posted either on this thread or on my message board. Bid #1 - SquishyPigs for $1. Bid #2 - sweet.reaper for $3. The auction will end on 1st July 2019, and the highest bidder will be sent a trade on PA with the 100,000 zc in exchange for paypal. Good luck!! Auction Ended - winner is sweet.reaper, congratulations!!!
  3. If anyone is interested in buying 100,000 zc for paypal, please let me know. I'll be willing to look at any offers, starting from $1.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. sweet.reaper


      ill go for 3

    3. Clarrissa


      Thank you! I'll add you to the bidding list on my post.

    4. sweet.reaper


      is this still going?


  4. Are your Munchkin Cats still available to buy? If so, how much? :)

  5. Mind if I could trade with you? You didn't answer last time. 

  6. Altaluna's Alts (Seeking/Swapping) (Updated Feb 26)

    @Altaluna I have an alt 4 paws of paradise for trade and I'm looking for the one your offering :3 I sent a trade! ^^
  7. I had 525 gingerbread cookies and I thought, maybe, just maybe, I'd be able to get a canada lynx, but then it goes down to 387. Ughhh... I swear we're losing way more stocking stuffers than we used to and it's always the same ones.

    1. Nickykitty


      I know was 5 from a canada lynx then I lose some and I was down to 325 its a bit much to lose that many

    2. Clarrissa


      It would make more sense if it went down by between 5 and 50, over 200 is just crazy

    3. Nickykitty


      I know

  8. Looking for a male alt 4 winter whisker and a male alt 1 christmas bandit. I have every other alt available for swap.

  9. Looking for blue Holiday Spirit Bear! (Alt 4)

    @zanderwolf Hi! Is there anything you'd like in exchange fo this pet? Alll my doubles are in my 'trades' group, please consider taking a look! If you'd rander have zc, let me know your price ^^
  10. Holiday Event Discussion

    I already have the whole Bright Bowkits set from the Valentines event last year, so if anyone wants to swap any eggs I trade in for in exchange for Christmas Doll Kittys, please let me know!