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  1. Hoarding~!

    Hey guys! So, I'm hoarding some kinds of pets, which would be these: Aqua Lilium Lutra Holstein Cow Humpback Whale Nubian Goat For these Stage 2 or 3 are preferred Samoyed Dog Bobcat Nine Banded Armadillo Beagle Scottish Fold Cat Barn Owl Tropical Dragon Only Stage 1 or 2 please If you have any of these and don't want/need them I'd be happy to buy them from you! ^.^ I'm willing to pay 100zc for them (egg or hatched) as they all aren't really that rare anymore. And obviously IF someone has a spare Norwegian Sphinx Cat they don't want anymore I'll pay more for that one. :3 I hope someone can help me make my hoards grow. PS.: If someone needs any help with completing any of these sets I'd be okay to swap with you. I most probably have more then enough of each Alt to help you out. x) Thank you! Just for the fun, lol
  2. Hello people~ Welcome to my Shop! Here you can buy my CYOs and Customs too~ ^^ Some may be out of stock, but keep an eye out, they may be available sooner or later again. I can hold pets for you, but of course it's best to have the ZC/ZP ready. I do prefer to trade Mini for other Mini Customs, as that is more fair to me. The brushes for Full Customs are double the prize (and more) of those for Minis, so a 1:2 trade is what I'll do mostly. Exceptions can be made, if I totally like the Mini or anything else special. ^^ Some Rules: 1. Don't sell or trade my Customs and CYOs away. If you do you won't be able to get any more. 2. Alt Swapping is NOT allowed. 3. Gender Swapping is okay. Here we go: FCA Customs MCA Customs CYO Customs Collab CYOs Coming Soon! Customs: ? Munchkin Cutie - FCA (shared with Ruisistence) ? (If anyone knows where Rui disappeared to I'd be glad to hear, lol) ? Cutie Fawns - MCA (shared with Allie) ? ? Goatie Babies - MCA (shared with Allie) ? ? Baby Skunks - MCA (shared with Allie) ? (Allie disappeared, so yeah) Taira and Senri ~ DP FCA Thank you, tomomi~
  3. GPX Plus

    As there are a lot of people here that like Pokemon, does anyone play it? I wanna have some more friends - only have 3 so far. xD My name is just tomomi on there as well. Only been playing it for 2 days though.
  4. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    Hey, thank you. ^^ You're always welcome, lol. Sent you a trade. Your total is 11400zc.
  5. Hoarding~!

    Sure, send them over if you don't need them. x3
  6. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    Your total are 14600zc. Already sent you a trade. ^^
  7. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    @Imzadi83 We'll see for how long that will be, haha. But thanks. ^^ Do you care about genders for specific Alts or just random 3/3?
  8. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    Are you guys still interested? @Imzadi83 Those are the Gazelles, right? xD
  9. ~*~ PA Fairy Gifting ~*~

    Hello everyone~ As one of the PA Fairies I'm here to bring you happiness, lol. Go to my Profile or to Nickykitty's and look through the room called "Fairy" or "1 fairy". (I'm removing the other people for now as some of them weren't online for a loooong time. If you wish to participate again PM me please. @Aeryn @this is me @Unluckycat.) If your account is under 4 weeks old you can choose a pet from there. :3 Edit: As I have a TON of pets in the Fairy room, you can have 2 or even 3 pets. But don't only choose rare ones, lol. Edit2: Nickykitty is very busy atm, so she will take a while to fulfill your requests. Please be patient. ^^ Please always ping me! @tomomi That way I'll get a notification and you won't have to wait that long. And I can also inform the other Fairies faster. ^^ Have fun looking for the perfect pet! tomomi
  10. Hello fellow Anime fans! I guess you love Anime if you are reading this at the moment. x3 *hugs you* There can never be enough Anime fans around, lol. In this thread you can discuss about anything Anime. Post if you want to recommend an Anime you watched some time ago. Post about Anime you are watching right now. Post about Anime you didn't like - everyone has those too, lol - and your most loved. Post about your favorite characters. Post your favorite Opening or Endings or other songs! Maybe you have Seiyuus (voice actors) you totally love, post away~ ...................... Really, you can post anything as long as it it related to Anime. x3 And of course also Manga! Talking about anything Manga is totally fine as well! Rule #1 Don't start fighting, stay nice. Everyone has their own tastes. Of course you can say you don't like it, but that's enough, lol. And... that's the only rule really. xD Have fun! ^^ If you have a MyAnimeList Account post your Username on the thread and I'll add it here! It's easier to see which Anime someone watched and stuff like that. xD tomomi ~ tomomi-chan SoubisSacrifice ~ SoubisSacrifice (Anime-Planet link for now) Ayumu14 ~ Foxxyy Philotes ~ Philotes Snowflake ~ Snowflakebudgie SaberToothGirl ~ warriorcats100 Mocking ~ TheCloudKnight12
  11. Hoarding~!

    @Imzadi83 Thank you. :3
  12. GaH the Person Above You

    @Lilytora Hatched. Thanks. http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1122039
  13. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    @Kaylercool Thank you too. ^^
  14. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    @Kaylercool Which genders?
  15. GaH the Person Above You

    @Imzadi83 Hatched. Thank you. http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1110061
  16. GaH the Person Above You

    @Imzadi83 Hatched. Thanks. http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1110060
  17. GaH the Person Above You

    @cinnamonapples Hatched. Thanks. http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1115772
  18. GaH the Person Above You

    @Lilytora Hatched. Thanks. http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1115670
  19. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    @Miss Kitty Sent you a trade. ^^
  20. Leaving Need Help

    @Kitkat I know for a fact that people got in trouble for it some years back. But I don't know if it's still the same. Probably is.
  21. Leaving Need Help

    @CaitlynMellark It's fine. xD
  22. Leaving Need Help

    @Chaos @CaitlynMellark @crzyanimemom Trading through someone else is considered cheating as well. At least it was in the past.
  23. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    @cinnamonapples That's fine. Take your time. ^^
  24. GaH the Person Above You

    @Brightshadow Hatched. Thanks. http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1110061
  25. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    @cinnamonapples The trade is waiting for you.