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  1. LOST (RP)

    The little girl frowned, keeping her hand on his shoulder, half from comfort and half to keep him from sitting up all the way. She glanced up as the others came over, recognizing two new people. One of the people, the man, had been sitting a few rows up from her. She remembered him passing them as he walked through the aisles of the plane. The other one, a woman, she didn't recognize. As the woman spoke to her, she leaned back a little, wary. Oliver came over behind Eli and Angelica, studying both the little girl and the hurt guy. He wanted to immediately go and comfort the little girl, but he knew Eli needed help moving the injured man. As Eli told him what to do, he moved over to the man's other side, leaning down as best he could. Kneeling was impossible for him, so he'd just have to lean down. "Hey, kid." He said, referring to the little girl, grabbing her attention. "Lotte." She replied, standing up gingerly, the cuts on her knees filled with sand, gritting as she stood. It hurt, but it felt good to stand up, to not seem so weak. "This guy's gonna need looking after even when we get to the others." He explained. "You're looking for a concussion. For nausea-do you know what that means?" He asked, and she nodded. "And dizziness. And he shouldn't sleep for a while if he's concussed, so you'll need to keep him busy. Entertained." He explained, and she nodded, lifting her chin. Kids always liked feeling important, and he wanted to keep her family off her mind. "I can do that." She replied, dusting sand off of her shorts. "It's alright Kai." She said softly, moving over to the man, seeing his pained expression. "I-it's not far. They're bringing you to everyone else. I bet they have food and maybe blankets or even a doctor or something!"
  2. LOST (RP)

    [I get you on the night classes, I'm finishing up my Masters so I have them every night too~! No worries, just reply when you can!] Oliver was busy drinking his water when Eli ran up, and immediately he capped it and sat up. This was the same guy that had been helping with the bags earlier. "Here, you can have mine too, if you need more?" He offered, holding up his own bottle. "I'm good for now." He promised. He glanced over to where Eli was looking, seeing two faint figures away from the rest of the group. "I can help with that. With moving him." He offered, then his face softened as soon as he heard about the little girl, images of his own little daughter, toddling around with a grin, filling his head. "I have a daughter. I might be able to help her." He added, letting out a grunt as he adjusted his leg to stand up. It took a bit of effort, but he managed, stumbling a little before straightening. "Alright, lead us over. You might be able to help the girl too, Angelica, since..." He gestured to her general form. "I don't know. You're a woman?" He asked, unsure of what to say there. ----- The girl put her hand on Kai's shoulder to try to stop him moving, and to give him what little comfort she could. She was terrified, but everything seemed to feel so numb, that she was barely thinking about her family. Part of her knew they were gone, but there was some part that still wished and hoped. As the man spoke, she smiled. It was her job to look after him, and she would do it. "Y-yes, that's my name. Charlotte. I like Lotte better, though." She said, with a nod. "Don't move, please. It'll just hurt." She said, seeing him wince in pain. "I'm alright. Eli's nice. He said he'd help me look for my mummy and daddy and brother when we're done taking care of you." She explained. "Where are you from?"
  3. LOST (RP)

    Oliver coughed into his elbow, glancing around them. It was still chaos, but it seemed that most people had moved away from the plane and down the beach. "Someone's gonna have to get us organized in case we have to stay the night. We need a big fire, a signal fire. Maybe some shelter?" He said softly, somewhat to himself. At Angelica's question, he groaned. "God, it's going to be awful. Chloe's gonna kill me." He joked, covering his eyes with his hands. "I nearly die in the war and now here I am nearly dying on a plane!" He joked, shaking his head. He glanced toward Angelica, managing a smile. "Yeah. I'm doing some freelance writing so there was a story in Sydney that worked its way to LA. Though I was supposed to be heading to London tonight." He explained. "It's a lot of flying for 24 hours, but it's worth it to get home quick." He explained.
  4. LOST (RP)

    He leaned back, laying down in the sand, squinting up at the blue skies. It was strange. There was no storm, no bad weather. It was absolutely gorgeous outside, nothing that could have outwardly caused a crash such as this. It must have been an engine issue, or something to do with the mechanics. He had basic knowledge of mechanics thanks to his training, but he had always been more of a groundsman. He didn't work on machinery or fly helicopters or planes. At her statement, he hummed. He had caught the accent and figured she lived somewhere around there. He'd never been to Los Angeles, or the United States, but he'd seen enough movies. As she talked about her friends on the plane, he frowned, and looked over to the girl. "Oh... In the back?" He asked, knowing what fate probably had befallen them. The back of the plane was clearly not on this beach, so it was likely in the water. "I..." He stopped. His apologies weren't going to bring her friends back. "My family's in London. England. I have a Dad there, my mum died when I was little. My wife Chloe and 2 year-old daughter Mary are there too. I've never been so grateful that they weren't with me." He explained, letting out a sigh.
  5. Would anyone be interested in a Graceling/Fire/Bitterblue RP?

  6. LOST (RP)

    Oliver grabbed two of the last bags with Angelica, hauling them up the sand, straining at the heaviness of one of the bags. He was surprised that whoever this was was able to get that big of a bag as a carry-on. He shrugged at Angelica's question, grunting as he trudged up the sand, having a hard time walking with his prosthetic. "No idea. I'm sure they'll come by tonight, though. The plane must have had a black box, right?" He asked, glancing over to her. "I bet there are search parties look for us as we speak!" As he got the bag onto the sand, he finally let himself relax, collapsing onto the sand with a huff, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. His leg ached, and he reached to massage his thigh. "Yeah, I was a soldier. I'm a writer now, though. What about you? Got a family in LA?"
  7. LOST (RP)

    The little girl leaned forward as the man seemed to slip away from her again, and she let out a little gasp. "Hey, wake up!" She yelled, leaning forward over him. The other man- Eli- came back, and Charlotte looked up as he came over and knelt beside her. "He was awake a minute ago, but..." She explained, but then she noticed Kai waking up again. She scooted back so that Eli could get to him, letting in a small breath. She wanted to ask him where he went. She wanted to ask him if he'd seen her mother, or any of her family, but she knew that now was not the right time. "Can I help? Can I get anything?" She asked. ------ Oliver coughed, covering his mouth with his elbow. He grabbed another bag and started hauling it away from the plane. His leg, his stump of a leg, had started to ache now, from walking in the sand and from soreness from the crash. He ignored it, and turned to the girl. "Angelica." He repeated, then smiled. "I'm Oliver." He greeted, waving as Eli ran away. "Here, I'll help you with the rest of these." He offered to Angelica.
  8. LOST (RP)

    [Sounds good! Goodnight!] Another person joined the first one, and Oliver looked between the two of them. Both of them seemed well-off, not too injured. That was good. They needed able-bodied people in order to survive out here until they got rescued. He was sure word of their disappearance had reached the news by now, and surely there would be ships and helicopters headed their way in no time. They should be off this bloody beach by sundown. At least, he hoped. He could tell that whatever was in that fuselage had affected both of them, and he didn't blame them. He might be a soldier, but even he still recoiled at the sight of the dead. He nodded, and got to work, lifting two bags, one in each arm, and dragging them towards the crowd of people beyond the sand. "Next time you wanna go in there, let me go instead?" He offered, looking at the two. "I was a soldier. I've handled worse than that, and I'm sure..." He sighed, hauling his bag up onto a dune. "Well, it's not pretty in there, is it?" It was a question. He needed to know how many dead were in there, and if there might be some alive. ----------- The girl just simply was patient, waiting for him to process all of this. Sometimes, her parents said, it takes information a few minutes to get through your brain, especially when it's big information. As he spoke up again, she turned her head, scanning the beach side. "I don't know. He went back to the plane, I think, to get help. Or medicine. He said something about medicine." She explained. "For my knees and your head. You can go first, though. My knees don't hurt bad." She promised, giving him a kind smile.
  9. LOST (RP)

    [I am here! Let me try to get Oliver in with you guys!] Charlotte watched him with big, brown eyes before nodding as he got up to leave. "I'll watch him, I promise Eli." She said, with a determined look set on her face. She settled down beside the man, staring at him worriedly. She gently reached out, trying to inspect the wound on his head without touching it, moving his dark hair aside to get a better look. It was then that he woke, and it made her jump, gasping as his eyes opened. She scooted away from him, unsure if he was safe or not. Her mum had always told her not to talk to strangers, and here she was having met two of them! The man spoke, and she bit her lip. Gently, she reached out, putting a hand on his shoulder so he wouldn't sit up. "Shh." She whispered, swallowing hard. "Th-the plane. It crashed. We're on a beach somewhere. A man named Eli got you out of the plane. There's lots of people around." She explained, trying her best. "You hit your head. Or something hit your head. It's bleeding a lot." She explained gently. -------------- Oliver ran around helping who he could, trying his best to get the injured up onto the beach further from the plane. With the engines still running and the chance of explosion high, anyone near the plane was in danger. The sand made walking with his prosthetic a chore, but he was better used with a leg than hopping around. At least it gave him balance, somewhat. As he walked back to the plane from helping a young woman onto the sand, he noticed a few people heading into the fuselage. "Are they crazy?" He asked himself, trying his best to jog over. It took him a while, thanks to the sand and burning debris in his way, but he managed to make it to an opening. "Oi, anyone in there?" He called, cupping his hands over his mouth so he could be heard over the engine running. As he stood, the plane listed sideways, and he backed off, stumbling back onto the sand. "Hey, are you!" He called again, but then someone jumped out of the plane, stumbling onto the sand and coughing. Oliver ran towards him, trying to gauge if the young man was alright or not. "Hey, speak English? Are you okay? What were you doing in there?" He asked. He noticed the luggage, noticing how it piled outside of the entrance, and made a guess. "Need help with this?"
  10. LOST (RP)

    Charlotte sniffled, and nodded, blinking away her tears. Now that someone was talking to her, she remembered that she needed to be brave. She glanced down with deep, brown eyes to the hurt man, frowning. "Did his head get hit?" She asked, kneeling down beside the hurt man. She didn't care about her hurting knees, the man was bleeding and she didn't like it. She scooted over to the sand next to the man, glancing back at Eli. "Lotte. My name is Lotte. Charlotte. But call me Lotte, I like Lotte." She explained to the man, shrugging. "I'll watch over him. I'm brave, I promise. I'll make sure he's okay." She promised.
  11. LOST (RP)

    The little girl frowned as she saw someone coming toward her, carrying someone who had blood on his head. She didn't like that, and backed away, balling her hands into fists even tighter. She continued to cry, tears running down her cheeks, lower lip curled out. She sniffled, wiping her cheek with her arm as the man approached her. "N-no." She answered, having to take a few deep breaths in order to form words. "No. I just feel quite sore." She explained, with a little hiccup. "D-do you know where my mummy is? She looks like me." She pointed to herself. "She has dark skin and black hair that's curly and dark eyes and she was wearing a green coat." She explained, all of her words falling out at once. "A-and my brother and my Daddy are here too! But mummy was right next to me." She explained, glancing around again. She glanced down, giving a little swallow. "W-what happened? Where are we?"
  12. LOST (RP)

    Here we go @rapunzel and @plot_twister! Oceanic Flight 815 took off from Sydney Airport en route to Los Angeles during the summer of 2004. Hundreds of people left their homes and families, packed up their luggage, and stepped onto the plane. These people all had different stories, different histories linking them together on that one fateful voyage. Musicians, criminals, parents, children, doctors, lifeguards, and more all buckled their seatbelts and awaited the long flight to California. Of course, the plane never made it to Los Angeles. Six hours into the flight, sudden turbulence forced passengers and crew back to their seats. Within minutes, in mysterious circumstances, the plane began to fall, shaking violently. The tail was torn off, oxygen masks dropped, and the plane was sent hurtling toward a large Pacific island. Here is where you come in. This wasn't your average plane crash. Some of those who were in the middle section of the plane survived, stumbling onto the beach. You are one of those people. Your story, what brought you to the island, and what you do there: that is up to you. Just remember: this is not your typical island. There are secrets here. Monsters. Others. A mystery and miracle-working aura that no one can explain. Be safe. Be careful. Survive. --------------- Rules: -You don't have to know the TV show LOST to RP here -This is a literate RP. Please keep your replies to at least a good-sized paragraph or two. This is to help the RP move along and to not get stagnant. If you're not up to that, don't sign up. If you think you can try, do sign up! I'll help you out. -Please don't copy plot points/characters from the TV show. It'll be more fun if we're original about this. The situation/location is the same, but the characters and what happens to them are up to us! -No god-modding please. No Mary Sue's. Be original and creative! -HAVE FUN!! ----------------- Oceanic Flight 815 took off around 12:00 Australia time, anticipating clear skies and steady winds. They'd be in Los Angeles in about 15 hours if they made good timing. The flight went swimmingly for a few hours: lunch and drinks were served, and the passengers were enjoying their in-flight entertainment and the conversations of people around them. Six hours into the flight, and Oliver was bored. Very bored. His leg was growing stiff from staying in the same position, so he decided to get up and walk for a little. He was sitting in an aisle seat, and excused himself from the polite conversation with his neighbors in order to walk down the hallways. He had a distinct limp, though you could only tell he had a prosthetic if you looked closely. It was well-built, and hard to see under slacks. He passed a little girl and her mother, meeting the child's eyes, before stopping near the restrooms. It was nice to stretch. A bit of turbulence hit and Oliver held onto the nearest seat to steady himself. The Captain turned on the seatbelt sign, and Oliver began to make his way slowly back to his seat, groaning inwardly. This flight had been steady so far, but he supposed there wasn't a long flight without a little shaking. A moment after he sat back into his seat, the turbulence worsened, the plane giving with a large shake. "Christ, that's..." He mumbled to the person next to him, but a great drop cut him off. Passengers screamed, and the plane gave a lurch, giving to one side. Oliver cursed and grabbed his seatbelt, just as oxygen masks dropped above him. He couldn't help but curse his own luck as he pulled the mask over him, glancing back to make sure the people around him were secure. They were dropping now. Rapidly. He gripped onto his seat and leaned forward, hearing a loud breaking sound, wind rushing into his ears. The back of the plane had broken off. He was surprisingly calm when the plane crashed onto the island. He remained this way as he worked his way out of the burning fuselage, coughing as he reached the sand below. He knew he was injured, but as long as he could stand and breathe, his own safety was not a priority. Squinting from the smoke and the bright sunlight, he glanced around, taking in the destruction around him. It was like the plane had crumbled onto the sand, pieces had fallen everywhere, still burning, the engine still running. And the screaming...people were screaming so loud it hurt his ears. He stumbled forward, unsure where even to start. -------- The little girl had been knocked unconscious, and found herself being dragged onto the sand by a stranger. She let out a small groan, and the stranger immediately picked her up, moving her away from the wreckage. "Mummy..." She whimpered, as the man set her down onto the sand. "Where's my mummy?" She asked again, but he shook his head. Maybe he didn't know. Maybe he didn't understand English. She watched him for a moment, but then he went away, as if he had never been there to begin with. She willed up the strength to sit up, blinking, trying to make sense of the sight before her. She had been going to Los Angeles. She was going to go to Disneyland, but... She turned her head, looking around. She could see people. Lots of people. They were screaming and running and some of them were just lying very still, but she did not see her mummy. "Mummy?!" She yelled again, clenching her fists together. Her whole body ached, but she was determined. She stood up shakily, her knees skinned and bruised, sweater hanging off her shoulder. "Mummy!" She screamed, tears starting to form in her eyes.
  13. LOST (Sign-ups)

    Love that! Accepted! I'll start setting up the roleplay here soon. Hopefully a few more people join
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  15. LOST (Sign-ups)

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