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  1. 2 free CYOs for everyone! :)

    Yes, if you can. I havent seen the other topic You`re the best <3 THanks a lot ^^
  2. 2 free CYOs for everyone! :)

    @tomomi is this still available? omg they are so cuute <3 love them both, especially the second one. May I have both of them? if possible thanks a lot
  3. GaH the Person Above You

    Hatched This one: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=821001
  4. Christmas CYO Giveaway

    @tomomi Can I have one, too? Number 2, female. Thanks a lot Happy Holidays! XD
  5. PA SURVEY: we want your feedback!

    Because I love collecting pets, because I am allergic to cats/dogs in real life (can't stay a long period of time near them) and it feels real nice to have so many virtual pets (with no allergies xD) The process of gaining a full collection of pets (buying/selling or trading them) Yes, it is a very relaxing activity, during my short free time. Egg drop is a really nice idea, to help people complete or gain new species of animals Favorite part: having a shih-tzu dog XD (joking, it just makes me so happy because i miss my dog so so much). Favorite part: egg drop, mine and chest and cheys (i love this, it makes me wonder all the time what can a chest bring me xD but so hard sometimes to find the match). Least favorite part: eggs not hatching, really hard to level them. At the moment, I can not afford because I do not have a proper income. But will buy some things from cash shop, maybe in the future. Recently, less than 30 minutes, because my free time is limited. But sometimes I spend even around 2-3 hours.
  6. Adoption Center/Free Raffle (Set 10)

    @Sicarian thanks for the pet! The pet is so adorable! Would like to enter the raffle again
  7. Adoption Center/Free Raffle (Set 10)

    @Sicarian would like to enter again. all pets are soo cute <3
  8. Adoption Center/Free Raffle (Set 10)

    @Sicarian I enjoy sooo much these raffles. I'm so excited everytime, not knowing what could I win. Thank you so much for doing this! It's so much fun! Is there any spot left? Would like to participate again PS: thanks a lot for the 3 pets will take good care of them.
  9. Adoption Center/Free Raffle (Set 10)

    @Sicarian May I enter the raffle again? Thanks a lot for the bear, it was exactly what I wanted to have. I have seen it and... surprise, that's exactly what I won Thanks And can I adopt these 2 and ? Thanks a million times
  10. Adoption Center/Free Raffle (Set 10)

    @Sicarian Can I enter again in the raffle? Thanks a lot for the previous won pet <3
  11. Kirby's cyo shop and looking for Swaps

    @Pink Madness Thanks. Added and accepted
  12. Kirby's cyo shop and looking for Swaps

    @Pink Madness I would like to buy these = 450 zc, right?
  13. Adoption Center/Free Raffle (Set 10)

    @Sicarian Can I enter the raffle as well? Thanks a lot And could I take these cute pets too?
  14. @Starstream Sorry for replying so late. Kinda busy lately. You can have it, Castiel. I can't even get the zC, because my time is so limited
  15. Happy Birthday! :3