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  1. Buffy :o OMG! Your here!

  2. Hope you're doing well :-) 

  3. Legends Never Die RP

    ((Yeah, I've been meaning to mention that.. Lol. Not a common legend but in my opinion an important one! I'll write my response later ))
  4. The Spliced *Sign ups*

  5. The Spliced *Sign ups*

    Name: Cadence Jacks Age: 17 Gender: Female Appearance: Splice or Human?: Splice Power: Creation. Weakness: Gets really weak after creating things that are complex. Successful Splice or not?: She's working on it. Doesn't have full control of her powers but she's getting there. Good side or Bad?: Undecided. Personality: Cadence is polite, gentle and generally sticks to herself and her creations. While she wouldn't mind a conversation, she grew up not having many friends and has developed a life of solitude. She was shunned for her abilities by everyone so she has basically had to learn to live on her own. As long as you treat her right, she will be friendly towards you but has quite the temper if you upset her. History: Growing up she was shunned by everyone, including her family. She never had friends and had to endure being bullied constantly. She eventually ran away at the age of sixteen unable to withstand the cruel treatment she was getting. Luckily, Cadence was picked up and now is apart of a spliced community where she belongs. Family: Single child, doesn't communicate with her parents. Crush?: None. Special Weapon at all?: Just her creations. Other: Nope
  6. The Spliced *Sign ups*

    Definitely going to sign up tomorrow
  7. Legends Never Die RP

    Sofija bit her lower lip as she checked the time on her watch, a small smile escaping her lips as she realized her shift was nearly over. She placed one headphone into her ear in that hopes time would go by faster. She mumbled to herself as she made her way to one of the tables, not feeling in the mood to pick up the leftover scraps. It disgusted her how so many people could be so indolent, not willing to pick up after themselves. It would take two trips to bring the food to the trash, but she decided to try and accomplish it in one trip. However, as she was walking to the trashcan she dropped one of the coffee cups onto a man with a black fedora (Vladimir). Red rushed up to her cheeks, clearly embarrassed. "Oh crap, I'm very sorry sir," she said as apologetically as possible, her serbian accent thick. She tossed the rest into the trashcan and rushed to grab some napkins for the poor guy she just spilled coffee on. "I'm really sorry about that..", Sofija said handing him the napkins. She scanned him quickly, confused by his sense of fashion but finding herself amused by it. It wasn't often you would see a male dressed down in black around here. ((Waiting for a good time to put Rhys in.))
  8. Legends Never Die - Sign Ups

    Hehe, I've been in hiding looking for a good RP to get back into
  9. Legends Never Die - Sign Ups

    Name: Sofija Age: Appears to be around 22 but is actually 678 years old. Gender: Female. Appearance: Sofija is around 5'6 in height and has olive colored skin. She has long blonde hair (so blonde it's almost white) that goes down to her waist, however she will normally keep it up, not wanting to draw attention to herself. She has amber eyes with flecks of gold in them. While in her human form, her eyes are the only thing about her that would appear unnatural. Her nose is well-defined and her teeth are close to perfect. She has freckles on her nose that don't tend to show unless she is in the sunlight. The right side of her thigh bears a deep scar that she got when she was younger due to the lashing out of her father, which she doesn't like to show and will get completely embarrassed if it is noticed. She also has a nose piercing. Personality: Sofija is the type of person that is laid-back and prefers to be solitary. Not one to have a large group of friends, Sofija generally only has one or two close friends. Her sense of humor is extremely dry but she doesn't notice it. She is afraid of settling down, not wanting to be trapped down to something or someone for the rest of her life. Because of this, she will often times rather than not run away from friendships or any sort of romantic flings she may be involved in. While she may seem shy at first, her personality will bloom if you give her the chance to open up to you. Legend/Myth? From where?: Peryton from Serbia. History: Sofija was originally born and raised in Serbia. Her mother died after giving birth to her younger sister, Nada. Her father became so outraged by Sofija's mothers death, he slowly grew insane. For her entire life Sofija had to raise Nada while her father sat back and did nothing. He would often times abuse Nada with Sofija as a witness. As soon as Sofija was old enough, she took Nada and left without any money and with no clue of where to go. Their father was angered even more by this and started following them. One night he caught up to them as they were hiding in a heavily populated city. He tried to take Nada back with him but Sofija wouldn't let them and they got in a fight which resulted in the scar on Sofija's thigh. Luckily, local authority was nearby and had their father finally arrested. However, Nada and Sofija separated ways and haven't seen each other in 200 years. Likes: Indie music, the ocean and animals. Dislikes: Abusive people, smoking, heavy drinkers and hunters. Strengths: Able to fly while in her Peryton form, with claws easy to grip things with and long antlers for clashing purposes. Weakness: While in her Peryton form she has horrible eyesight. Crush?: Nope. Family?: Mother : dead. Father : in jail somewhere Sister: Nada. Job?: Works at a coffee store? Other: Hope this isn't too late of an app Name: Rhys Thorton Age: 24 Gender: Male Appearance: Rhys is extremely lanky, with not much bulk to him. He has dark brown hair with black flecks throughout. His ears are pierced and he only ever wears black stud earrings. He is around 6'2 and doesn't have much fat or muscle to him. He has bright green eyes and long eyelashes. He tries to dress himself well, in hopes to impress the ladies. His teeth are somewhat crooked on the top but he has a nice set of lips to accompany them. He has tan skin due to his Latvian roots. Personality: Rhys is extremely outgoing and is always willing to strike up a conversation with just about anyone. He is pretty clueless towards most things but is always finding a way to come up with a snarky comment. He flirts a lot with women, not always realizing it. When he tries, he can be extremely charming and romantic. It's hard for him to be serious, always finding a way to add comedy to the mood. He's got a thick accent and isn't afraid to show it, always talking about his Latvian roots and whatnot. Legend/Myth? From where?: Human. History: Was born in Latvia but decided to pursue other things and now lives (wherever this is set, lol). Likes: Skateboarding, pizza, girls, books. Dislikes: Settling down, unflirty people, video games. Strengths: Hmmmmm, being able to light up a room of sad people? I'm not sure, lol. Weakness: He can get very emotional at times. Crush?: None. Family?: All in Latvia. Job?: Radio talk host? Other: Nope.
  10. Adoption Center/Free Raffle (Set 10)

    Thanks so much! Sorry to see you go. Though sometimes we all need a break
  11. Adoption Center/Free Raffle (Set 10)

    Can I enter raffles 1,4&6? and I would absolutely adore the following: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=514543 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=362683 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=714778 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=537106 Sorry I forgot how to use pictures instead of just links as I haven't been on the site in ages. Sorry to hear you are quitting
  12. I haven't been online in ages! hope everyone is well :)

  13. Happy Birthday. :3

  14. Happy Birthday Buffy!