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  1. I feel like I missed some good stuff...

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      Really? Not even one new pet?

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      Its been slow but not dead! ^^

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      Exactly what Rose said

  2. Happy Birthday. :3

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      Thank You *hugs*

  3. A Dead Kit's Song -- Roleplay

    Duskpaw smiled, "Of course, haven't you been paying attention?" he teased. He nuzzled her, as soon as they got their warrior's name he would claim her as his mate. He daydreamed of them with a family of tiny kits crawling all over them. He nuzzled her, waking from his little dream.
  4. A Dead Kit's Song -- Roleplay

    Skyfall smiled, a bit of a creepy smile since she hadn't smiled in moons. She mewed a quick yes and pattered away, she had a weird feeling in her chest but she ignored it, it was probably a feather in her throat. Echopaw watched Pantherpaw and Tuftpaw, feeling sad and jealous. She choked back a wail and stood, she couldn't watch this, her heart was breaking. She closed her eyes and turned away, squeezing her eyes tight trying not to cry as her love drifted away from her. Trumpethaze looked up, green eyes wide due to being startled, "Yes, yes, of course." She nudged her kits off her, "Stay here," then she followed Tigerbelly out of the nursery. Deerkit and Briarkit jumped on their father, ignoring their mother's advice. "What is it?" they mewed together. Duskpaw looked down, he had overheard Jaywhisper and Scroll-heart, "We did lose Jaywhisper," he muttered quickly so no one else would hear. Then he looked up into her beautiful brown eyes, "I love you, I can take any hit as long as I have you." OoC: @darkwolf I'd like to make Spiderkit apprentice and @Alcarie I'd like Ravenbreeze sabled
  5. A Dead Kit's Song -- Roleplay

    Skyfall tilted her head, she felt confused but she followed Lynxstar anyways, "You were a great leader," she stated. She felt a strange excitement she had never felt before. Take a step forward she licked the russet tom's cheek, her ears heated up. The feeling was soon gone and she felt numb once more. Duskpaw was shocked, how could Lynxstar, or Lynxcry, step down. He had been leader since Duskpaw was born, he looked over to Shinepaw for comfort. Deerkit and Briarkit are playing with their mother's tail as she calls Tornstar's name.
  6. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    I'd like a female and a male which I believe is a total of 11,000zc?
  7. If anyone sees Rinai on, will you remind them that they owe me payment from an Auction last year

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      OOPS I'm so sorry I'm hardly on here. I thought I squared everything off. I have absolutely no idea how much it is but I sent 25k ZC ; v ;'' Hope that's enough. Sorry for the mess around!

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      my job is done off to read happy to help you KingAce and happy to remind you Rinai

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      Thank you so much and it's perfectly fine Rinai, I rarely come on as well (that's why I posted this lol)

  8. A Dead Kit's Song -- Roleplay

    OoC: Since I believe no one has spoken to my cat I'll just jump in...The worst part is, it's not that I don't have time..just been to depressed to even turn on my computer.. @Alcarie I know for a fact I'd like to kill off Morbidpaw and Screechcloud Duskpaw watched as Shinepaw fled to more than likely warn Blossompaw, his heart ached a bit for poor Blossompaw. If his brother came back mutilated, he'd more than likely go insane. He got to his paws and made his way over to Black-kit, "Hey little one," he mewed brightly, "you have every right to cry, but I'm here," he curled around the depressed kit, blocking the dead bodies. Jaywhisper glared at Scroll-heart, "He's a cat just like us, he's the strongest leader we've ever had." Hackles raising he stood up, "Imagine yourself in his place, all his cats are dying and there's nothing he can do," he shook his head, "Any other leader would've broke down a long time ago." He felt his heart drop, "Scroll-heart..." he took a deep breath, his voice shaking, "Please, tell Gothicgaze I love her, she needs to know." Without waiting he slowly padded out of camp, running as soon as he was out the entrance, he couldn't help anymore. Spiderkit is playing with Briarkit and Deerkit under the supervision of Ravenbreeze and Trumpehaze. Skyfall watched Lynxstar run off, she ran after him, "What's wrong?" she smiled faintly as she asked the obvious.
  9. A Dead Kit's Song

    @Alcarie I'd love if he disappeared, that way later on I can possibly bring him back
  10. Closed~

    OoC: God I'm so sorry, @Alcarie I'd like to kill off Jaywhisper, at least the rest aren't important so it's okay if I take long.
  11. A Dead Kit's Song -- Roleplay

    Duskpaw whipped around, racing to the beloved she-cat, "I was so afraid you'd be the victim tonight," he mewed, rubbing his cheek along hers. The comfort calmed him enough to ask, "Who was taken?" he looked around, finally noticing most of the queens were in distress. He looked back into Shinepaw's dark hazel eyes. Jaywhisper jumped up, "Who's injured?!" he looked around, panicked. He instantly knew Sable had attacked this dark and dreary night. Jaywhisper sighed and looked at Scrollheart, "I'm all yours," he mewed with dedication, he could tell it'd be a long day. OoC: Will do rest tomorrow, only had time for two
  12. A Dead Kit's Song -- Roleplay

    *Has read NOTHING* Ravenbreeze awoke with a start, the tension quickly greeting her. She knew something was wrong, she looked down at her precious little kit, still there. She looked and saw Dapplefur, she recognized that look instantly and asked, "Which kits are missing?" she was careful not to wake Spiderkit. Duskpaw woke with a start, the ruckus outside indicated that there was another Sable abduction. He quickly looked for the brown pelt of the cat he held dear. She wasn't there, jumping up he raced out of the den shouting, "Shinepaw! Shinepaw!" his voice cracking with fear and the thought of her being a victim. Morbidpaw grabbed a mouse from the kill pile, why should he care if there're kits missing. It's not any different from the kits that went missing a few moons ago, or his father for that matter. Skyfall made her way to Lynxstar, "I can go get the kits if you'd like?" she mewed, her gaze stared through the leader. She felt strange today, her legs weren't as heavy as usual and her tail wasn't dragging like always, even her tongue had made laps through her pelt for the first time in seasons.
  13. A Dead Kit's Song -- Roleplay

    OoC: I'm a bit lost....I guess because of the timeskip all my cats are sleeping. Jaywhisper lay in his den, head on his paws. Unable to sleep due to the loss of Featherhaze's kit. He blamed himself, he should've been prepared for such a runt. All other cats are sleeping.