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  1. Happy Birthday. :3

  2. Happy Birthday. ^^

  3. Official Forum Almanac Discussion Thread!

    @ I did the mercat and ladybug pup
  4. CYO + Customs Raffle!! [CLOSED]

    the person who won the evening fairy never claimed it so @Wolfdragon, if you want the evening fairy promo code please send me a PM!
  5. CYO + Customs Raffle!! [CLOSED]

    @ your trade was already accepted the pets are already in your account!
  6. CYO + Customs Raffle!! [CLOSED]

    All trades have been sent out & accepted (i think)!! if you accepted it before i did you'll have to go do it again lol @ thank you ;w; but nah you can keep them! if i ever do come back i'll just make new ones haha
  7. CYO + Customs Raffle!! [CLOSED]

    This raffle is now closed!! Here are the listed winners for the CYO promo codes: Garden Kitsune @Hazelrah-ess Evening Fairy @SpiritWolfe Forest Guardian @ Sweetheart//Honey @ Nightflower @ Wanderlust @Jade if you won please send me a pm within 48 hrs and i'll give you your code Customs & everything else will be sent out shortly!! There's too many of them to name everyone but anyone who entered will receive a trade with stuff in it Thank you everybody for entering and for the great time I had on PA!! ;w;
  8. CYO + Customs Raffle!! [CLOSED]

    @Velseir haha sorry i'll try to come back and visit sometime!!
  9. CYO + Customs Raffle!! [CLOSED]

    @Velseir if you're interested in seeing more of my art you can check out my tumblr or deviantart! @chosaguro yeah that's perfectly fine
  10. CYO + Customs Raffle!! [CLOSED]

    @Stitch aaah i have quit, I actually haven't logged into PA in months & only got back on when Jade reminded me ;w; im going to be leaving once the giveaway is over so i'd suggest entering while you have the chance!!
  11. Kuitsu's Custom Shop [new: wanderlusts!]

    Hi there anyone who has replied to this thread in the past few months - i guess i forgot to put a sign up saying i left PA! All of my CYOs and customs are no longer on sale BUT I'm giving them away in a free raffle instead, so if you're interested I'd suggest you check it out. Sorry to anyone who wanted to get something but i don;t think I'll be coming around PA anymore so this is your very last chance to nab a custom from me! regarding CYOs, you'll have to contact new owners once my giveaway is over Thanks for all the business guys!! ; 3 ;
  12. (thanks to @Jade for reminding me that I still had stuff on PA haha) HEY GUYS long time no see! A lot of things have changed on PA since I've last been here and visiting again has made me decide I don't think I'll be coming back, so I'm raffling away my CYO promo codes (!!), some custom sets, and all of my pets except for a few of my personal favorites. DRUMROLL...... CYO PROMO CODES givin away the codes for all of my on-site cyos. what you do with the CYOs is then up to you - sell them, keep them, i don't..really care..... They all have a maximum of 50 in the system except for the garden kitsune & the sweetheart (staff: if giving away cyo promo codes isn't allowed let me know and i'll change the giveaway ;w; ) here are the things: Garden Kitsune Evening Fairy Forest Guardian & Sweetheart & Honey (they come as one set!!) Nightflower Wanderlust if you want to see the entire set for any of the CYOs you'll have to almanac them, i'm lazy, i'm sorry CUSTOMS i am waaay too attached to my customs to give away the promo codes for them, so instead I'm just giving away individuals! STAR STEALER giving away 6 eggs MOTHCAT giving away 12 eggs-2 of each MAKITOKI giving away 10 eggs-2 of each for every 10 people that enter, I will give away another makitoki |||| for every 20 people that enter, I will give away another mothcat || EVERYTHING ELSE all of my other pets, except for a few choice favorites & other people's customs/cyos! If i have a CYO/custom that belongs to you & you want it back please PM me TO ENTER simply like this post! that's it you're entered this will end on December 17th, prizes go out sometime after that
  13. Happy Birthday. :3

  14. @Cao @ @ @chosaguro sorry for pinging y'all twice in the span of five minutes lol. I'm going to be giving away my CYO's as well (and still sell customs, if slowly!) so if any of you want some feel free to ask for them over here c:
  15. Kuitsu's Custom Shop [new: wanderlusts!]

    OK SO I am leaving PA, and may or may not come back, so this is the (known) last call for customs/cyos!! All CYOs are FREE, with a limit of 6 per person and Customs are for SALE only please post here & send me a trade with what you want, if any c: thanks ♥