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  1. Need to get my tablet working. ;-; I feel like working on CYO designs.

    1. Andromeda


      What kind of tablet do you have? If it's a bamboo create I might be able to help.

    2. Honesta


      It's a wacom something or other. I don't have it in front of me to know exact specs. But it's about 4 years old and stopped working a year or so ago I think?

  2. Abnormally New

    Welcome! As was previously stated, you def don't have to be a transfer. That being said, now I want cheese... Just not swiss cheese. Unless it's on a mushroom sandwich. *wanders off mumbling about food*
  3. About time to make a huge list of missing alts, since I gave away my entire collection back in 2013/2013. XD

    1. Lilytora


      If you post the list here, I can see if I have doubles of any of the pets you are looking for, and send them your way

    2. Honesta


      It will take a while, lol, but I would pay for the help! <3

  4. Dashy... Dashy... I feel like I know this name! D:

    1. Dashy


      Maybe we've talked before? 

      You also sound familiar! 

    2. Starstream


      Dashy used to go by dragon_egg123 a long time ago, thus was a moderator I believe when you were Honesta :)

  5. How much ZP you think would be fair per paragraph I really don't care. x3 I don't know the economy anymore to know what it's worth. ;-; An example of your writing in the form of one paragraph - a "mock-up" of losing you candy in the Halloween event As you wander down the path, trying to find the next house along your Christmas stroll, a storm blows in. You pull your coat in closer and look up, you could have sworn the sky was clear today. You move your hands to put your hood over your ears and notice the snow is so bad, you can't see your hands. The sudden blizzard has made you decide to turn around and head home, only to see that it is clear behind you. It seems the next house you meant to visit doesn't want to be visited... Edit: Seems I'm a dork and misunderstood. XD I'll leave the old and write up a new. *cough* You ring the bell and the door creaks open slowly. "T-trick or treat!" you call out, and an echo is all that answers. You lean in to see if this is part of the trick before the treat and you hear a shriek. You stumble backwards and drop a couple pieces of candy in your haste to get away.
  6. And I'm off for the night. x3 Successfully procrastinated final project due Monday... Oops. *cough*

    1. tomomi


      Ooooh, hello Honesta! Are you back? =0

    2. Honesta


      So, I just saw this, but I've been here every day for about a week now. XD So I am trying to be back! <3

  7. Hrmm, I may give this a shot if it's still open?
  8. Honesta :o

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    2. Starstream


      I'm doing good, just tired and sleepy. I'm a RA now in the dorms, thus get to take care of a lot of first year students.

    3. Honesta


      Your a RA? :o I'm finally back in school, but don't need to worry about any RA. XD Yay forbeing an older student. :P

    4. Starstream


      Yep I'm an RA and congrats!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! And a happy day for anyone else who wants it. lol

  10. Long time no talk! How's it?

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    2. Honesta


      lol, no no. School my friend. ;-; Finals coming up. I've been good though! Been busy with life. :/

    3. Tricepious


      It's good you are focusing on school, but it's really good to hear from you again! I hope you are able to visit us more often once finals are over. :)

    4. Honesta


      I'm gonna try and at least stop by daily. On my breaks, might see if I can't get my tablet to work again. It broke. ;-;

  11. No more chat box? ;-;

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    2. Lilytora


      I have been good as well, Busy with school and such but that is just life

    3. Honesta


      Sounds about right. lol

    4. Lilytora


      Yupp, life is just being busy

  12. Honesta's One Stop Shop

    I am now back and can continue selling these. x3 Assuming breeding is still a possibility, I will offer it as well in the near future.
  13. How many days in a row now? Oh my gosh!

    1. Nickykitty
    2. Emeraldwolf


      Welcome back party time?

    3. Honesta


      Always party time. I'll be the one heading home early to go to bed, though. Because I'm an "old fart" on the internet. XD

  14. I'm not going to say I'm back... BUT, been on 3 days in a row now. Woo Woo!

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    2. SoareAndThing


      Well- currently living among a few boxes since Hazel and I moved to Mom's boyfriend's recently, but luckily, we outnumber the boxes now. ;-) And I also got my braces off and my teeth are straight and lovely! :D How have you been?

    3. Teakitty


      Unfortunately I joined after you went away, so I haven't had the chance to meet you. I hope to see you more on the game, though! More players always makes it more fun ^^

    4. KingAce


      XD You already know how I've been. No changes, I hope you stay back, you're so dearly missed! -Hugs-

  15. Hey, hey you.

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    2. Starstream


      Well I have a form for you to fill out but my computer is still broken D:

    3. Honesta


      Ooooh, okies. x3 What's it about?

    4. Starstream


      I can't tell you because it is a secret ;) I'll tell you through PM