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  1. Outdoors - the places you've been!

    I love Oklahoma i didnt get any pictures; I went there for a week for camp this year

    I would love to enter please
  3. Giving away pets! -OPEN FULL TIME!-

    User name: Animalcrazy PA user name: Animalcrazyforpets Pet/pets wanted: # 127863 (yellow alt of the giraffe) # 96613 (Tasmanian Devil) # 106376 (Fully white alt of the American Badger) Why do you want this/these pet/pets?: I would like them so i can collect more pets and do more giveaways Thanks so much.............Any others left I'd like to have for gifting and what not
  4. Haha i ment to say OceanHorse #2
  5. Slowly getting back to PA

    Ok so i want the Capybara, Zebra, and Goat
  6. Slowly getting back to PA

    aww thanks so much i'll take a look at your for sale room
  7. Slowly getting back to PA

    I am slowly getting back into PA and i was wondering if people can give me pets, ores, ZC, etc. It would be greatly appreciated
  8. FREE Pet's

    I'll take the wild boar for now and if you have any extra's ill take those later I just rejoined PA; and id love to do the gifting thing but i am literally broke right now
  9. I vote for............OceanHorse
  10. Kittens 006

    Thanks! I absolutely adore them to. The mama's a Calico
  11. Kittens 005

    From the album Kittens

  12. Kittens

    Look at these little kittens. They are only a couple days old!
  13. Kittens 004

    From the album Kittens

  14. Kittens 003

    From the album Kittens