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  1. CYO designs I made that /possibly/ have owners? Help!

    *Dances in* MATCHI I LOVE YOU LONG TIME NO SEE!!!!! Yep, I had commissioned those from you ages back. I need to actually log onto the pet side, now that I have time for computer in since summer break has started, and see if I have any brushes. Man, this is the first time in a while that I've been on here. The nostalgia. XD And Oooooooh are you talkING about what I think you are?....and are you kidding- you made it off course I'll love it!!!
  2. Hey Lucky! Super late reply on my part! I'm doing okay, thoroughly enjoyING summer break!! Life's been kind of crazy, but nothing too off its rocker. Hopefully now that I'm out of school I'll be popping in more often. :3 How're you?

    1. Hazelrah-ess


      Wow crazy ING right there. Gotta love typing on phones!

    2. Starstream


      Things are going crazy for me. I finished school, but I have classes this summer, and then I also have a bunch more things like job searching and internships and scholarships, and the list keeps on growing. Auto-correct is the best xD

  3. Hazel, how are you?

  4. Hi there Alcarie! I haven't been active much, life is busy! I just wanted to pop by and say that you're super amazingly totally awesome. ^3^

    1. Alcarie


      Hiya Hazel! It has been a while.^^ I hope everything for you is going well.~

      Aww, thank you! You're perfectly wonderful as well. :3

  5. Happy Birthday! ^^

  6. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Signs ups)

    Name: Kurtz Axl Age: 20 years Gender: Male Personality: Academically, Kurtz is a rather curious individual. He likes to know answers, random facts, and enjoys when he can divide his mental abilities to studying many different subjects. This makes him an observant individual, not to mention one who can be a slightly annoying know-it-all. He has dabbled in various hobbies and skills, not particularly a master in any besides alchemy. Kurtz likes being around people and feels unbalanced when isolated, having come from a large family. He is generally not a rule breaker and will go out of his way to please others, which can lead to him being reluctantly dragged into some sort of mischief. While easy going most of the time, if his values are put to the test Kurtz will become very stubborn. Right and wrong are very definable to him, something that resulted in a job loss...... but that's classified. Currently he's living off his State Alchemist's funds while the higher ups decide where to put him after this stunt, and he's very concerned about the uncontrollable unknowns. Looks: SOARE DRAW ME PICCY Kid of existing characters?: Nope! Alchemist?: Yep, chimera alchemy specifically. Currently a State Alchemist, but he didn't exactly obey orders once and kinda made trouble, so higher ups are deciding whether or not he's still in. His title is the Amending Life Alchemist. Crush: NA Other: NA So Kurtz's background: Found out he was good at alchemy as a young feller, got skilled thru them years, and everything was fine and dandy and he landed a job as a fixer upper handy man. Then one day one of his sisters- who also showed some alchemy skill- ran in, sobbing, with a crazed cat/squirrel. She had been goofing off with the family cat and accidentally chimera'd it with a squirrel. Kurtx trapped it under a basket- to this day he says that's why he can't sit long, because the claw scars act up- and studied his books and calculated different outcomes and transmutation circle possibilities. He eventually decided one the best combos and carefully deconstructed and reconstructed the cat/squirrel into a cattish squirrel and a squirrely cat. It was a success, the cat is still alive today- the squirrel probably too, unless the cat ate it- even if it wasn't perfect. This caught the attention of State, and they offered him a job working with chimeras. Kurtz accepted eagerly and moved to Central. He quickly became adept at this and enjoyed working with the animals, although it did bother him when impossibly incompatible creatures were purposely put together- like a fish and an eagle. On the side and privately, Kurtz undid these uncomfortable (at best) creations. Then something happens that makes his job situation dubious. Maybe he finds out about human chimeras being created? Maybe he gets in trouble for undoing the incompatible chimeras? Um, anyone have any other ideas? (Soare, if this doesn't work I'm cool with that too. ^^) I'm thinking about other charries. xD I'm up to play any of the homunculi.
  7. How to Find Your Dragons {Role Play}

    ((@ It would be great to post your forms on the sign ups so we can all have a proper imagine of what your characters are like. It simplifies everyone's life. So, uh, I have no idea what happened with Gronklek and Mia and that situation so.... *boooop* she fell unconscious back onto the sand and is just waking up now. @Zeditha I recognize that I'm a big part of the spastic inactivity. Even Soare's lack of posting is a result of me, she likes to be able to respond to all her charries and she's been waiting for me on this for a good while. It's out of my control, college, whee, but I try to post when I can! That posting schedule sounds like it could be a good idea, if you wanted to use it. All I ask is that the role play doesn't shoot away from people who can't post as often as others can. ^^; )) Thundyr reached up for his helmet again, opening his mouth to call out for his brother. It quickly changed into a cry of fear. A dragon was bouncing towards him, a thing with sharp teeth and freaksome long ears. "OWEEEEEN!" the boy screamed. He turned to run, but a drift wood piece caught his foot and sent him flying to the ground. He didn't have a club, or even a silly knife. Oh Odin, I'm going to die, he thought through panic, instinct shoving him to stumble upright once more. Gronklek came blearily to for the second time in ten minutes. Owwww. She felt achy all over. The viking propped herself up slowly. She observed Fey and Fritjov hovering around Rose, but the viking girl seemed to be recovering from whatever had ailed her. She lifted a hand to her head, her hair tangled and covering a nice knot. With a quiet grunt she dropped the hand. Nothing to do about that now, except to grab a clump of wet sand to hold against it. A clump of cold sand held to her head, Gronklek approached the bunch of vikings. "So where'd Mia and that strange girl go? Did the dragon take them? What was that nonsense about trusting strangers? Have you seen anyone else?" she drilled, trying to ignore her head's pounding. Sneeze shifted herself into a seated position and worked at her throat for a moment. "I believe so," she rasped. The other viking didn't look too bad for being shipwrecked either. She smelled funny though, seaweed Sneeze thought. "Anyone else? Anything else?" she asked, wishing for a flask of fresh water. That, and a live company of vikings. Nipper was minding his business in the jungle like forest he called home when noises caught his attention. The hobblegrunt paused, looking up from the bird's nest he was unintentionally destroying with his curiosity. He bobbed his head and his focus on the nest shifted immediately. What was out there? Excited colors flashed through him. Maybe it was one of the other dragons on the island, maybe he could annoy them! It was funny, he'd only met every dragon once, and then it had been like he'd stumbled upon them any time after that. It was almost as if they were hiding from him- hah! That was a funny thought. Nipper picked his way through the forest quietly, his colors a vibrant display of interest, nipping at every other leaf that caught his momentary attention. ((@Rose305 Here comes Nipper! Is Erof ready? :3))
  8. Just want to say thanks to all my friends

    *Slides in late* Aw, thank you darkwolf. I was talking with Soare today about this thread (Ahh-ha, love college. Can check on PA, but can't post too often!) and even though I don't talk a lot with other members here, I consider those I role play with my friends. <3
  9. Dreamworld RP {Private}

    ((Don't worry about shortness King, take care of yourself. *Offers hot chocolate* )) Izza caught the keys- thank you tenth grade soft ball, some skills never died- and slid into the drivers seat. Aware of the irate drivers around the parked car, she yanked her door shut against the rain and snapped her seatbelt into place. The car started with a rumble, showing off its fancy-ness. Dad would have drooled over the convertable, but all Izza cared about it was that the top was down, it was warm and dry inside, and it would get her to the hospital quickly. She glanced over as the guy whose car she was taking control of climbed into the passenger's seat. Screw safety, here I come, she thought, shifting the car into drive. Raoul's three sets of ears pricked forwards, an inquiring, "Hello?" tickling with welcome into them. Excitement washed into him, victory in sight. He scented the air, all the while creeping forwards, and detected multiple old scents... and one fresh scent. A human male, waiting for someone. This human was present, and alone. Raoul bared his stone textured teeth in a snarl of victory and reached for his energy. He fumbled with it for a moment- the cross over had taken that much from him?- but snatched ahold, keeping it at ready. Time for trojen horse. With distaste, Raoul slid back into his human form. He then strolled into plain sight, towards the scent he'd caught. This human was nothing impressive, a very slight individual who held tightly some sort of satchel. But he would suit Raoul's purpose. "Um, yes, hello. I'm looking for a guard," he answered, weaving his way to his victim. He wobbled, stupid exhaustion, but a flash of inspiration drove him to use that to his advantage. He reached a hand out, aiming as if to support himself on the young man, and summoned a pathway to Dreamworld. In an instant, a swirling of total darkness sprang into being. Clarence had just slammed the car door shut, having successfully retrieved his house key, when a woman spoke. Clarence startled, jerking around to see the speaker. She stood by the tree in his front yard, and he wondered how he'd missed her. One would think you'd notice a stranger standing in your yard. "Uh..." he said, filtering in what she'd said, now that getting jumped wasn't a concern. "Oh. SHE was by? Oh. Uh, thanks... yeah, thanks. So, can I, like...? You want money? I mean, I was on my way to meet my dad for supper- yay not fun- and needed to-" Stop you idiot. Think, then say. Stop blabbering. Deep breath. "I was just stopping by for a moment, but can I pay you for washing my house?" There. That was okay. Julaine picked her way through the crowd, following the odor of cooked chicken. It led her halfway down the block, and then ducked into an alley. Moving stealthily, the vampire ducked away from the sidewalk and in, now strongly smelling the chicken from behind a trashcan. Now, she could be a brute and snatch up this vagrant, or she could attempt to befriend this human into coming willingly. However, if this character just stole food being friends would be least priority. Getting away with it would be on the top of the list. How to lure this human into a sense of safety? Was it possible considering the circumstances? The vagrant might try to run away. Best to take the brute route. She let a very quiet, conspiring laugh be heard. "My dear, stealing chicken to scrape by?" The shadows of the alley deepened as a pathway hole formed, Julaine stepping forwards as it took shape. "I scrape by too, but... not for much longer." Julaine shot full on into her vampire self, baring her fangs, and snatched the chicken theif- a teen with startling red hair- by the wrist tightly. And then she stepped into the portal, yanking the vagrant with her.
  10. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood RP interest check

    I'm in, because totally have the time! *Sarcasm* Ehehe, but seriously, I will make time. :3 (P.S. I'm about 1/4 the way through the show, but with Soare Being my Sis and all I have an in home explainer... But still, time to power through!)
  11. grace

    You have such a unique art style, it's wonderful. :3
  12. How to Find Your Dragons {Role Play}

    ((Here I am! Yeah, college eats up my time so keep the pace amiable, please and thank you! @ Hello!! Um, I see that Rose pinged you to the signups thread, but I fail to find a characters post. You're totally welcomed here, but please create forms for your characters or take pity on silly ole me and direct me to them. x3)) "OWEN!!" Thundyr shouted, a hand blinding reaching up to grab one of his helmet's horns- except he had lost it, lost it in the water after being washed off ship. His security blanket was gone, and obviously his hat hair would be present for every viking to laugh at. Maybe his insance combo of straight hair and curls would catch up with the giant war machine his body was attempting to eventually become in the next few years. Owen would know what to do, the stupid bossy brother. "OWEN!!" he yelled again. He'd been washed ashore of this strange island a couple of hours ago, exhausted from battling the waves and clutching his barrel. Thundyr had been so emotionally and physically wiped out that his body had pulled the night-night cord. It had only been a few minutes ago that the sun had brought him awake, but now he was searching for other vikings. Please, please, someone be here, don't all of you be dead, Odin please, he begged, again reaching for the absent helmet. Awareness came to Sneeze slowly. Why was she not moving? She was on a boat, right, with other vikings on a journey? Her feet were wet with bilge water, so why was there no motion of a rocking ship? With a quiet moan, she realized that she was laying on something gritty, and was tired all over. Sneeze's eyes edged open, and she edged herself up on an elbow, wiping sand off her face. Waves trickled up the beach, wetting her feet. A moment of complete, utter terror overtook her. I can't be doing this, Sneeze thought past her wild panting and shock triggered shivering. Think rationally. Think back. Deep breaths. Calm down. The last thing she remembered was the stranger- sopping wet and shouting at her- shoving rope and a piece of debris into her arms. That explained the splinters in her arms, pushed all the way through her long sleeved shirt. She hoped he'd made it out okay. Hadn't died. That none of the others had died. Oh, my vest, Sneeze thought, remembering her attempt at a floatation device. Wonder if that'll wash up sometime. Movement caught her eye, and the panic threatened to flare up again until Sneeze identified Syfgy. "Heeeuy," she croaked, and winced. She reached her hands up and waved widely to get the other viking's attention, relief flooding her at the sight of another. Maybe more had survived. Gronklek huffed when Mia poked her, but the other girl paid no mind and continued on. She didn't feel like getting up. Laying here in the sand felt like a good idea. She would deal with whatever island they had found themselves washed up on later. And whatever strangers we meet, too, she thought, hearing Mia and another voice, maybe two more, she didn't know, her brain was all messed up. But the deepest viking part of Gronklek urged her to get up, because a viking didn't let a little shipwreck bring her down. She hoped the stupid dragon had died, or was washed up so that they could kill it. She pulled herself upright at as the words "fly-over" crossed through her ears, blinking her vision into clarity. Her eyes widened, and she hurried through three more blinks. A stranger stood talking to Mia, near whom stood Fritjov... and near them all stood a dragon. Why all these crazy dragons?! And even worse- these crazy vikings! Why was no one attacking that dragon! By the grace of Odin her short dagger was near at hand, and Gronklek jerked to her feet, wielding the blade, bellowing, "DRAGON!!" She ignored her body's insistence that she really should just sit down and rest, that being shipwrecked was havoc on a body. ((She's really off balance, so just someone push her over to avoid starting a dragon war. xD))
  13. Dreamworld RP {Private}

    A thought strunk Clarence as he was switching lanes to get around a stupid teen on her phone. He didn't have enough money to cover his meal. "Crud," he said emphatically. Now that he had a job, Dad was getting really strict about spending the least amount of money on him as possible. 'It builds character' was a lame excuse, in Clarence's opinion. A more accurate excuse would be 'Oh wow, my son is an adult and by sociity's standards can stand up on his own, so I don't need to financially help him out unless he begs me!' And there was no way he'd lower himself to the night of the Chinese Lotus. Clarence winced at the thought of it and glanced at the dash's clock- an erretically blinking thing, but it still worked by the grace of God. He had enough time to drop by home and pick up some extra cash, if he hurried. Flipping the blinker on, Clarence peeled off onto another street. Before too long, he was pulling onto his lane. He looked at the house with reluctant curiousity- no lights on, no egged brick. Of course, lights on would have meant a fight with SHE DEVIL and egged house would have meant a morning of hosing off his house. "See, she'll leave you alone," he told himself, ignoring the little bit of dissapointment nestling inwards. He pulled Ole Clunker into the driveway and cut the engine. Clarence swung the door open and popped out, wrestling out the house key from his keyring. Julaine strolled confidently along downtown's sidewalk, a red umbrella held proudly over her head. Her eyes scanned the people she passed, and depending on the person she sent a smoldering grin in their direction. No one had taken the bait yet, but soon someone would follow her. She didn't care if it was one of the scummiest dirtbags to ever emerge from the earth, a reliable path would be formed from that dispisable being for her to travel, and she'd start on the path of not having to worry again. As Julaine passed a local meats stand, she heard the owner complaining fervently about a thief. Her interest pricked. A whole chicken, stolen? This could be an opportunity- the opportunity. Julaine ducked her head, lowering her chin into the scarf collected around her neck, and dipped into her vampire skills. Her senses sharpened, marginally, but enough to give her that edge that humans, with all their pure blood, lacked. She continued walking, her nostrils expanding as she breathed, yearning to pick out the scent of cooked chicken. As she left the stand behind the smell faded almost all the way, but patience paid off. A single strand of the scent stretched this way, and Julaine grasped ahold of it. With purpose, she went after the trail. ((@KingAce How do you want this to play out?))
  14. Light Haven (Private)

    Bluuuurrg never mind me!!! I missed Rose's last post. Annnnyhew!!!! ^^;
  15. Flight Rising

    @Chloecat194 You'd mentioned the weird fish? I believe it's based on a flounder. ^^ I joined FR during the last registration period! (I'm Minionesque, if anyone wants to find me. x3) Love the nocturne dragons, I've had no luck finding one though. I was wondering how everyone kept finding so many chests with only 15 gathering, but you can find chests in the Coliseum?? I must investigate!