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  1. Happy Birthday! :D

  2. me (:

    You look a little bit like me <3 I have blue eyes though, and you're much prettier XD
  3. custom

    I like alt 6 the most <3
  4. custom

  5. Hello!

    I only read one or two books, they're pretty cool Welcome to the forums! Hope you have tons of fun here, you should totally use the shoutbox I think my Warrior name was Bramblehazel or something
  6. <3

  7. Katniss Everdeen

    From the album <3

    <3 My favourite book character ever!

    © Me & Suzanne Collins

  8. Fluffy

    lol, I would have called it fluffy too XD
  9. Simurgh

    Cool! The feathers look like a ducks' ones I once drew, I forgot what it was called though
  10. Avatar Contest?

    I'd love this feature! As a prize, I would suggest a custom item, but not like.. a pool or a beach ball or anything major, maybe a cutom ribbon/brooch/pin or something
  11. In desperate need of a sheath of arrows, a bow and some (preferably black lol) braids/ plaits
  12. Dinosaur In Winter

    LOLOL, so cute <3
  13. Have a canadian goose ^-^ How much would you pay for them? Mine's still an egg :C
  14. Wolf style meme

    My fave is yours, chibi and Balto's