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  1. pls gib admin

  2. We have revamped the Egg Drop as per the suggestions posted here! We have many more changes and improvements coming soon based on the suggestions posted in this thread. If you have any others, be sure to post them!
  3. We're going to begin slowly improving the site based on YOUR suggestions! Is there something you'd like to see changed or improved on the site? Post your suggestion here! We'll take ALL suggestions into consideration!
  4. Hey, cake I sent you a message asking about making gif CYO's I'm not sure if you saw it but in case you haven't I'm letting you know. :D 

    -Thanks :) 

  5. FmP8ybz.jpg

  6. So i tried to enter the pageant both pet and avatar at the correct times and it just came to the how to enter page and i looked at how to enter and everything that it said i had done so i tried again but took me to the same page. What do i do?

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    2. KaylaDoesEverything
    3. KaylaDoesEverything


      I can't do it now as it's not 4:00 AM game time so i'll wait till it is

    4. Dashy


      That's fine :)

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  8. I sent you and @Bob a trade with my first Cyo as a thank you for everything. but it seems like you guys don't really look at your trades lol so i thought i'd be a little more direct. :) 

  9. Guide Screenshots

  10. We need beta testers for a new feature! If you enjoy comics, stories, and/or writing, this feature will be perfect for you! If you're interested, message me your main site username and you can get started with testing! WE ALSO NEED AT LEAST ONE MEMBER WITH A SPACE IN THEIR NAME TO TEST THIS FEATURE!

    A member has been sending out messages on the forum trying to sell fake non-existent ZC at a discount with payments going to their PayPal account. They offered 100,000+ ZC with only 2,500 ZC actually on their account. Always remember that ZC can ONLY be purchased through the official Cash Shop, NOT third party sellers!
  12. ZC money gone!

    @Oddora Nice. It's interesting that you have over 15 different people using the exact same computer at the same exact time.
  13. ZC money gone!

    @Oddora You were caught cheating with 15+ accounts in the Auction House and Pageants. I was trying to be nice about this and not make it a public issue, but because you're acting as though this is a bug where you slowly lost ZC as you browsed the site, I have to publicly address it. The ZC you obtained through your other accounts in the Auction House was removed from your account all at once. Members are only allowed to have one account.
  14. We are looking for an artist to recolor pet bases and create new breeding outcomes! Compensation will be in ZP. A breeding outcome set includes 10 different recolors. More details will be provided to the breeding artist that is hired! If you're interested, please post some examples of your CYO work and how much you think would be fair in ZP per recolor set (both fully-staged and single-staged pets).
  15. New here

    Welcome to PA!