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  1. Sorry for the absence my laptop died. I am using my tablet to get on, but I don't use my tablet like I did my laptop so I might not be on as much.

  2. October Advent Calendar!

    This is very nice of you to do Dashy
  3. Work has been leaving me feeling drained, Sorry I haven't been on too much lately, anyways I'm gonna try to join art fight this year, same username as here.

  4. I have no idea.

    That is a very lovely design
  5. Lily Costume

    @Kaylercool Thank you, and I wasn't actually too sure what I was doing with the pose that's just how it ended up
  6. Sweet Smoke Outfit.

    @Kaylercool Thank you
  7. Sweet Smoke Outfit.

    @mayotoasti Thank you!
  8. Sweet Smoke Outfit.

    @mayotoasti That looks great, thank you! Would it be alright if I put it up in her toyhouse? With credit of course, and if so is there a specific place you'd like it credited too?
  9. Sweet Smoke Outfit.

    @mayotoasti Sorry messed up the ping, please see above
  10. Sweet Smoke Outfit.

    @Mayotoasti I don't mind
  11. Sweet Smoke Outfit.

    From the album My OCs

    Sweet Smokes outfit. She is a rogue paladin. Her main weapon is a rapier.
  12. My OCs

  13. Sweet Smoke Ref

    From the album My OCs

    My dungeons and dragons character Sweet Smoke.
  14. Lily Fall

    From the album My OCs

    Lily in a fall outfit with a pumpkin.
  15. Lily Costume

    From the album My OCs

    Lily dressed up in a space/alien themed costume.