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  1. Happy b-day!!!!!!!! ;)

  2. Happy Birthday. :3

  3. Happy birthday Allie! I hope you have a nice day.

  4. Name your own price!

    @Morph Added. I didn't have that Empress Kit anymore so I just added a new one of that alt.
  5. Name your own price!

    @Xene Trade sent!
  6. Name your own price!

    @ Think of it as an "absolutely amazing friend discount".
  7. Name your own price!

    @ I believe almost all of those are available except for the African Dog. Lucky is interested in that one. @Justcallmemichie Still interested?
  8. Name your own price!

    Hey everyone! Sorry for the really late reply to all of this. I got really busy and so this board kind of fell to the bottom of the list. PLEASE READ! If anyone had posted before you asking for a certain pet, they will get it. So, some pets might be a while to sell seeing as I am waiting on a few replies.
  9. Name your own price!

    @bronwyn0702 Are you still interested? @ My prices are still final for those pets. I am not upping my price for you just because the dog is rare. xD @Morph Are you still interested in any of the pets? If so, could you tell me which ones. I got extremely busy and have now lost my place. D: @Sierra Rose Are you still interested in these pets at these prices?
  10. ~ Spring Deerbun Sales thread ~

    @Aeryn May I buy one of each alt too? Blue female, the rest males. <3
  11. Name your own price!

    @Morph 2,000 for the Cute Kit and 2,000 for a set of Aztec Monkeys. Is that fine? @ Could you post a picture of the AWD? Just want to make sure we are talking about the same one. @bronwyn0702 What I have above is what I have. Here are some meadow pets I have: Nebula Horse Winged Civet Felidae Aries Furfur Zvanaga Floravine Leafling Celestial Kitsune @Warhola Yes, 600 is fine for those.
  12. Name your own price!

    @ I am not sure. I don't have anywhere to match the price. xD How about 100 for the dog and 150 for the pony?
  13. Name your own price!

    @Tart Sure. Sending trade now.
  14. Name your own price!

    @ Sending now.