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  1. Pre-Order Kiwi Custom!

    Ok..Just give me one of an alt that isn't used much yet..I'll let me surprise..^^
  2. Pre-Order Kiwi Custom!

    Aww it's so hard to decide, they're all so cute..*__* Which should I take? Is there any alt which isn't used so far or isn't used so much?..
  3. Pre-Order Kiwi Custom!

    River, do you already have a Kelpie?
  4. Yes... For how much ZC would you sell a Robin Dog?..
  5. Helloo... I'm looking for a Winged Snowy Tiger, an Ice Lion of Xanadu, an Avalon Unicorn, Pegasus of Olympus, Spirit Mustang, Mallard Duck, Robin Dog, Snow White, Le Cheval Noble de Cendrillon and Vespertilio librorum. All I can offer are my Kelpies and I might trade some pets from my account, just have a look on my rooms.. Sess
  6. Nuigurumi Submission Thread #2

    Custom Name: Kelpie Image:
  7. Closed!

    Would you still trade your Arctic Hare for the two Kelpies and the 200 ZC?..
  8. Selling six more Kelpies!

    Helloo.. I'm selling more Kelpies. Their price is 5 ZP each. I'll also take instead of the ZP some Eggs of the ZP-Mall; these are preferred: and the Andean Cat Egg. Hope some good offers will come in.. Sess
  9. PA Photography Contest [CLOSED]

    That's the view from my bedroom. It's a little village with 200 habitants, and I'm living here since I'm 2 years old. I grew up here with nature, I've learnt to appreciate the nature. It's like a hidden place, were time is standing still.
  10. Closed!

    I'd offer two Kelpies (Male and Female, you can choose the alts), plus 200 ZC..
  11. Closed!

    Do you still have an Arctic Hare Egg?.. I'd trade a Custom for it, but you can raise the price if you want (ZC, Ores). If you don't have one it'd be okay..;D
  12. Gender and alt doesn't matter, I'll let me surprise..;D