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  1. Ha Ha

    i didnt draw that a frind did it for me
  2. Lightningpack~~WolfRP High Ranks open

    can I join? Name: Faith Age: Young adult Gender:Female Rank Wanted: Dont know yet Personality:Shy but not scare to fight History:Born in blizzard only pup who survived Mom: Doesn`t know Dad: Kyro Siblings:none Mate:none Crush:dunno Pups:none Looks:drew her myself Name: Kyro Age: Full Adult Gender: Male Rank Wanted: Fighter? Personality: fearless,strong,serious History: doesnt remember who his mate is Mom: dead Dad: dead Siblings:none Mate:dunno Crush:none Pups: Faith Looks:
  3. Dragon`s World

    StormFly let's out a low growl " where do you think I'm going, this is the place you should be. By the way if you dont trust people then go there" her tail pointed to a big floating island
  4. Dragon`s World

    StormFly hears FireStar`s wings but keeps moving then realize something then turns a different direction "StormFly what are you doing" Alice looks up then sees FireStar "oh, i get it come on girl lets go over here" they fly towards the wild dragons lands
  5. Dragon`s World

    Alice pops out of the water breathing hard then StormFly pops out and roars loudly about to take off and find FireStar "NO!, StormFly don`t even think about it we need to practice for the big game tomorrow ok and forget about it as long as I`m still alive than don`t do it ok girl?" StornFly graons and let Alice gets on her back and they took off flying back to town
  6. Dragon`s World

    Soul blanks confused and whispers to him self -i must have gone the wrong way- then he flys off (( xD gotta go but ya have fun ))
  7. Dragon`s World

    "you saw her didn`t you!" Soul roars madly
  8. Dragon`s World

    Soul stares blankly and laughs "I meant the ocean dragon not the white one" he roars
  9. Dragon`s World

    ((sorry you can jump in any section you want by the way Cloe and Chelsie came in front of Priya and said hi))
  10. Dragon`s World

    Soul comes right towards FireStar and puts his claws right into his sides and throws him onto the ground still his claws are sucked in and he roars "where is she!!!"
  11. Dragon`s World

    ((hazel accepted)) StormFly does a mysterious roar and falls into the ocean "NO StormFly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Alice then she also falls in
  12. Dragon`s World

    StormFly Grinned with eyes close and thinks to her self -shoot im starting to act like Chelsie- Alice grabs her knife out seeing FireStar ready to attack then she gives him a little cut on his one of legs and calls out to StormFly "StormFly now!" StormFly flys over FireStar and kicked him on the head then let Alice get on and they flew off in to the sky (( have to go sorry,later ))
  13. Dragon`s World

    Cloe sees Priya below them "look girl lets go say hi and remember leaveing Alice there is a secret don`t tell anybody" they landed in front of Priya and her dragon
  14. Dragon`s World

    StormFly frowned "of course wild dragons always do that and plus they don`t have any talent" Waves roars "im confused" then she gos back into the water kicking Stormfly off.StormFly almost hit the ocean again but she caught her flight
  15. Dragon`s World

    (( its ok)) StormFly roars "what are all of you stupid dragons doing here!" Alice stares at the dragons thinking that they might just be pet dragons so they wouldn`t hurt her