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  1. I only have 150 crystals at the moment, so hopefully that would be enough if anyone wants more than the arctic fox. I have hatched and unhatched ones, so take your pic.
  2. Ideas needed for extinct animals

    **Sabertooth Tiger** Wooly mammoth Quagga The Chinese River Dolphin
  3. Drop down menu isn't working

    Isn't it weird when you post about a problem and it fixes? Yea I tried refreshing, changing pages, didn't work. But currently it's working so it's probably a hiccup or something.
  4. Drop down menu isn't working

    Starting yesterday, I think, that the drop down menu stopped working on the 'main' site for me. A bit frustrating since I can't access anything except my home (thankfully) and the home page. Is it just me?
  5. Hello From the PA Secret Santa!

    Thanks Santa beautiful fox... ^^ keeping him as is. Beautiful color too... I could make some arctic fox donations :3 I'll hatch them first of course. Just let me know if you need any...
  6. Awesome! I had looked at it before and thought it'd make a good addition
  7. Hello From the PA Secret Santa!

    :3 ah.. the spirit of Christmas ^^ wishlist: lion fish black/white bengal tiger red panda normal badger normal emperor penguin snow leopard (prefer normal, but any will do) normal ferret red fox (any alt) puffin PA name: Same as my forum one. Now I know it'd be impossible for a couple of them, but it will be ok if you can't I'll just have to keep on saving on! By the way, thanks for doing something like this I feel a bit greedy though with a wishlist like mine ^^;
  8. Not sure what else to say, since I basically covered everything in the topic title
  9. Extinct Animals?

    But I'd die for a sabre tooth tiger! If I could only pick one ancient extinct animal, it'd be that! D: I suppose, if I had to go with more 'recent' extinct animals, the tasmanian tiger like some have mentioned would be cool... or the caspian tiger (3rd largest of the tiger species). Maybe a quagga (some half zebra looking animal. I can't really tell what the other half would remind me of)
  10. Animal Suggestions :3

    Got some ideas :3 some from research, and some which I am familiar with. If it isn't obvious, I'm giving the status tags like the ones used on Wiki. Easier than making up weird ones... (NT): Near Threatened (VU): Vulnerable (ED): Endangered (CR): Critically Endangered (EW): Extinct in the Wild Arabian Horse: [spoiler]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabian_horse Amur Leopard (CR): http://en.wikipedia....ki/Amur_leopard Asian Elephant (ED): http://en.wikipedia....lbourne_zoo.jpg Bactrian Camel (CR): http://en.wikipedia....n_Camel_b_d.jpg Jaguar (NT): http://en.wikipedia....-Belize-Zoo.jpg Leafy Sea Dragon (NT): http://en.wikipedia....px_PLW_edit.jpg Kakapo (CR): http://en.wikipedia....broptilus_1.jpg Loon (NT): http://www.flickr.co...eak/3741873916/ (Beautiful bird ) Nautilus (NT?): http://en.wikipedia....lus_profile.jpg Osprey : http://en.wikipedia....rey_mg_9605.jpg Peregrine Falcon: http://en.wikipedia....us_tethered.jpg Prairie Dog (NT?): http://en.wikipedia....ington_DC_1.jpg Red-crowned Crane (a.k.a Japanese Crane)(ED): http://en.wikipedia...._England-8a.jpg Sun/Honey Bear: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Bear Tree Kangaroo: http://en.wikipedia....e_kangaroo2.jpg Will update if I find anything else :3 Sorry about the 'images'. I don't know how to have the images show instead of the links. No need to ask if you can add, not like I could stop you anyways. (Please?)