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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday. ^^

  3. Happy Birthday. :3

  4. Happy Birthday omi!

  5. do you have time to do a cyo for me?? pm me? i have a cause for it!

  6. Omi's CYO & Custom shop!

    @NoniDew sorry my shop is closed now. if you want this particular custom, try contacting Arty
  7. Omi swaps/buys lots of pets!

    @ @ @bronwyn0702 sorry everyone, but i'm not longer really using this site, so not buying or swapping anything just now. apologies!
  8. @Velseir sorry i cant write it for you. and glad to hear someone will miss me XD
  9. @Velseir sorry but i'm not really active here anymore, so i'm not longer doing descriptions for people. apologies!
  10. Omi's CYO & Custom shop!

    @yingraner added and accepted
  11. Omi's CYO & Custom shop!

    @ haha, no problem, it happens XD
  12. Omi's CYO & Custom shop!

    @ added :3
  13. Omi's CYO & Custom shop!

    @ sure, what gender?
  14. Omi's CYO & Custom shop!

    @ trade sent and pets added
  15. Omi's Pet Sale!!! NEW PETS ADDED!

    @Lilytora added and accepted ^^