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  1. Lost access to email address I used

    Coming back and I cannot get back into my account. Worse off, my current email doesn't match the one I used to sign up and if I am correct I no longer have access to that old email. Is there any way to get my account back? My username on the main site is Vaporeon.
  2. Happy Birthday. :3

  3. Happy Birthday. :3

  4. Yay for getting a job! The day before and after my birthday. Ah well, at least I get Thanksgiving/birthday off?

  5. Dear Senior Thesis, go into that room and don't come out until you have written yourself.

  6. Senior year is eating me alive. Will be less active. Contact me at Rainbow Dash on CS if you need me!

    1. Rinai


      Best of luck with Senior year, RD~! I know it can be tough, but push through it! It's so worth it~ <3 We're all here rooting for you~! :D

    2. Starstream


      Good luck it is eatting me alive as well XD

  7. Caught a bad cold from the convention I went to. 8 cons and this is the first time I get con crud. Bleh.

    1. IcebergCrystals


      The AE Team refers to it as Con Rot :P

    2. Savynn


      I'm so sorry to hear that. I had a friend come back from a convention in September and we ended up catching a bug from him. We've been to many conventions and never been sick before either.

  8. ~ De Vlinder Huis ~

    Can I nab a female Shetland Monarch, alt 1 for ZC? Thanks!
  9. Swallowtail Cat-erpillar

    I'm not sure if I will sell it yet. I have to make sure I can before do. Otherwise I would!
  10. Swallowtail Cat-erpillar

    From the album CYOs

    Commissioned design for a butterfly cat that never got finished due to complications. This is the only stage that was completed.
  11. CYOs

  12. On the home stretch of this thesis rough draft! It feels awesome to be almost done with it!

  13. Have you ever found a pet on the Island?

    I've just gotten an iguana. I don't go to the Island, I use all my energy mining and adventuring.
  14. I wanted to be a scientist of some sort. What kind of scientist changed pretty much every week. Now I'm a freelance graphic designer and artist and I'm earning my degree in Japanese studies. If I don't go back to Japan to teach English at a special education school, I want to go to grad school for graphic design.