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  1. Hp's Official Custom shop~

    Oh god i feel horrible. I keep disapearing ;~;
  2. Hp's Official Custom shop~

    @hope-hopper Sure,what gender? @kuitsumi Sure !start the trade ? @Ebonsong Of course! start the trade?(: I'm so sorry format disappearances , I just lost interest in the site .___.
  3. Well I've been absent for awhile cause my moms been in and out of the hospital .Shes got a whittle surprise in her stomach .___. .Bigger family ...And now schools out so I can be on more but I have no idea what's going U.U.Can anyone update me ?The last thing I knew of was the teams.But I have no idea what they are .Thanks Hp ~
  4. Hp's Official Custom shop~

    @tomomi Pleeeeeease forgive for the wait *-* I've been extremely busy with school but it's finally over xD .So I'm editing all the trades now ...Should be done soon .___. @KingAce Oh those are cute!!I would love one .And if So can I get the last alt?*-* male?
  5. Yes I do,I'm sorry.I was with my friends .Ill add the pet
  6. Hp's Official Custom shop~

    No I was actually with my friends the whole weekend sorry
  7. Apparently im not aloud to sleep according to facebook -.- .I try to go to bed because its late and then my notifications keep going off.Then to make it even better Micheal texts me and tells me to wake up.And he just wanted to wake me up ._. .Im never going to go back to sleep XD

  8. Paste the last thing you Copied

    apocalypse (I was trying to spell it so I just copied it ..xD)
  9. Hp's Official Custom shop~

    I already have the shizen ._. ....So maybe alt 3 and 6 of the Ryuusagi? Alt 3 female and alt 6 male ^.^
  10. Hp's Official Custom shop~

    Yeah tha Angel one,You also have alt 1 of the bestia still I hold xDD
  11. Hp's Official Custom shop~

    @tomomi, do you still want the Aterlupe that's on hold for you ?
  12. Sure!can I get alt 1? Female ^.^ and what gender?
  13. I own the Aterlupes,Thunderbirds,Bestia Questuriles,Nepo pawz,and liger of Krasa.Do you want any of those for one ?
  14. Will you do custom trades?
  15. Member Recondition

    Okay well I saw something similar to this-Members that people think deserve to be rewarded for kindness or for other reasons. So here's how it goes. Go ahead and PM me with who you think should be Recognized .But ,You must give me a legit reason.Not something like Blah blah is awesome,Or blah blah is nice.Elaborate!Why is this person awesome or nice?What have they done?Seems simple?Well I hope. Now this is a weekly thing.And you can suggest anyone but yourself and I will post up the users that have been suggested. And the user with the most votes will win a special price. So go ahead ! Anyone found asking other members for votes will not be eligible to vote or win . Members Voted for- Members Recognized-