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  1. Goodbye PetAdoptables

    Hello Lovelies!! I have been dead for a long time and finally am making my official departure. Most of you probably won't remember me, but I have been around since 2011. If you guys see this, special thanks for my PA experience. Even after all the years I haven't and probably won't forget you. Tomomi and Philote, all our anime talks were truly very special. You turned me into a veteran. PotatoSauce and Dyanwolfe, it was such a pleasure working and talking through pets. Ace, our love for those winged leopards are still fond and I cherish your custom, it was the first I had ever bought. ROSE! I miss you lots, and I really wish I had still roleplayed, because you were the best partner. I also miss you so much Lucky a.k.a Starstream, but you are always lucky to me <3. There are so many more of you, that I love and appreciate. Thank you Cake and Bob. You were awesome admins and kept fighting for the site even when money for funding was low. You always listened to the users and that was much appreciated. Without you, I wouldn't have made the years of experiences! (If you anyone of you ever want to stay in contact, PM because I'll make an effort or add you on separate social medias). SO WHY AM I EVEN SAYING GOODBYE? Well, most of you don't know me, and are only here for the title. I had hoards of pets and I abandoned them all. It was honestly so sad, but I wanted to announce this to make sure you guys are checking the abandoned room. Some of the pets ranged from ZP Mall, ZC Mall, Egg Drop, Retired or Non Retired. So definitely some more variety. I really hope you all enjoy some of the pets I left behind and happy picking! Also, I got like 400ish ZC and 1ZP. So if a newer member would like, PM me. First come, first serve though. Also, I did not abandoned my customs because I feel like that would be very rude. However if you see my CYOs or anything else I haven't abandoned on my profile, shoot me a PM and I will trade it to you. Again, I won't trade customs unless it is to the original owner. THANK YOU AND LOVE YOU ALL!
  2. Have an extra zp, first person to PM me can have it.

    1. Kirito


      do you still have the extra zp?

  3. CYO Names needed

    I really like Chirping Guardians! I think that is super cute, so I couldn't even think of anything else for Set 3. However maybe these might be some options for 4-6. Set #4: -Thunderous Predators -Towering Kings Set #5: -Stalking Wonders -Wavering Manes Set #6: -Noble Bandits -Feral Felines Hope I helped!! C: @tomomi
  4. 2 free CYOs for everyone! :)

    @tomomi You made really super cute CYOs' for just doing them really quick!!! But I just wanted to tell you how much you made my day by your signature. Oh my goodness, 1D playing dodgeball just made my whole week. x'D
  5. African Lions~

    Haha I am super busy as well >.< I have been getting back into writing again and that is getting me excited, my story idea juices have been flowing again. I am really happy that you are doing good!! @Starstream
  6. *New* Giveaway Thread! Open!

    Could I get a Cubbie CYO?
  7. African Lions~

    @Starstream: Luckyy<3333333 It has been a very long time! How have you been? How is college going!!?
  8. Blaze's Pet Shop [Reused]

  9. African Lions~

    Alrighty, all of you. I am not sure if any of you remember me, but I am Blazeclaw/ Blaze. Missed the site and all of you! But back to the topic, literally: I am interested in selling my African Lions (male and female). However, I am a little emotionally attached.. I am just interested if anyone would even want them and what you would want to buy them for. Please comment and give me feedback.
  10. GaH the Person Above You

    @Alcarie: Hatched! This little fella please:
  11. i can't log in >.< �Solved

    @Velseir: I had just reset my password after three months so that worked. Not sure what the initial problem was.
  12. i can't log in >.< �Solved

    Seems like the same thing happened to me. I only have two passwords it could be, and it wouldn't let me log in. I tried to send a recover password, and that failed. It was like it didn't recognize my username anymore. @Bob @Cake
  13. Lots of pets for sale!!

    @Gracey, lol I did :33
  14. Lots of pets for sale!!

    @Gracey: Oh wow, sure Cx