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  1. Kelly's Art Thread

    I want a custom from you so badly!
  2. Custom Prices?

    Oh so it's pretty much like the original brush price. Okay thanks webby!
  3. Custom Prices?

    I don't get the new system. If your custom costs 45 ZP, then you have to buy the brush for 45 ZP and then send them a payment of $45 through Paypal?
  4. Hatched a morph? Share here!

    Oh okay, lol.
  5. Hatched a morph? Share here!

    There's other morph CYOs? XD
  6. Derp

    Love it!
  7. I actually posted this suggestion in the suggestion forum xD
  8. A reindeer for around Christmas time!!
  9. PA DJ?

    Ooh! I can help! This sounds fun. I have tons of songs as well, and I would love to give out some prizes!
  10. Custom Name: Magia Uccello (air) Image: will upload later. On my phone
  11. Note to self: Add Wolfsdrache to Preorder list of Vacation Dingdong of Bahamas, Anime Cartoonist Dingdong of Japan, and Police Officer Dingdong of Rome.
  12. Ant's Custom Shop - WE ALSO BREED CUSTOMS!

    Hi. No thanks. Not too interested. ^^ Good luck!
  13. Ant's Custom Shop - WE ALSO BREED CUSTOMS!

    @KingAce 0_0 I love that custom XD Sure Send the trade!
  14. Bump! Thefirst Dingdong custom has been finished! Look up Baker Dingdong of Paris in the Color Almanac!