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  1. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    @tomomi Hey tomo Are there any Cuddly Corgi left so I can get one? They are just too cute
  2. @Nickykitty Sorry >< It was exam last few weeks and I didn't have time to do it. You may have to wait a little bit more ... sorry ><
  3. Happy Birthday! :3

  4. Enshoku no Kiba

    @tomomi No problem Send me a trade when they are approved
  5. Enshoku no Kiba

    @tomomi Can I have Snow Leopard alt please ? Female
  6. Enshoku no Kiba

    @tomomi They are so cute >3 Do you have the final stage of them ?
  7. @Nickykitty PM me with details
  8. @Nickykitty Hello! I got my new tablet Feel free to PM me if you are still interested in my commission ~
  9. Enshoku no Kiba

    @tomomi It's so cute >wwwwww
  10. Yammy's Custom Shop [Open]

    @Vixxey Thank you
  11. Yammy's Custom Shop [Open]

    @Vixxey No problem Tell me anytime when you are ready ~
  12. Yammy's Custom Shop [Open]

    @Vixxey No problem Thank you!
  13. Yammy's Custom Shop [Open]

    @Rose305 Okay!
  14. Yammy's Custom Shop [Open]

    @Vixxey Haha! Sure Which gender you want? @Rose305 Of course you can! Which gender you want?