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  1. Happy Birthday. :3

  2. Let's Plays

    All of my favorite youtubers swear at least a little. I'll leave video links out, but the names are there if anyone decides to look them up. They are mostly pretty well known anyway. I love Jesse Cox's (omfgcata) let's plays, he's my favorite youtuber. He plays anything and everything, cherishes bad games as well as big popular games on PC and sometimes other platforms. His thing is concentrating on the game's plot and story (if it has one) and providing the viewer with silly humor that is not to everyone's liking. Another one I really enjoy watching is Cryaotic (ChaoticMonki). He mostly deals with horror and twisted games. His voice is quite soothing, and he only talks when it seems appropriate - he doesn't interrupt the cutscenes or dialogue sequences, which I find brilliant, in comparison to what some other LPrs do. For other gaming-related stuff I go to watch TotalBiscuit's (TotalHalibut) videos; I love his gaming newscast, Content Patch, and his first-look video series, WTF is...?. He also sometimes puts up videos of Starcraft II, Hearthstone and Dota2, most of which are focused on analysis and information about the game/what's happening on screen at any given moment.

    1. Akain


      A late thank you! ^ ^<3

  4. Happy Birthday, Akain! :D

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      Thanks a lot!

  5. Happy birthday, you unbelievably special person <33

    1. Akain


      Yes, yes, I am very speshul! Thanks so much, Webby!

  6. Happy Birthday for the second time, Akain!

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      Thanks again, Lucky! <3

  7. Woo! It's your Birthday!!!! Hope it's a really awesome one! Have some fun today Akain! <3

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    2. Shar


      Oh I see :o ...Ice cream, yum :'3 It's starting to get too cold for ice cream where I am >.<

    3. Shar


      Most common topic when people don't know what to talk about: the weather. Haha x)

    4. Akain


      It's starting to be too cold here too, but whatever, ice cream is always good. <3 Even though my throat is sore today cause of it. xD And yes - weather, the best topic of them all.

  8. Happy Birthday. :3

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      Thanks a lot! ^ ^

  9. Happy Birthday! ^_^

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      Thank you very much! ^ ^

  10. HAPPY BURTHDAY AKAIN \o/ I might be the first one? yes? :D

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      O.O A carrot is talking to me, I must still be dreaming! *nibbles on Carrot* Thank you for the birthday wishes!

    2. Poke


      /o A o/ Noooo! Dont nibble me </3 /hides her behind from the rabbit.

      Hope you have/had a great birthday!

  11. Akain's mini CYO store~

    @Lilytora @yingraner I added pets to both your trades and accepted them, thanks!
  12. Akain's mini CYO store~

    @Lilytora Send the trade whenever you can, I'll get back to it tomorrow. ^ ^ @Ocean Thank you too! @emptyadam It wasn't my inspiration (I was suggested to make a 'ferocious rabbit' by Rain), but I ended up making the last alt all white like the Monty Python's bunny.
  13. Akain's mini CYO store~

    @Lilytora Sure, I'll take the sixth alt then if you don't mind, male if possible. What gender would you like yours to be?